Who do I write for, and who do I read?

Today is the last chunk of the extended interview I worked up for Harper Teen a few months ago.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the little piece of “behind the scenes.”  I also hope something interesting happens between now and tomorrow, because if not, you might get a picture of my dogs. -grin-  Not much going on right now apart from me working on Grace.

Chapter two is in the cabinet of awesomeness, fermenting.  I’m already seeing things I need to change to make the entire story work better, but instead of opening the file back up and tweaking it now, I’m pushing into chapter three as if I already made my changes.  A lot of people find it hard to move forward until the previous chapter, paragraph, sentence is perfect, but writing in a bulldozer fashion of never-look-back has saved me several times when a change I thought needed to be implemented turned out to be a bad decision.  (Once ti saved an entire week’s work) Everyone writes differently, though, and there is no wrong way to write except not to.  🙂


Who is your target audience for your books?

If I look at my Facebook Fan Page breakdown, 63 percent of my readers are between the ages of 18 and 44, most of them female though the percentage is shifting as the covers begin to take a more mainstream look.  I think that that’s a fairly accurate description of what I’ve noticed at signings.

Lately, though, I’ve been seeing families coming up to the signing table together, either mother/daughter teams, adult sisters, or even Mom, Dad, and daughter, all of them excited over the next release or chatting about the Hollows over dinner.  That is one of the best feelings ever—being able to give a family something other than grades, job, or chores to talk about, exchanging ideas and thoughts where there’s no right or wrong answer, just conversation together.

But if you want to know who I target the books for?  Readers who are looking to read about down-to-earth people who make mistakes, try to make better choices, fight against injustice, and who are afraid–but do what they see is necessary, finding they are stronger than they think.  I like my happy endings.

 When not writing, what are your favorite books/authors to read?

Unfortunately I don’t get a lot of time to read, especially in my genre.  I’ve always enjoyed reading Jocelynn Drake for her dark, non-sparkly vampires, Vicky Petterson for her complex female characters with more baggage than an intercontinental plane, Rachel Vincent for her characters who make worse decisions than mine and survive. Richard Kadrey for his gritty storytelling, and Bram for his lyrical writing.

What can we expect from you in the future??

Right now, I’m developing a handful of story ideas that I’ve been kicking around in the back of my head for a while, but it remains to be seen how fast I get to act on them.  I still have several Hollows books that are scheduled to be published, so we will see a Hollows graphic novel (Blood Work) in July 2011, and a Hollows world book (Hollows Insider) in late October 2011.  The next regular Hollows book (A Perfect Blood) will be released spring 2012, followed by one or two final Hollows books over the next couple of years to round out the series.  Intermixed in there somewhere, I’m hoping to get one of my “heart” books on the shelf, something that might be harder to drop into a marketing hole but is rich in character development and is something I’m yearning to get on paper.  I’m comfortable right now in simply concentrating on the next story, whatever it might be.


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27 responses to “Who do I write for, and who do I read?

  1. Sweet! I love your interview series. I hope you do more (happy sigh). We’re in the studio mastering a new album (and being a wee bit naughty teasing social media peeps) so I gotta run. I need to collect g-mail accounts to send out sneak previews of our new tracks. G-mail handles the larger file formats so we’re Skyping and passing work files back and forth for Book Club Blues.

    We’re naming tracks after our fave authors and spoofing off their books and twitter tweets. “Jaye and Tequila” was mad fun to create.So was “Chasing Amy” and “DeZellar Blues” (LOL). We’re about to name you (but we have to finish the two tracks first).

    Will lurk later (as usual – LOL). Hope the writing continues to go well for you and may your day be mad fun. Looking forward to reading more about Grace. 😉

    Enjoy your day, Lovely!

  2. Marsha

    Your amazing character developement is what I love about your writing. I’m sure I will love any new books you come up with, whether they are a series or not. That makes me wonder, after the Hollows do you prefer writing independent books about different characters, or another series of adventures featuring the same characters in new situations?

    • Thank you, Marsha. I really appreciate that. Character is my goal when I write, then plot.

      That’s a good question, one that I’m sort of kicking around right now, but I’m tending to new characters and new worlds. I’m sure I’ll go back to the Hollows at some point after I clear my head.

  3. Victoria Eskey

    Hi Kim! I’m stopping by for a “break”. I’m stuck with my own characters, my gunslinger isn’t cooperating very much, >:-/ I only wanted to know where/what he was hiding at during the day, and now he won’t talk to me. jerk.
    That’s exciting you are pushing your way through the story, and getting it told. Grace has been patient, but I think now she really wants to be known. Can’t wait to meet her. ^_~
    And I think you said in an earlier post that Meg’s short is done, well the first write, right? That I’m happy to hear, poor girl with the spiders…. shiver….
    I always like the “Who do you read?” answers from authors, it’s lke asking the musicians who they’re listening to. Unfortunately, I have not read any of the authors you mentioned, *^_^*
    I’ve gotten a co-worker introduced to The Hollows, so I could have someone to obsess about the characers with. She’s still in DWW, so I am frustratingly having to keep my mouth shut, and let her discover them.
    Haha, sorry, didn’t think it was gonna be this long!

    • 🙂 Hi Victoria. That will be fun when you have someone new to talk Hollows with!

      Hope your writing moves forward. You know where he’s hiding, you just have to let it bubble to the surface.

  4. Hey Miss Harrison,
    I was wondering if that book titled A Perfect Blood is the next book of the series of the Hollows after the book Pale Demon. I just love how your books are. When it came to the sad parts i actually felt the pain and sadness and the happiness. When i bought the book Pale Demon i was so happy because how Trent and Rachel are is so funny! =]

    • Hi Ginelle. Yes. That’s the next book. It should be out late February. I’m so glad you are enjoying them. Thanks! I still can’t read about Matalina without tearing up. sigh.

  5. I love this “Everyone writes differently, though, and there is no wrong way to write except not to. :-)” Awww only one or two more Hollows books. Well I guess when it’s over I can just re-read the whole series 1 book per year, to keep my Hollows fix going. 😉

  6. Stephenie

    I can’t wait to read more from you Kim, and I will definitely have to check out Jocelynn Drake. I loved the Zodiac series, and the Alpha series so it doesn’t seem like I can go wrong!!

    I’m throwing myself headlong into writing this fall with three writing courses. I’m taking an advanced poetry seminar, *fingers crossed* an advanced writing course, and a one on one novel writing course designed to just give me some accountability for the work I’m doing.
    I’ve decided to start a blog about my journey through the Creative Writing Track. Who knows if I’ll have the time or even anything to write about though… it’ll probably be pictures of me checking your blog.

  7. James R. Fox

    Hey Peeps The Big Lebowski is coming out on Blue-ray. The Dude say to finish your Caucasian and buy it!!!

    • “that rug really tied the room together?” OMG love that movie!
      “stfu Donny” 😛
      lol. w00t!

    • James R. Fox

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  8. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim,it’s Jim from Warren, Just to let you know you have competion. A guy named Evan Moss is gunning for your perch at Amazon.He wrote a book called My Seizure Dog to finance getting a seizure dog so he can quit sleeping with his parents and go back to his own bed,being too grown up for that (7) His type of seizures which are genetic in cause,can be fatal if he doesn’t take his meds right away.(Of course,being genetic,it’s a pre-existing condition,so guess who wezeled out of paying.) So far he’s sold enough books to get his own dog, and dogs for four other kids.His school mainstreams,so he can have a service dog to alert the school nurse.Since his favorite class is writing,and the second book in the series (My Seizure Dog II, kid’s gotta work on his titles) is in the works,(I wonder if they teach about the cubard of awesomeness),you have major competition coming up Ms. Kim

    • That’s the nice thing about writing, Jim. You can read more than one author and not be “betraying” either of them. It’s like I can have vanilla one day, and chocolate the next.

  9. You are dead on when you aimed at me Kim! You targeted my heart and had me from page 1. I love your happy endings too! Your characters grow and learn so much while kicking ass.

    I started reading your Hollows series when I was going through a long & messy divorce. (I wanted the divorce, just took a very long time to finalize..3 yrs!).. and as sappy as this sounds, your books helped. Rachel, Ivy & Jenks always pulled through no matter what the circumstance. I needed that kind of mindset. So for what it’s worth, thank you. ❤

    You not having time to read that much sucks.. but it must feel cool knowing that you are leaving your mark on others, the way.. I'm sure.. your fav authors have left their mark on you. Giving back.. feels good, doesn't it.

    A "heart" book sounds lovely. 🙂

  10. jkh

    We like to see pictures of your dogs, home reno’s, garden, etc.! Love to read your accounts, musings, etc. They show me so much of YOU, and how a successful writer lives a balanced life. Well, as balanced as full-time writers can have.

  11. angie

    I will keep this short as I hate typing on my phone, but otherwise I miss the chance to leave a comment. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, and seeing what makes your world. It is always pleasant to get a glimpse into a favorite author’s life, and it makes characters more real to me. Thank you for the hours of immensely enjoyable reading, both in blog and book format.

  12. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Smudge says she would love one or more pictures of Alex and Zander to decorate her clawing post.I do detect a note of feline schadenfreude there.

  13. Oh..do I get to be first? I can totally understand not having something for the blog. I have a small blog that I post on once a week and sometimes life is just not that interesting that week so I am left posting pictures of my garden 😀 I am sure I speak for all who follow you here, this has been fun.

    • You’re first, Colleen! I’m hoping to have something fun, but it’s getting harder to put things on there while preserving my privacy. There are just some things that I just don’t share, as it should be.