Went to the Animal Fair . . .

I went to the animal fair,
The birds and the beasts were there . . .
The big baboon by the light of the moon, was combing his auburn hair.

At least, I’m sure that’s what my mom was humming when she found out she got a blue ribbon for her cross stitch entry.  🙂 (Yay Mom!) My daisies got a second place in crochet/other, and I’m already planning out what I want to enter next year.  -laugh-

We ate fair foot, looked at the poultry entries, and saw some junior horsemanship, but the highlight for me was the demolition derby.  My cousin had a car in it, and this year, he asked if he could put a burning bunny on it.  Of course!  Yes!

I was so jazzed.  Guy, Thing Two, and myself were allowed back in the pits for a meet and greet with some of the crew, and I got to sign it.  I’m trying to see if I can auction the beat-up remain to help with the purchase of next year’s car, but we’ll see.  🙂  Here I am with my cousin and the driver, CJ.


I also took some YouTubes of the actual event.  If you’ve never seen a small town crash-em-up, it’s a lot of fun.

The guys and gals in orange–the crew of car 31!

Car 31’s entry into the arena.  I tried to get a closeup of the burning bunny on the door, but was a tad too far back.  🙂

And . . . we’re stuck.  -grin-  Everyone gets stuck.  It takes a great driver like CJ to get unstuck.  That, and a bit of luck.

Burning bunnies do tend to, well . . . burn.

The fair had a lot of cars to go through, so this is one of many elimination heats.  The last two cars running move on, and car 31 is still going with three cars on the field. Yay!

But alas, if you can’t keep your car going, or fail to hit someone in a specified time period, you are eliminated.  There’s always tomorrow night, right?

And yep, I’m still managing to get some work done.  I finished the Grace short and worked through my first revision to clean it up.  I like it, but I’m going to have Guy read it.  I think the ending is too up and down, and I’m too close to see right now.  Today I’m going to jump back over to the Trent/Jenks novella and finish my second revision of that.  I have until the end of August to get my stories together for next year’s anthology, and it looks like I’m going to make it!


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  1. hmmm i’m sure if you worked a similar car into one of your Hollows books you probably WOULD be able to sell it for a bunch.. lol…

  2. Diva

    I’ve never been to or seen a demolition derby…well outside of an episode of Happy Days anyways. It looks like a hoot!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • It’s very noisy, Diva, until some of the cars stop working, and then you can see what’s going on better. It is fun. Everyone is really enjoying themselves.

  3. jkh

    I think the smaller community fairs are more fun than the big commercialized ones. Especially if you’re into livestock, 4H, etc. I’m not big on the odors but I do enjoy watching the horses and mules show off (must be a genetic link to my mother’s father). I have digestion issues so I stay well away from most fair food, but I can’t resist freshly made taffy. And kettle corn is pretty good….

    And I am SO looking forward to the next book, and now the anthologies…The Jenks & Trent story is going to be great!

  4. Missy and I went to a small town demo derby a few weeks ago. She freaked out when a car caught on fire, but it was pretty fun.

    Love the burning bunny.

    ~Suzi and missy, too

  5. James R. Fox

    Hi It’s Jim from Warren- Hey Dudes and Dudettes!!. I got the Big Lebowsky!! Finish your caucasians and hit those DVD stores!

  6. Hi Kim, Looks like the fair was a good time. Congraulations to you and Mom for winning ribbons! That’s pretty cool 🙂
    The Demo Derby was fun to watch. I used to have a friend who drove late model cars at a local racetrack, sometimes those turned into demo derbys which was always a good time 😀

    I hope you get to enjoy the remaining days of summer. I’m planning on getting as much summer as possible. It seemed to go so quickly.

    • Grab as much summer as you can . . . I like that. Ooooh! Another idea! Crap on toast. It’s a very 60’ish idea, but it might work . . .

      ‘Scuse me. . .

  7. Howdy ma’am,

    That was outstanding. You all sure know how to have fun. It’s great that you and your mom won ribbons too. Does this mean Rachel’s going to the fair? Did she get locked in the trunk of a demo car that has a bunny kiss on it? Number 31?

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  8. mudepoz

    I was able to judge at 2 county fairs this year. Both for 4H dog obedience. I love it. Was supposed to do another one, but received a message that a family member died. There is nothing more supportive than 4 H kids.

    I’ve also judged silage and agronomic crops. They’ll never let me do it again. I was born in NY city:) I do horticultural (pretty things). LOL. Demo derbies are NOT just small town, we have therm as well.

    It’s great you had a great time. I wince at the idea of the BB getting smooshed though.

    Who else is in the anthology *eyes open wide* or, is it a collection of your work? I ask because you said stories.

    Off to order scorpions.

    • mudepoz

      Oh! CONGRATS ON THE RIBBONS! (Those are so much fun)

    • Ooooh, how cool, Mud–judging fairs. I’m so sorry about the news. And you’re right. That is a close knit group who really care about each other. They find out faster about the rigors of life.

      The anthology is all me this time. It’s a way to get some of the short stories and novellas that have been releases out again, but they want 1/2 new, so I’ve been working.

      Mmm. Scorpions! I have a tiny dried one that my grandpa gave me when I was 12. I wonder how long the poison lasts.

  9. The bunny ROCKS! So good to see it in motion. You and your cousin rock too.

  10. RebeccaC

    mmm… fair foot! 😉

  11. Jenny

    I love the bunny on the car. I once saw a derby car advertising someone’s air brush business. They had taken the time to paint the car like a dragon. It was quite awesome actually.Then they crashed it up. But that’s the fun part 🙂 Congrats to you and your mom on the ribbons.

  12. I LOVE THE DEMOLITION DERBY!!! And how cool of your cuz to put a burning bunny on the side!!My hubby loves the tractor pulls while me and the girls enjoy the DEMO. I don’t eat a lot of fair food cause I always feel like a pile of crap after I eat it. It tastes good whille Im chewiing it but it hits my belly like a ton of bricks. I always get a Italian sausage though… Those damn italian sausages, I always pay for them.

    • I missed the tractor pulls this year–I think. I’ll have to look at the schedule. That’s too bad about the fair food. My carmel apple last night frankly sucked, but I ate it anyway in the spirit of the moment. The carmel was old, and they put sugar under it to try to beef it up. Ah well . . .

  13. I went to a demolition derby once in ABQ, NM long ago. Good times. I like watching big boys with their big boy toys. I love that you branded & signed the car Kim! Thanks for sharing some pics and flicks with us. I can tell you all had a great time.

    Congrats to your mom with the BIG win! That’s wonderful. And you got a ribbon too! w00t.. mom’s know best eh? 🙂

    I go to Topsfield Fair and it isn’t until late September-early October. I’m looking forward to it. An event I miss from ABQ is their Balloon Fiesta they have every year in October. Fond memories with those also.

    Have a wonderful evening!

    • I can’t wait for the wee people to get in from school. My 5 year old Stephen is a Nascar fanatic. He is going to LOVE Kim’s post (LOL).

    • Aw cute.
      My 11 yr old son is sometimes envolved in my Kim following too. He cheered for me all the way during the photo contest. Made me feel like I was still a winner. hehe. Boys are fun 🙂

    • I love hot air balloons. Ann Arbor used to be famous for them. They would play hide and seek with each other, dropping down onto the lakes and popping back up again. I don’t see them so much any more.

  14. That was soooo kwel! Gotta tweet this to the girls!

    Looking forward to the virtual celebration when you turn your anthology material in. Kudos and congrats on the ribbon wins.

    Have a happy writing day, Lovely! 😉

    • Celebration when turning in my shorts? -grin- That’s an idea. I’m usually already on to the next thing, but now that you mention it, I generally take a few hours to clean my desk of all materials and have a special treat.

      You have a great day too, Tann Starr.

  15. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim!

    Ah the fair. Congrats to you and your mom! Been to two this year, and one we entered the little bit in the “Society Show” for academy hunt seat walk/trot horse showing. She did well, 1st and 2nd place, hit her diagonals and had heels down! They had some nice hams there too. 😉

    • Thanks, Mendi. It was very cool finding out where we placed.

      Congrats on the event! Some of those young women are very intense. It’s good to see them work for things and get them.

  16. Emma

    Hi Kim! Congrats to you and your mom! That’s great!!! Love the burning bunny car so much I had to comment on it! <:o)

  17. Randy

    Morning. Endorsing literature through hillbilly motorsports may be my new favorite idea of all time. That’s just awesome! A good buddy of mine races a sprintcar over at Butler, and we’ve talked a couple times about getting the name of the book on there somewhere. It’d be a “novel” advertising opportunity, a lot of fun, and a good excuse for me to throw a little sponsorship his way.

    Congrats on your second place daisies.


  18. Dawn Russell

    Ah the smell of gasoline and fried dough… It’s fair time. I love the bunnies. Can hardly wait on anything new.

    • That’s it exactly, Dawn! Smells and sounds you don’t get anywhere else.

      Guy and I saw the sweetest bunnies last night. The big does are beautiful, too.

  19. Jenn

    Hi Kim!
    Congrats to you & your mom! That’s awesome 🙂
    The derby looks like it was a whole lot of fun. Those guys in the pits are amazing lol they do quick fixes including just ripping things off if they are in multiple events.
    It looks like you all had an amazing time!

  20. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-I hope you had all the fun in the world. Smudge wants to go to a demolition derby if there are dogs in the cars.On a sadder note,Amazon now says that they wont mail my copy of Hollows Insider untill October.Even though I buy all their Kim Harrison books.I said you should have taken alex and Zander to Jeff’s office and attached one to each ankle.Remember Öutside of a dog, a good book is man’s best friend. Inside a dog, it’s too dark to read-LKH

    • Amazon may surprise you. My pre-order of the Lynn Rush “Wasteland” novel wasn’t supposed to come until Sept 13th but it showed up last night in my mailbox.

      Irony is the official launch party for the book release is Sept 6th (ROTFLMAO!!!).

      Translated: Amazon will probably mail them out as soon as the books land in their clutches. I am stalking my pre-order now (silly grin).

    • It hasn’t been printed yet, Jim! -grin- You’ve got to wait.

      Ah, just so you know, LKH didn’t coin that phrase about the dog. If I’m remembering correctly, it was Groucho Marks.

  21. Maryellen

    YES! I love the burning bunny!!! Awesome, Miss Kim! 😀 That made me smile.

  22. Jen

    Which fair was this? I have never been to demolition derby, though they always sound like good fun 🙂