Not sure why . . .

My hands are tired this morning, and I’m not sure why.  They don’t ache or hurt, they’re just tired.  I’m a bit loggy myself, and no it isn’t because of the fair, though I did go last night despite the pop-up thunderstorms that plagued the area.  The first band of storms hit us when we were in the education barn, which was cool since I got to watch them sheer a few sheep while waiting for the rain to pass, which it did–for a few hours, anyway.

Last night was barn nigh, touring the animals and displays while eating a carmel apple.  Tonight I hit the games.  🙂  My favorite night is game night, but I have to work myself up to it.  I’m such a goober.

Worked on the Trent/Jenks novella yesterday, tweaking it so little that I think I’m going to let it rest until my editor sees it.  That makes two finished in the cabinet of awesomeness.  I want one more look at Meg before I call her done, and want the weekend to think about it, so today, I’m pulling out something I’ve temporally titled PET SHOP BOYS and get that reworked today, or maybe Tempson Estates.  Everything lately is in third person, which feels weird but is getting better.  I always write my dialog in third person, so shifting gears isn’t as bad as you might think.  I still like first person best.  It’s more of a challenge to tell the reader what’s going on without making your protagonist look like an idiot for not realizing it.  I also get to spend more time with the big-bad-ugly.

Tempson Estates . . .  Yeah.  You guys need to see that one. . . .  That one is pretty cool.


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  1. Jenn

    TGIF, Kim!
    I hope you had a good games night! I love carmel apples, they are my fav fair food. I actually found a place once that sliced up your apple for you & gave you warm carmel to dip it in! Yum!!!
    I can’t wait to see the new books lol. And Pet Shop Boys? I so remember them…I think I even had a poster of them on my walls lol.
    Hope you have a great weekend! We are off to the cottage 🙂

  2. hey there kim
    sounds like your having a blast at the fair,wish we had things like that in england,no carnivals or fairs or crash em bash em events.sigh the life of a small (hehe) town gal!!
    its a real random question but you will see why in time (evil laugh) how do you take your tea??in a tea pot steaped and drank english style milk and suger or lemon slice or straight out of the kettle on a tea bag and nothing added??have you even tried a propper cuppa??hummm i think i feel a project coming on………
    thank ‘guy’ for me for sending the invoice for the mini mug,so please no i can have a propper cuppa!!!
    hugs to you and yours
    becca and the pack

    • Hi Becca! No fairs? I’m so sorry. They are a great community event when they are small like this one.

      How do I take my tea . . . In the morning, it’s a two-cup pot of chi from a tea bag, with sugar and milk. (warm the pot first, and put a tea cozy on it) In the afternoon, I go with a quick Constant Comment in a cup–straight up black, or . . . if I’m not too busy, I make up another two-cup pot of black current from a really top-knotch tea company–straight up. At night, it’s herbal. My little two-cup tea pot gets a work out. I’m not a tea-gorilla, but I have been taking more time, lately.

      Guy says you’re welcome!

  3. Mmm Trent & Jenks. Good looks & trouble. Just how I like it!.. in BOOKs that is 🙂

    Hope your hands feel bettah.. they are precious hands that help feed our imaginations.

    Sorry about the crap apple. Come to the fair with me. Justice needs to be served to you and said caramel apple. I’ll buy! 😛

    I hope you win a lot at the games tonight. Do your boys proud and kick their butts. LOL w00t girl powah ❤

  4. Chelikins

    A taste, a morsel, a crumb… sigh.. !! You feed us just enough to make us drool for more.. lol!!

  5. Antonio

    Q>>These short stories we keep hearing about–are you going to sell them as digital shorts? I notice that Lee Child’s newest short(Second Child/$1.99) is 8th on the USAToday’s Book List. I know a few UF writers(Ilona Andrews, for instance) have published digital shorts in the past.

    Q>>Speaking of digital business, a couple of months ago it was announced that a very famous children’s author was going to create an online site for gaming and merchandise. Also, more importantly, it was going to be the exclusive marketplace to purchase the e-book versions of her successful series, as well as any additional, further work on same series. Is this the future? Can you see a day when you would by-pass traditional publishing venues and sell directly to your fans? 😎

    • Digital shorts? No. Probably not. Even if I might win out money-wise in the short term, it just sounds like I’d be biting the hand that feeds me. I’m a long-term, relationship-building kind of girl, and I don’t have a problem with my publisher making some money, too. Harper puts a lot into publicity for me and my work, and I don’t feel right doing an end around for a wad of cash when I can spend a couple of months with the same material and build a few new relationships/see other author material. It’s a lonely job, and when I have the chance to feel like I’m part of something bigger, I take it.

  6. Hi Kim: Sounds like the fair food has left you with that laid back ‘loggy’ kind of feeling. I don’t have to go to the fair to feel that way some days. 😀

    I can’t wait until you can share your cabinet of infinite mystery and awesomeness with all of us. I’m excited to see your new creations. The little teasers have my imagination running wild 😉

    Have a great game night and a nice weekend!

    p.s. I’m glad you’re not in NC, sounds like they’re in for a hard blow from Irene. Yikes!

    • I think you’re right, Gail. -laugh-

      I’m in MI right now, loving the weather. The SC house is so far inland that we only see hurricane winds maybe once every 10-15 years. I’ve been watching Irene closely, though. It’s aiming for my peeps in NY.

  7. Howdy ma’am,

    Sorry to hear about the laggy hands. I hope you don’t have to resort to speech recogniton to write. :O

    The new story sounds intriguing, as always.


    PS for your viewing pleasure, I give you “Mouse on a Stick”

  8. Oh, I cannot wait for that Trent and Jenks story. Having you show that picture of your cabinent of awesomeness is driving me crazy, knowing that is in there. (hahaha) Anyways, if you do make that road trip to Holly for fest have a great time. If you see me in the crowd say howdy. I’ll be the one picturing Trent in that Kilt. -LOL

    • I’m not sure I’m going to get to Holy this weekend. I’m kind of all faired out right now. happy sigh But I’m determined to get there this year. Promise!

  9. Victoria Eskey

    I hope your hands feel better! ^_^
    Love hearing about the novellas, *and* your upcoming anthology.
    …… now the PET SHOP BOYS and Temson Estates, are these (new) residents from the cabinet of awesomeness? I don’t remember ….. unless,…are you going full blown evil author? haha. oh Kim, how you tease us so!!

    • Thanks, Victoria. The hands feel pretty good. I’m wondering if it was the first hints of “weather hands” as another reader put it.

      Temson Estates and Pet Shop Boys are old thoughts, but in them you can see kernels of what did make it to the shelf. It’s kinda cool, seeing where big things came from.

  10. You think it could be from gripping so many corn dogs and cotton candy tubes while walking along the midway? Happens to me. And the sloggyness may be from all that carnival food coursing through your veins. Let’s hope it’s temporary.

    Your cabinet of awesomeness is beguilingly nondescript – but, oh the magic that hides inside . . .

    • Ha, ha! I love it, Jeannie. No, I’m actually careful how much fair food I eat. -grin-

      If I had my way, I’d have an elaborately mysterious cabinet found in an antique store for my cabinet of awesomeness, but alas . . . they didn’t make fireproof cabinets in the early 1800s. -grin-

  11. Jenny

    I know it’s been said before, but what a tease.. 🙂 Hope you enjoy your game night.

  12. Tim Collins

    Dear Kim, I am not a Doctor. But I work in a hospital and am over 1/2 a century old. Bottom line. I think I can offer a bit of advice on this subject. We both work with our hands. I running a boiler room. You typing out books and seemingly endless yard work. I have a massage therapist work on me once a month, she does my hands as well and there is always a Big improvement in how they feel. BUT, After a while you get a “weather Hand” did you notice that your hand problem did not really start till the thunderstorm happened? My left hand stiffins up everytime a storm is about to hit. Makes sense since my mom’s artheritis started in her left wrist.
    But, I’m no Doctor, I/We would feel much better if you got a check up. What the hey, it’s only money.You never know. Thanks, Feel better, Yours in Space and Time, Uncle Tim

    • Thank you, Tim. I really appreciate that. I think you’re right that it’s the early manifestation of weather hands. I might ask a professional if there are any exercises/stretching I could start doing. I’m a huge believer that 20 minutes of exercising is better than an Advil, any day.

  13. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms.Kim it’s Jim from Warren-You make the fair sound so good I wish I could go.(slight problem with ambulatory skills,but Im working on that) Smudge wants to know if they have mice on a stick.’She’s gross sometimes.

    • Hi Jim. I’m sorry you’re not up to it. I had a ugly wake-up call about a year ago and I’ve been working hard to keep active since. What is it they say? Old age isn’t for sissies?