working . . .

Monday I did a Meyers-Briggs on Grace to make sure I knew her, and when I looked her up in my files, her name was already on the page of her personality type, meaning she’s not changed in ten years.  (laugh)  Neither has her love interest.  That makes me feel pretty good.  Half the battle is knowing your character’s responses, and I’m pretty much there.  I may not agree with them, especially with Grace, but I know what she’d do.  So instead of  using Monday in “getting to know you,” I worked up a short synopsis.

Tuesday was breaking it down into about five chapters and writing up the dialog for chapter one, and getting about a third of it changed into actual text before I had to quit for the day.  Quick analysis?  I’ve got too much info in the first four pages, but it’s a new world and there was a lot I had to set up to make the next four pages make sense–and so on.  It’s an action scene, and I that magic was in use was not going to be a surprise, so I had to explain . . .  I might push some of it into the next chapter at some point, but it reads okay right now, and I went to bed happy.

Today I’m going to drop Grace (Yep, you heard me.  It happens.  All the time.)  and work up something PRish for the Hollows that needs doing.  It’s only going to take a day, and actually it fits into my schedule really well.  Grace is patient, and after finding out she hasn’t changed in my mind after a decade even though her story has, I feel confident that I can step from her and come back with little loss of momentum.  I know where I’m going with her, which is more than I did/do with Meg.  (Meg still feels rusty)

By the by . . . I’ve got a bunch of questions I answered for Harper Teen a few months ago, and I don’t think they used them for their PR, so I might drop one a day at the drama box for the next couple of days while I do nothing but, well, make stuff up to put in my cabinet to hopefully turn awesome.  It’s finally cooled off here, and though I don’t smell fall yet, I can hear it in the insects.  The natural white noise makes for very good writing.


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  1. Dorien

    It looks like a cover has escaped the cabinet of your publisher. Would this be the final one?

  2. Today I did a Meyers-Briggs on myself and discovered I did not know me at all. I promptly resorted to the magic of Hagen Daz to restore my equilibrium (LOL).

    We’re thrilled Grace is coming out of the cabinet to trigger our quirky imaginations and incessant Kimi-speculation. There’s a blog bet going on about what comes next. We are mug and poster fiends waiting for the next contest while wondering when you’re gonna grace us with some Ivy swag. You have a street team up here with motorcycles bay-bay. The men are waiting on something cool in leather (silly grin).

    Looking forward to the Hollows PR and hearing more about how your writing is coming along. It’s fascinating lurking behind the virtual scenes watching it all evolve. My neighbor cornered me for 40 minutes in the street a couple of hours ago to talk about everything that has recently been going on across the blogs. It always amazes me when they take the time to click every single one of my links. My mother doesn’t do that (LOL). He actually wants to do book club and get in on the Skype par-tay in Starbucks.

    Brian is even considering blogging because we’re having mad fun lurking on your blog. That’s a significant statement because I haven’t been able to get him to do this for three years running. Making Kimi converts is kind of fun. Especially snagging the ones who want to start writing…

    Enjoy your evening, lovely. 😉

    • Oh no, Tann Starr. There are no wrong personalities. -grin- I’ve learned a lot about my natural tendencies and to be aware of the more nasty ones.

      That’s so amazing that you are reaching so many people. It takes time and effort to do that, and I applaud your efforts!

  3. jaime

    I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your graphic novel!! The colors were amazing!!! Sorry,did not know where to leave this message!!!

    • Thank you Jaime! I’m so glad you liked it! We spend a lot of time picking out a color scheme and style. The next graphic novel is in the works, but I don’t think it has a publication date yet.

  4. A slight touch of Fall? *sigh* That sounds so good to me. We won’t be seeing that until about the end of September. I will third the idea of a Tomato Festival for the Hollows 🙂 that is why they all “came out” after all.

  5. Going to bed happy is always good. I’m dog sitting a very cute Jack Russell Terrier for my boyfriends mother so she can attend a wedding down west. So sleep last night was different, to say the least. But once she found a comfy spot.. there was no stopping the z’s. I own a chinchilla, so having her around is quite different and fun. (minus the dog farts. Ewww talk about a stink. I don’t wanna know what they’ve been feeding her.)

    AnyHooo, I’m interested in finding out more about Grace. I’m glad she is still as you saw her. She sounds like she is a solid character in your mind just waiting to burst onto the pages. I’m bursting to read her. (with excitement of course)

    Things are cooled off here in Haverhill as well. The weather is still warm.. but cozy, with some nice rain here and there. Will be having some punkin flavored coffee in no time.. the leaves will start to die.. a morbid kind of beauty. I find fall quite intoxicating. It’s the winter that I dread. Having lived in the deserts of New Mexico before, I had no idea the kind of snow Massachusetts had in store for me. Makes me wanna hybernate.

    Have a great day!

    • Going to bed happy is definitely a sweet treat. Lynn, I’m with you. I am mad curious and really itching to find out more about Grace. 🙂

    • Indeed.. Kim has a great knack for making me emotionally attached to her characters. I love them. They are my fantasy friends that I go on many ventures with. So I’m gonna have to face it, I’m addicted to love.

      BTW Starr, I enjoyed ur art posts on FB. Did u get a pixy on paper yet?

    • Wow, from New Mexico to Massachusetts? That’s a shock to the system, but I agree the dramatic changing of the seasons is something to look forward to.

      You have a great day too, Lynn!

  6. Okay, I think you answered this before, unfortunately I am running into this now (dog article for magazine and the WIP). How do you separate your characters in your head. Somehow I doubt Dog Whatever wants an article about zombie dogs.

  7. Antonio

    >>> So, The Cabinet Of Awesomeness is not like a Patrick Lee novel–it isn’t a portal to another world that spits out artifacts on a regular basis. You actually have to put stuff into the cabinet first. Makes sense.

    >>> “ELVIS is Everywhere!”(Mojo Nixon) Speaking of author, Patrick Lee(SciFi Suspense: The Breach/Ghost Country), I didn’t know DIANA GIL was involved with his books until I read the acknowlegements in his latest. The lyrics to Mojo Nixon’s old song popped into my head. Diana Gil seems to be everywhere!–I think I have read over 2 dozen books in the last 3 years that she has influenced in one way or another.
    Q>It would be interesting to get Ms. Gil’s perspective on working with you, her involvement in the Hollow’s story. Do you think it’s possible – sometime before the Hollow’s series ends – that she would be willing to make an appearance here, maybe as a guest blogger? 😎

    • No, afraid not, Antonio. You gotta put stuff in the cabinet before you can take it out. 😉

      I can’t say enough about my editor. She sees the big picture, not just in a novel, but the industry. I watched her sit in her office a few months ago, listening to her type an email to act on something we had just decided to do, and it went whizzing off. A small act, but it told me tons. Not much is forgotten with her, and she stores stuff away to act on later. It’s amazing, like a spider sitting in the middle of a web, plucking threads to effect the world around her. (Forgive me, Diana. It’s meant to be flattering.)

      I’d love to have Diana do a guest post, but I won’t ask her. She’s even busier than I am.

  8. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-it’s Jim from Warren. On your tea 1)If you drink herb or green tea(And you know what J.Sherridan LeFanu said on green tea,it’s one of his most famous) I will try to look up temps,for black teas it’s 212 degrees. 2)try to find the vintage,all black tea is fermented and aged,that’s what makes it black or purple,it’s purple pu-er 1996 April harvest rings my chimes first thing in the morning(they are all bad these days)3) try to get green or black tea in cakes wrapped in original heavy paper,it keeps better

    • jkh

      Aw, hon, sorry all your mornings are “bad” lately. My dad’s arthritic, degenerative vertebrae and discs are giving him lousy mornings, too. I wish my wand worked better. Mostly it’s just good for threatening to smack knuckles. Sending you a virtual plant with fragrant, purple blossoms for healing energy. That and your pu-er tea should do something..

    • James R. Fox

      Hi JKH-It’s Jim from Warren thanks that helps,believe me.For me its the spinal arthritis and the 3 strokes.Sleeping is no good after 3-4 hr.

    • Thanks, Jim. I usually just boil cold water. -grin- I’m a bohemian. But I will look for the wrapping.

  9. James R.Fox

    Hi Ms Kim,It’s Jim from Warren.Gollygee whillikers,I wish I could do that. ALL my explications of necessary stuffs are long-winged,unnecessarily complex, and general B.S. The.good thing is when someone points it out, I agree,I can see it, but my correction is just as bad. Good thing I have a patient friend or two.

  10. Jenn

    Morning Kim,
    I’m glad that you are feeling so confident in Grace & her love interest. That’s fantastic!
    I think it would be great to see the YA answers you wrote. I’m sure it will spark a lot of conversations lol.
    And yes, it is starting to cool off, but we are still pretty warm up here!

    • Hi Jenn. Grace is like me enough to make her easy to write, and different enough so that I’m not writing about me. She makes decisions that I WOULD NOT DO and actually disagree with, but I understand why, so it will make for a good story, I hope.