Happy Tired

Gaming night at the fair is always my favorite night–a night when I blow more money for stupid stuff than I do all year.  But it’s not about what you win, though the feeling of winning is important, it’s playing with someone, being silly and having fun with someone who is enjoying the time right along with you.  I have to say that the people running the games this year were seriously nice (they were happy when you won) and the prizes were cool. (No cheap plastic)  I really, really, really wanted a pink cowboy hat, and Guy won it for me.  (It sparkles!!)  He really wanted a white tiger.  I’m not sure who won that one, but we were both trying.  And yes.  –I– won the cards, pool ball, and the army guys at that stupid roll the coin/pusher game.  -grin-  I still have the army guys I won last year, guarding one of my orchids.  There are a few new fish in my fish pond, too.  (Love that game)  They went to the bottom to recoup, but here’s a shot of one of two frogs that took up residence this last month, and grew, and grew, and grew.

The derby is over, and I’ve got a couple of shots of the door of car 31, driven by CJ and decorated with a burning bunny.  I’m thinking of auctioning it off if they let me, the funds to go to getting next year’s car.  Do I hear any offers?   -grin-   (Click for a closeup)


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  1. James R Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim, It’s Jim from Warren.I broke down and bought LOTR from Amazon,the HarperCollins edition, of course,since they have the good taste,artistic sensitivity,etc to publish you.I am Bespelled!This is the edition corrected by Christopher Tolkien according to his fathers notes (It was never published as Mr.Tolkien wrote it, despite a battle of almost 50 years to do so,due to publishers knowing better than he did how to punctuate and spell, specially translations from Elvin,not to mention that the first American edition (Ace),was a straight pirate that he never saw or approved) This maybe part of Pauline’s difficulty in getting good translations of your books.She’s better off sticking with English,her English sounds good enough.Plus she can always buy a good English French dictionary.

  2. Pyro72

    Hi kim! I love your books. You need to come around kc mo so i can get my books signed. I would drive up to 3 states away to get to meet you!

  3. I’m hinting at my guys to pool some money and buy that car door (silly grin). My Nascar fiending 5 year old is in Drool Heaven with his Mama. Hubby thinks we are both car crazy but we think it is KH Kiss Kiss Kwel (LOL). 😉

    Finally came up for some air out of the studio and suffered through scanning my 8 e-mail accounts from Hades. Found my mini-mug e-mail and went all squeaky-squeeeee in Starbucks like the 3 year old I am (LOL). THANK YOU! Glad I made it (happy sigh).

    Been writing like crazy and hoping the girls pick a cool spot for us to go on creative lock down to ride out the pending storm. We are trying to turn hurricane Irene into a fun PJ book club party. The city seems determined to shut all businesses down so we’re doing late night in Starbucks to get our caffeine and chocolate on. 😉

    I hope you guys have a great week end and that your projects continue to go well. Enjoy! 🙂

  4. Kim you know you sound like a really fun person to be arround… PLEASE if you are ever in NH let us readers of this blog know and Please please please do a stop in Nashua NH? lol.. i’ve only got a few authors that i have REALLY REALLY wished i could meet and well since reading this blog you’ve kinda worked your way into the top 2… (Tamora Pierce is the other one, and well i’ve been hooked on her books since i was in middle school… and her LiveJournal is nice to keep up on though she doesnt add stuff nearly as often as you but she does post stuff on things and topics to sorta encourage her readers to think about things in society, and think about trying to change things for the better.. )

    Oh and i like sparkly things too… (i have a red leather corset i got a bit ago and i recently sprinkled red glitter on when i cleaned and put leather protector on it so that the glitter’d cling to it.. )

    oh and say hi to your little froggie for me next time he shows up… i love seeing nature flourish and well frogs are a sign that your pond is healthy…

    • oh and as others said a massage is a great idea.. (chiropractor too… some do specialize in parts other than the spine as well… and if you find one who does hands and feet i’ve heard it works wonders i’ve only tried a chiropractor for my back before a few years ago and OMG it helped so much… though 2 days after each appointment for my back pretty much was aching like crazy… but really really resting after the appointment decreases a lot… i learned to go to bed after they worked on my back and just relax my back and try to sleep that day as much as possible so my body could adjust more quickly to the changes in bone positioning, and being more where it should be…

    • Thank you, Nyx. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the books and my blog. Keeping up with you guys is sometimes a challenge.

      Frogs are doing good. 🙂 I’ve never been one for cryo. I like massage, though. . .

  5. jkh

    Tim beat me to it, but I was going to suggest a weekly massage, with some emphasis on the hands/wrists. Good for the all of you. Takes a few sessions to really relax into it, but then, oh my it’s grand!

    Welcome little froggies and the new fish in the pond–wonder how long they’ll last?

    Last time I was in Victoria, BC, (known to be more English than England) I ordered a cup of tea and it arrived as a cup of hot water with a teabag on the saucer! I was so incredibly depressed…

    • you cant beat the proper english in england for a right propper cup of brewed tea!!hot steamy goodness nice with milk and suger or with lemon and honey!!
      when we went to vegas,i asked for a cup of tea,they looked a me like i had 6 heads and was purple!!
      try yorkshire tea bags as mentioned above method,send you some if you like xxx

    • How do you feel about sun tea? I just made a gallon of it. First time in a long time so it’s a little strong but still good. I drink my tea straight. Nothing added but ice.


    • James R. Fox

      Hi Becca-its Jim from Warrem.Sun tea is when you immerst tea bags in a glass jug/jar of cold water and set in the noonday sun,like an undead vanpire. A few hours and it’s very good. Americans love ice tea in the heat (something England never gets) and sun tea is the best for that. For hot tea I drink Chinese Pu-ER and am trying to convert Ms.Kim

    • jkh

      Vampy, I enjoy sun tea, it’s so mellow. With lots of ice, so strong is good…
      Becca, not sure but is a Yorkshire teabag a circular gauzy thing without a string that just goes in the bottom of the pot? Yup, I’ve used ’em (Tetley’s).
      And I do herbal teas sometimes, as well. Can’t beat chamomile with a teaspoon or so of slivered candied ginger at the bottom of the mug, well steeped, for tummy troubles.

    • ok iam lost what the heck is sunshine tea and ice,ice i say you brutes!!hot tea!!!!yes they come in a gauze bag no string and big squares propper english tea is all like that yorkshire tea is just a brand like tetly or pg tips etc yorkshire tea just has more flavour etc.you hane get loose tea leaves but then you need a tea caddy to put in your cup instead(metal bag thingy)then you pour water on that and go from there,its ment to create more from for the leaves to float around and create more flavor,bigger the bag the better it can taste(supposed too!)
      i always wanted to try sweet tea is it like they have down in your south,is that good/easy make.

    • This the basics of how to make sun tea.

    • I just might do that, JKH. 🙂 Or I could lay off the crocheting for a while, too.

  6. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-After checking with a physiker,if they say exercise,playdough is Very good.Wrap small marbles in it and then work them all out again by squeezing it.Do that 2-3 times a day. My physical therapist recommended it after a warm hand soak.

  7. I’m so jealous… Instead of a fair I have roughly like, 500-600 pages of reading to do this weekend. Blegh. Hopefully I will be able to get some of it done though.

    I’m also anxious to get my mug. I know it will be a while but every morning when my roommates sit down to their oj in their mugs I mock their lack of mini-mugness.

    I wish I had money to bid on the car… it would look fantastically awesome in one of our pastures!

    • omg how can you complain about reading… even when i was in HS i liked reading so much i’d read ahead in the text books even if i didnt bother doing the other parts of the homework.. lol (and once borrowed a friends college biology book after she finished the course for some reading)

    • Okay, Stephenie. You made me smile! I so understand the plague of work when you want to play. 😉

      Oh! It’s only the door skin that I would be auctioning off. The car is still useful.

  8. I love the car! It reminds me of The Holy Grail http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmu5sRIizdw

  9. hey kim
    thanks for the reply about the tea (big grin!!)you really need to get over here and have a cup with me!!show you how to drink it correctly,always gets me in meet joe black when joe/death asks to try it english!!
    would love to bid on the car but i dont suppose you can post that to the uk??!!
    on the hand exersies when my nan had her knuckles replaced (yes ouch)they told her the best stuff to use is play dough or needing bread.also washing up dishes in quite warm water(bet that was a mans idea!!).
    on the storage idea you could always have a victorian safe cabinet they are beautifly decorated,nice woods used and carved exqisitly but then they would be lined in lead.there is a nice one on ebay.co.uk for £1,200 ono bargin item number 190540621549 take a peak you would love it and i could see you with it too,shame they dont ship !!
    have a fab weekend
    becca and pack
    uk xxx

    • Mmmm, thanks for the ideas, Becca. I think it’s going to be a while before I find the perfect replacement for my cabinet. Play dough, eh? I’d end up making things . . .

      Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

  10. Nice wins! I’m so glad you guys had a blast at the fair. I love the games too 🙂

    I really enjoyed clicking the link from last year and seeing familiar names. How cool to have a loyal following for your books as well as your blogs. I know I’m new to the “neighborhood”.. but plan on sticking around for awhile too. Kinda nice here 😉

    Now to somehow convience my boyfriend that we need a car door… 😀