Trent . . . on my mind.

I got a very late start today, mostly because I didn’t fall asleep until last night became this morning, but the way I see it, if you have to be awake staring at your ceiling, you may as well be thinking about Trent, eh?  I’ll be honest.  The man has been on my mind a lot lately.  The Jenks/Trent short (which I’ve decided to call MILLION DOLLAR BABY) has shifted a few thing in my thoughts, and I need to make a few decisions.  That I’m about ready to start a new rough draft in a few months adds into it, too.

My morning is rapidly drifting away, so I’m going to leave you with a song I found a few years ago by the Foo Fighters.  It’s always spoken to me of the hidden nature of Trent, and . . . Damn.  It just keeps getting better.


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  1. Tanyaw1224

    Thanks for sharing =) Trent is on a lot of readers minds I do believe 😉 We eagerly wait for the next book.

  2. okay, a song for Trent. ^_~ I love this musical throwdown!!

  3. RayBear

    Ah, happy to hear your thinking about Trent! (I do the whole time I read any of your books 😉
    I hope this results in some more cookie-making- laugh- or page time for him, at the very least XD

  4. Ooooh boy! Trent on the brain? Strangely enough he popped into my brain too and I was thinking “let me go check out the drama box!” What a coincidence, haha! Though after Pale Demon it’s almost hard NOT to have him on the brain with how that ended! LOVE the title of the novella! Million Dollar Baby is perfect! Fall 2012 is so far away :-(. That’s when it’ll be released, right? While I’m a huge Trent/Rache fan and love reading their interactions, I am also *REALLY* excited to see a Trent/Jenks bromance and see the elf/pixie bond that we often hear about, yet never get to witness.

    Though that song is freaking me out a little.

    Several verses from Linkin Park’s “When They Come for Me” sort of give me Trent vibes, heck Pale Demon vibes in general:

  5. Sheyla

    Like others I really like Trent now. Have my issues with him at the beginning, always thinking the worse of Rachel. But lately he has changed and I like him. Shirtless with Rachel watching, even better. I love AL too but not as the HEA. I wonder what will happen when Rachel falls for the other guy. Jealous Trent must be phenomenal.

  6. hmmm. those lyrics (D.O.A.)are a bit ominous. I’m worried Trent might do something rash…although Trent seems to plot his actions with his desitred outcome down to the last detail. Enter Rachel to throw a monkey wrench into the works. 😀

  7. Mmmm… Trent *drool*

    That title is so fitting, I love that there’s still a Clint Eastwood element inside of it too. You’re a tricksy hobbits…

    I love the Foo Fighters, I’m coming to them late in my musical career (relatively speaking) and I love DOA. I’ll have to listen to it again though with Trent in mind. I’m actually making a photo montage for my Daddy to “My Hero,” for his birthday of the two of us so I’ve been listening to them a lot lately. Dave Gruehl (sp?) is a very busy, and talented man; like Maynard Keenan.

  8. Sarah

    I had Trent on my mind yesterday too ’cause I heard this cover of the Foo Fighters ‘Rope’

  9. Ahh Trent. You bothered me at first. Such a pest.. a nuisance. And then slowly but surely, you somehow twisted yourself into my heart.

    Kim, maybe your lack of sleep last night will guide you into a very peaceful sleep tonight.. bunnies crossed.

    Dave Grohl is amazingly talented! Great song. “No one’s getting out of here, aaallllliiiiiiiivvvvvveeeee. This time!”

    ~the plot thickens.. mmm tasty 😉

    • Yep, he kind of wormed his way into my attentions, too, Lynn. 🙂

      I did a 10 mile ride yesterday to push myself into a hard sleep. Worked great, and I improved my average speed by almost 1 MPH.

  10. Made my day!!! LOVE to hear you are thinking about Trent. Diva, I know exactly what you mean. Bookmarked my Nook right before, well, you know.

  11. Howdy ma’am,

    As long as Rachel is happy in the end, I don’t care who she ends up with.

    Million Dollar Pixie?


    Ps. Used my phone to post.

  12. Stephanie C

    Does this mean there´s hope for Trent Rachel fans. Hope so! Great song.

  13. Diva

    I ofetn have Trent on my mind too. *grins* He’s one of the reasons why I keep re-reading the last three chapters of Pale Demon.

    I’m not sure what to make of these lyrics though. Does this mean you’re going to kill off Trent? 0_0

  14. Maryellen

    Yeah…. Trent…….. 🙂 …..

    …… sorry, what were we talking about?

  15. Sara

    Mmm…Trent. While I definitely appreciate your work hasn’t degraded in to the “my heroine is now slutty and will sleep with EVERYONE!!” territory…I do secretly hope she’ll bang all these tasty guys. Even if it’s only a dream. :p Mostly because I don’t know how *I couldn’t* keep from it if surrounded by beautiful people. But that’s what makes you a better lady than I – and your work infinitely more interesting and enjoyable to read. A certain amount of restriction or “withholding” can be painfully sweet.

    And also waiting until a bajiollionty books in for that tasty kiss between those two people (don’t wanna be spoilery in case somebody hasn’t read Pale Demon yet) made it oh so shocking and awesome.

    As if in response to your post yesterday about biking, our weather has finally broken enough in the mornings that I could potentially dig out my bike. Yay! It needs some serious TLC after being stored all summer, but at least I’ve got the “I probably won’t die if I ride my bike today” weather on my side. It’s definitely fall here now. Even if no one told the sun, the month, or anything else. My insides know it’s fall.

  16. Alexa

    It’s a perfect title!! I wonder why your male characters are so interesting….maybe because you are surrounded by boys

    • That might be it, Alexa! That’s all I see, day in, day out. I like being around men more than women, possibly because I understand them more than I do women. Which is totally weird.

  17. Antonio

    Ooooo! A musical throwdown! I can’t let that go unanswered. My favorite Foo Fighters song also happens to be my ‘Trent song.’

    Crank it up…

  18. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms.Kim-It’s Jim from Warren.I guss you have your creative jones going huh?

  19. tim collins

    Trent is a Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man !