Friday wrap-up (and thank you!)

Yesterday I got some links to an interview and some reviews revolving around Blood Work, and I want to pass them on to you.  Along with them, I want to pass on my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have gone out to find BLOOD WORK.  As I mentioned when it came out, it hit the number one spot on the NY Times Best Seller list for hardcover graphic novels.  It dropped that second week, and I thought we were moving off, but I found out that it’s back at the number two spot for the week of Aug 21, so that is very, very cool.  Thank you.  I spent a summer trying to figure this new medium out, and I learned a lot.  Knowing that you, the readers, appreciated the results, is gratifying.

So, the interviews!  This first one I remember giving at Comic Con.  She transcribed my words verbatim, it looks like, so you can almost hear the background noise and chaos of the crowd in my words.  Ain’t it Cool News  (review and interview)

Huntington News review

Arts Beat New York Times review

Tulsa World review


Monday we’re having a manic monday for mini-mugs.  I’ll have info at 8:00, but don’t order until noon EST.  I’ve got 50-100 of these to move out, so we should be able to keep taking reservations for at least an hour or two.  🙂


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  2. Awesome! That is very good and cool news. Kudos and congrats, Lovely! 🙂

    Hey guys, Kim has a cool Embrace Life link in her Twitter tweets:!/BurningBunnies

    Look for the tweet where she says she cried and it’s why she writes fairy tales. Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter if you haven’t done so already.

    • James R Fox

      Hi CTannstarr-I never bother with with facebook and stuff, they never work when I wnt them to. Facebook has been stedily ignoring me,nd twitter is worse. I still cn’t tell people how to get my blog,as I can only get it by accident myself. Si I let you youngsters handle it.I just bug Ms Kim Here

    • Yep. I cry at everything.

      What impressed me most was the three-second rule set up, followed by a story that couldn’t be told without “magic.” Magic made it more believable, more personal, than if it had been stripped of fantasy and shown in its true graphic horror.

      That’s power.

  3. James R Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim It’s Jim from warren.CongratulAtions! That’s cool!. Smudge, who has read BW several times (Whilst sitting on my chest,) says it’s pretty good for a human.

  4. jkh

    I’ve never heard of skeeters that live in the grass. Your lawn must be kind of lush, I’m thinking. And I cannot think of some sort of non-organic treatment, spray or scatter, to alleviate them. Not to be able to be in your yard during this wonderful summertime must be horrible.

    And congrats on your sales stats. I think the Tulsa’s reviewer of the art for BW is off-base, s/he must be expecting pneumatic babes or something. Apparently doesn’t “get” auras or the depiction of power spheres. Pooh! I don’t care!

    • They are tiny, JKH, and a nuisance. We just need a week of no rain to get rid of them.

      Thanks! I don’t listen to reviewers much. They sometimes aren’t coming from the same place my readers are, and don’t have the background to catch their feet fast. And that’s good to know, regardless.

  5. Well Done Kim!
    You must delighted and proud as punch..;)
    ‘celebratory happy dance’

  6. Love the media coverage Kim! 🙂

    I really like seeing your name here, there and everywhere!
    I’d like a mini-mug.. even though I have no idea what that entails.

    Have a groovy weekend. Mine seems kinda bare for plans.. perhaps I’ll have to remedy this.

  7. Howdy ma,am,

    Great news about Blood Work. I’m very happy for you. It must be a great feeling seeing something you worked so hard on doing so well.

    Have a funfilledexciting weekend!


  8. Maryellen

    🙂 That’s great news, Miss Kim! Congratulations!