Signs of Fall

Last week I mentioned that I couldn’t smell fall yet, but I could hear it in the shift of insects.  The tree down at the end of the street is starting to turn, but that might be the one that got hit by lightning.  My pumpkins are finishing up, and I don’t think I’ll get any new ones started–the first ones to set fruit are already in.  But the surest sign of fall is the fair.  If you remember last year, Guy and I went to the fair (they have a crash-em-up car derby that I enjoy.  (grin)  I also enjoy the games and cotton candy and fair food, as awful as it is.  (yum)  And I always take a day to stroll the green barn where the entries for canning, photography, flower arrangement, and “weird squash” are on display.

This  year, my mom put her very determined  “I want to do something new” shoes on, and she kidnaped me, forced me into the car, and drove me all the way out there to enter some of her needlework and my yarn twiddles into the fair.  It was an adventure getting organized, but the smiling, eager ladies there walked

us through it, making sure we got into the right category.  (I’m in other.  How very . . . typical. )  I don’t have a picture, but when I get them back on Sunday, I’ll show you the vase of crochet/knitted daisies that I entered.

I also managed to get a picture of the gallynipper mosquito that I was telling you about.  Dude.  The first picture is the grass mosquito that we usually have.


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  1. Victoria Eskey

    Crochet/knitted daisies sound soo pretty!! Last xmas I knitted scarves (mainly because I can only knit in solid rectangles) for my co-workers. and I made my family jealous. So now, this upcoming xmas, I am making my immediate family members scarves. my immediate, coming over to the house, family numbers 22. and counting the days, I am going to have to get a move on pretty soon!!!
    I have been playing around with the crochet hook recently. and although i can accomplish nothing more exciting than loops, I am excited.

  2. missy

    Fall cannot come soon enough for me !
    And that’s the biggest mosquito I have ever seen. I got 2 of the worst bites I’ve ever had in my life.Huge welts that itchtwd and hurt for close to 2 weeks,and still aren’t gone or totally healed ,maybe another 2 weeks later,and I never saw what did it,but I was sleeping .
    Nasty critters.

    • Ouch! I’ve got a few tiny bites on my shoulder from when I was spray painting something and wasn’t paying attention. They don’t itch, but they aren’t going away, either. (rolls eyes)

  3. synde

    the signs of fall are cropping up all over Seattle too.. the trees are already turning…

  4. Well the one day I take a lil afternoon nap I wake up to everyone talking about an earthquake. Mother nature herself rocked me to sleep.. how sweet. However, I woulda much rather been awake. 0.o

    Anyhoo, very happy I got a response from Guy when I checked my mail today. YAY! You guys rock. Can’t wait to fill it with yummy flavored java.

    That mosquito is scary. If that was on my ANYTHING I would scream, do a dance and try my best to kill it. This is what happens when a bug freaks me out! HOLY MOLY that thing is huge. (that’s what she said?)<–couldn't resist.

    You and your moms entrys sound lovely. I'm so glad your mom made you do it. That makes it even more fun!! Haha "other".. can I use that category for my family tree?..

    The couple treats you mention are delish in my opinion. I love caramel apples! And I've been known to get a cotton candy from time to time if I'm in the mood. I particularly like watching them make it. The bright blues and pinks.. pile it high on a paper cone and you literally see a kids eyeballs double.. sometimes triple in size. Wait.. I'm not a kid anymore.. but still 🙂 W00t for fun at the fair & derby!!

  5. Gross. Can we please return to pictures from your dogs?

  6. jenetta

    I just got back from the Utah desert and I could smell fall in the air here in Seattle too! I’m glad I’m not the only one! 🙂

  7. jkh

    Oh. My. God. That is one huuuuge mosquito! Gonna ask my Fairbanks (Alaska) cousin how it compares with their “bombers.” And those grass mosquitos aren’t exactly tiny either. Yuck.

    (Laughing) I never fit neatly into categories either. I’m always classified as “other” or “atypical” for just about anything. Maybe it has something to do with a free-wheeling mind.

  8. Ooooo NYC is having an earthquake… Will take pics and blog. I’m people watching the panic from Starbucks. The high rise buildings are exiting out into the street. I’m 150 pounds and my stool is rocking with me on it!!!!

  9. County fairs are the best, aren’t they? We almost lost ours this year due to a huge, crap pile of small town politics and greedy fly-by-night investors. We did lose the original site but Tim’s Toyota Center (an entertainment spot in Prescott Valley) opened their doors and, with financial help from other local businesses, an abbreviated county fair will is a go at the end of September. Locals have aptly named it the “Un-Fair”.

    I love the new name but am especially happy that the community stepped up. Ours is a mixed crowd: we’ve got cowboys, ranchers, farmers, and a large gene pool of talented artisans. I’m glad the fair has changed locations because the old place was not well designed.

    And best of luck to you and your mom with your entries. Local handiwork is one of my favorite activities to see at our fair. Have fun, and eat all the funnel cakes, corn dogs, cotton candy, and international “roach coach” food you can stomach – it’s all good – and I understand there are very few calories involved as long as you consume everything on location.

  10. Sara

    Caramel apples! I forgot about those! Might have to add one to my list – generally I’m quite boring with just wanting a corn dog every year. But they only taste that way at the fair! You can keep that cotton candy. I’ve never liked it, even as a kid, but my sister goes nuts for the stuff. I like pouring water on it. :p

    We don’t have a derby, but we do have a lot of farm animals. It’s the one time a year we can go and pet all sorts of things (since I live in the city now (though it feels more like a “large town”) and away from the farm country of my youth). I’m partial to the goats myself, if you build up the “goat smell” on your fingers from each stall then the others later on the line are more inclined to check you out and get a scratch. There are horse shows, cattle shows, sheeps, llamas, alpacas (I can almost never tell them apart), etc.. and all manner of things like that. Really big on agriculture in addition to the rides, food, vendors, shows, etc..

    Hmm…. how much fun would it be to schedule a tour during fair seasons around the country? I’d be interested in how different they are from each other, yet still the same.

  11. Howdy ma’am

    Here is a little video I took of Fuzzy and TYPO,

    I’m having too much fun and driving everyone else nuts along the way.


  12. Other is such a compliment. i can’t wait to see the handy things you’ve done with yarn. I’m having trouble making a scarf… granted I’m trying to use a hat loom, but still.

    I would run, screaming like the girl I am from those mosquito’s. Unlike the plasma center, it looks like they’d be able to get some blood out of me.

    • Stephanie, I feel your squeeeeeee and raise you a hollar (LOL).

      That thing made me freeze in shock the first time I clicked on Kim’s link. I’m still blinking funny from looking at that bug next to a coin… Geez… who knows what I’m gonna find in FL (sigh).

    • I’m going to make a scarf this year for myself. The last one I made was about four years ago, and it’s time.

  13. Good Lord! That thing looks bio-engineered. It’s huge. Have a great weekend and good luck st the fair I would love to see what the daisies look like.

  14. Dude.
    I love your blog.

    “KIDNAPPED by your MOTHER and SHOVED into the OTHER” is our urban fantasy author spoof-rap of the day (silly grin).

    You make “typical” so much fun! We are cracking up over here picturing you receiving and delivering this dry/wry observation with a dead pan expression (LMAO – happy sigh). 😉

  15. OMG do you you have to have a blood transfusion after that monster bites you? They should be in the Hollows invading Jenk’s garden. Patsy I won one of your autographed Blood Works from the contest. Thank you very much.

  16. Tim Collins

    Bugs. Strangely enough, bugs have not been a big problem here. Usually they are. But I think all this dry heat that crisped all the corn here, also crispied up the insects. Even the usual multitude of Stink bugs have become rare. What’s unusual the spiders are doing OK. We have a big one that has a huge web across the porch. (Hey buddy, ya fishing for Crows!?!”) I was surprised that Scarlet is not bothered by him/her and has a pet name for it. The last bug that usually is a problem here is the Hornet when fall hits. They get mean and sting anything that moves. Have fun with the change of season. Hopefully you planted some butter nut squash. Yummie.

  17. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-It’s Jim trom Warren.The gallinipper looks like You did a cross-wrist block on his neck 🙂

  18. Maryellen

    “I’m in other. How very….typical.” <– I totally LOL'ed! 😀

    Have a lovely day, Miss Kim and I hope your daisies take the prize! 🙂

  19. Jenny

    Your fair sounds like the one I used to enjoy in my home town. Where I am now it’s very.. low rent I guess you could say, and no derby. There’s always the state fair I guess, but that’s just WAY too many people for me.Hearing you talk about it brought back good childhood memories.Hope you enjoy it and good luck 🙂 Oh, and that gallynipper- wow!