Gallynippers . . . We’ve got ’em

Woke up to a loud thunderstorm approaching, shut the house up, (Okay, I made Guy shut the house up) went back to bed, and listened to it get closer.  Found myself thinking about my work today, and fell back asleep–until the tree at the end of the street got hit by lightning.  -laugh-

So the yard is watered, and the street quiet.  It’s going to get busy in a week or two as school starts back up and little girls in pigtails and new dresses, and boys in pants with uncomfortable creases and clean shoes start going by my window with a pace both eager and slow.

The apples I’ve been watching on my new trees are ripening, and Guy and I shared our first harvest.  I’ve been torn if I should spray for mosquitoes or go natural in an effort to find another gallynipper mosquito.  They are HUGE, and the eggs can lay dormant for up to ten years until conditions are right.  I want to put one of these little suckers in plastic. Gallynipper  They can get through heavy canvas and their feet span the size of a quarter.  And they hurt!




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  1. I clicked the link and froze in fascination… Holy cow… I think I’m speechless… (which of course is another holy-c moment – LOL).

  2. Chelikins

    Got a great easy recipe in my email the other day and you mentioning apples made me think of it. All you do is slice up some apples to bake, put some diced snicker bars on top and wahlaa!! yummy gooy goodness!! at least it sounds that way. I haven’t tried it yet!

  3. Shardshatter

    I thought mosquitoes were supposed to be subtle and delicate. Not monstrous like those guys, yeesh. I’ve never seen such a huge bloodsucker. I wouldn’t play any games with something that would like to make a meal out of you.

  4. Marsha

    When I first moved to Jacksonville, Florida, one of my new coworkers gave me this cute tiny little dog house thing. He told me to make sure I put it in my backyard. When I asked him why he told me it was a mosquito house. It was a gag gift of course, but your brute looks like he would have trouble fitting into it. We have the Zebra mosquitoes down here now, they aren’t that big, but the damned things swarm in the daytime! What kind of self respecting mosquito swarms in the heat of a Southern summer day? Their bites itch like crazy too.

  5. jkh

    Gallinippers: YICK! Your fruits & veggies are way ahead of ours. Local (i.e., Eastern Washington) late-summer fruits are several weeks out, I’m afraid. Looking forward to peaches and real tomatoes, though–whenever they ripen.

  6. Maryellen

    Gallynipper- What a great nickname for Algaliarept! 🙂 tee-hee!!

  7. You aren’t that far from me but please keep the big blood suckers in your part of the state! I have more “normal” size mosquito bites this year then ever and need all the blood I have thank you very much 😀 This was all over the news last week and they showed people actually walking in the woods to get bit for the story @.@ *rolling eyes*

  8. I agree with James about getting a bat house. We have a bat that lives near our back door. I’m trying to convince Johnny to build a bat house for him or her and mount it near the garage.

    Just learned about a natural mosquito repellent: white vinegar! Just rub it on your skin, the smell dissipates in a couple of minutes but the taste lingers and bugs hate the stuff. Also if you do get bit, put some salt mixed with water on the sting to relieve the itch. I hate chemicals and wholly recommend these safer alternatives.

    Completely OT: there is a group on Ravelry (a fiber related online community) devoted to your Hollows series. How cool is that? I’m trying to talk them into doing knit or crochet alongs to make things befitting the cast and setting of the series.

    • I’ll try the vinegar. It would be useful for the dogs if nothing else.

      Bat house. Yep. I’ve been looking at them all year.

      Oh, I love the idea at Ravelry. Too fun!

  9. Howdy ma’am,

    ‘Skeeters’ are the bane of my existence. They are the one critter I truly loath. Living here in the deep south, were the summers are hot and the winters are very mild, I am plagued by them. Nothing is more annoying than hearing the dreadful whine they make as they are zeroing in on me at 3 in the morning and I’m trying to sleep.

    Kids in my area have been in school since the first week of August.

    Love the apples, one of my all time favorite fruits. Johnny Appleseed is my hero.


    • I don’t mind them so much unless they are out of control, which they are right now. Walking through the yard stirs them up in a cloud. You seriously can’t be outside.

  10. Victoria Eskey

    I love the link!! looking at all of the pictures made me itch, but I actually recognize some of those (thank you, Texas) on the news, we have the “mosquito warning” after a big rain (hence not so much this year) the newscasters will tell us to watch for standing water and empty wheelbarrows, empty flower pots, toys, etc.
    and if you see a gallynipper, grab a tennis racket, even my eyes crossed on that one.

    • They are something else, Victoria. I’ve read that this big skeeter we have making the news in MI is a native, but I’ve never seen it before until this year. It’s rare, apparently.

  11. Me & mosquitoes have a love/hate relationship. They love me.. and I hate them. I know I’m sweet but ouch! Those ones u have are huge Kim. I don’t know which ones have been biting me this summer, but I do know whichever ones they are, they have a foot fetish. My poor feet! I’m a big baby when it comes to bugs/insects.. mainly spiders. But.. I love ladybugs, roley poley’s, and especially lightening bugs & butterflies.
    Are u a bug collector?
    Mmm apples 🙂

  12. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms, Kim-Do not spray.Get a bat house.My brother the master science teacher for mentally and emotionaly disabled teens says they work great,and are a good(non-explosive) science experiment in ecology. He got the idea from our dad,who used praying mantises to keep his roses and other flowers clean of bugs,but lots of people do it too and bat houses with nice bat rooms are on-line.If you want rasberries,go to the country(mantises,like faries, prefer the country,but will live in a garden) and either gently catch a few,or in the fall pick an eggcase or two and keep in a warm(60 degrees) not hot part of the basement in a wide mouth jar and pour them out in the garden come spring when they hatch,(they eat each other,so do this when the case splits.) Rasberry bushes are Very prone to beetle infestation,and mantises LOVE beetle snakies.

  13. Jeanine Wilson

    Mosquitoes are extra plentiful here in MN this year…..yuck!

  14. WOW, huge mosquito! We have our share of them here in GA, but I’m not sure if we have any this big! Congrats on your apples, hon! How are your pumpkins doing? I grew some the year before last and it was such a pleasure to see them turning on the vines!

  15. Ummmm ok let me get this strait… so the Gallynippers hurt when they bite you… but you WANT to have them arround? lol… what are you a masochist or something?