From the cabinet of awesomeness

One of the questions I’m asked frequently is where do you get your ideas?  Up to now, I’ve tried to answer it as best as I can, citing drawing on past experiences, funny commercials, a badly garbled comment that was far more interesting than if I’d heard it correctly. (Look at those condos they are building?  Oh!  I thought you said look at those condors on that building!) or simply wondering about the all abiding, “what would happen if . . .”  I can’t take the deception anymore, and feel I have to cut to the chase and give it to you straight.

I have a cabinet of awesomeness that spawns ideas like clockwork.

My cabinet doesn’t look very special on the outside, sitting within my arms reach and disguised as a normal, everyday cabinet.  I have even put mundane things into it to help hide its true function of supplying ideas when there are none, and it has color coded files and matching paperclips, my passport, contracts, and Meyer-Briggs personality profiles.  There is a lovely horizontal surface to it, and so, to further the deception, I’ve put my phone and internet connection blinking like a sentry atop it, my industrial stapler and sticky-note dispenser acting as a vanguard.

Like a golden duck, magical things happen inside, with papers building up, spawning, growing, until every so often, usually at the dead of winter, it reaches capacity and I have to open it up and pull out a chunk, sending it off to NY for them to put in their cabinet of awesomeness where it ferments and grows some more until they finally, desperately, chop it up into book-size pieces to get rid of it, sending it out into the world and hoping by division and dilution they managed to kill the monster.

Sometimes, though, a tiny bit of idea wedges into someone else, someone who lets it grow and develop into something new, something awesome.  That’s the best feeling of all.

Funny thing about my cabinet of awesomeness though.  Just like a magic duck, I have to put stuff in there before I can take it out. . .  -grin-


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  1. Now I feel all inspired. I guess I ought to go do something creative. We miss you in Charlotte!

    • You know, Eliza, I used to say I miss the heat in SC, but it’s been really hot in MI this year. Let’s just say I really miss being able to go outside and not get drained by tiny little mosquitos. -laugh-

  2. “Sometimes, though, a tiny bit of idea wedges into someone else, someone who lets it grow and develop into something new, something awesome. That’s the best feeling of all.”

    The magical cabinet of awesomeness spreading?.. yes, make it so 🙂

    Inspiration. It’s a beautiful thing.

  3. Several months ago I asked for advice for writing my first novel. You said to write like I had a deadline so I did. now 72,000 words later I have written and blogged my first novel. Thanks!

    • Tclosser, that is so fabulous, it makes me want to give myself a hug! I am so frickin delighted that you found the drive in you to finish. Keep on making the miracle happen!

  4. Dominique

    Seriously?! I want one and I am not a writer. Just in insanely obsessed reader.

  5. Howdy ma’am,

    BoA sounds like where the Burning Bunnies live.Thar’s funny because boas eat bunnies. 🙂

    As I was doing laundry the other day, I realized how easy it would be to frame me for murder or some other dreadful crime. My laundry room is outside on the carport.

    Some one could grab some of my clothes, do the crime drop the ‘evidence’ back and then send the cops to my house! I’m often so engrossed playing computer games and watching movies in my room, I’d never hear anything until the cops come busting in.


  6. AKR (Trinidad)

    Steupsss ….
    I forgot about the Monday Madness …. 😦
    Was distracted …. cleaning …!! Steupssss!!

    Hmph ..! I got to get my routine back on track …. yes ..!!
    And get on here early enough to be aware of what’s going on .. dammit ..!!!

    Next time I guess … 🙂
    Hmm mugs …. got to keep my eyes peeled for that one !!
    Ohhh and posters …:-) I did read of glow in the dark posters somewhere back there …. didn’t I …

    *rubs hands in glee*
    YES ..!! I would love to get me one of those ..!!

    Have a great week all …

    AKR (Trinidad)

    • AKR, just thinking about the possibility of snagging a Kimi poster makes me wanna go squeeeeeee (LOL). I’ve got it bad and it feels soooooo good (very silly grin).

      Hey – how’s the new T.O. diggs coming along? 🙂

    • jkh

      Congrats on your move to beautiful Canada. Re moving, isn’t it annoying that a property manager’s idea of a “clean” apartment is one that isn’t totally overrun by bugs and doesn’t stink “too much?” The only time I moved into a really clean apartment was when I moved into my “affordable housing” unit managed by the local govt.

    • AKR (Trinidad)

      Thanks jkh 🙂
      CTannStarr things are moving along nicely thanks 🙂

      Got to get my routine back on …lol
      So that I’m getting my Kim Harrison fix here like the rest of us powerless addicts …lol

      Hmm I wonder if I MOVED with my cabinet of awesomeness and not just the contents …. now there’s something I’m wiling to find out …lol 🙂

      We’ll see … the job hunt has only just begun … 🙂

      AKR (Trinidad)

    • Next time, AKR. This was just a warm up. Harper has some promotional cards to give away, and as soon as I get them, we’ll do another Manic Monday, something with a few more in number.

  7. Victoria Eskey

    Well, CTann has already said it best:
    “Kim is mad cool, isn’t she? Best inadvertent virtual non-mentor mentor ever (LOL).”
    so I’ll just say, love, love, love. 🙂
    My cabinet of awesomeness is a white bookshelf my grandfather built me when I was little. ^_~ maybe that’s where I’m going wrong!! I need doors!!!

    • Me, a mentor? No, no, no. I’m just as much a student as the rest of you, just a little farther down the path. The day I stop learning is the day I die. -grin-

      I love the idea of the bookshelf your grandfather built you. I have a jewelry box mine made me, and it sits on my dresser whereas I usually don’t have “stuff” sitting around. He was an interesting man.

  8. Whether it’s a Cabinet of Awesomeness or a Box of Bodaciousness, we all have our idea stash, Kim. I love how you’ve described yours – it sounds so magical!

    * looks around writing nook for possible awesomeability prospects, ah, that’s where I put the jar of glitter *

  9. Jeff

    Very cool, Thomas Edison once said that “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” You gotta put in something to get something out, even lottery tickets cost a dollar.

  10. I want a cabinet of awesomeness!! 🙂

    Hey Kim, I’m back. I know you missed me. I’ll try to hold still so you stop missing though. *grin* Been away for a while, you had Comic Con and I had Gen Con. Horray for conventions! 🙂

  11. James R.Fox

    Hi Ms Kim I almost forgot,when Smudge and I trecked over to NPR to vote,It was Closed!! We were heartbroken! I was, I think Smudge is glad she doesnt have to wake up Eeerly anymore.

    • Closed? Huh. I thought we had until the 11th and was going to remind everyone who might have missed it the first time, but this is okay. I guess tomorrow we’ll know who won. Seriously, I’m just tickled to have been on the ballot.

  12. Maryellen

    ….and of course the paper clip are matching. 😉 Makes perfect sense to me!

    Have a great day relishing in your awesomeness, Miss Kim! 🙂

    • Paperclips, binder clips, sticky notes . . . I’ve not been using color coded sticky notes as much, but for a few years I was working on two series at once, and color coding them helped me keep them organized on my monitor.

  13. James R.Fox

    Anyhoo,I think a Cabinet Of EwesomenessHi Ms Kim-It’s Jim from Warren. I hope you are feeling bright and lovely this bright and lovely morning.I find that if my first few bowls of tea are a good black pu-er vintage 1992, it helps,since that leaps from the bowl, grabs me by the hair with one hand,and starts slapping my face with the other,screaming “Wake Up”it helps alot when I’m up at some ungodly hour cause I hurt too much to sleep, and I want (to try to work ) on my memoirs,of trying to raise a young girl by myself in my 50’s.I have decided Run Screaming(in the other direction) is a good title,it’s what single fathers should do when she quivers her lower lip and says (in a tearful voice)”But Daddy” I always melted into a quivering heap of jelly on the floor,except when it involved health and safety. My No function worked fine then,provided I could keep up with her. Of course, all the ladies here are too mature to have Ever done that to their father when mom wasn’t around to rescue him.Anyhoo, I think a Cabinet of awesomeness is just what I need to ferment ideas in. I’ll buy one on my next pension check.I remember you drink tea latte but you do have to start with the best ingredients.Also,get a Chef”s Choice temp controlled teakettle, the water temp for best black tea results is not the one for best green,or herb tea infusions.

    • It’s rare that I don’t have a hot cup of tea on my warmer, Jim. It might take me hours to drink it, but that tiny little moment is invaluable in gathering one’s thoughts without looking/feeling like you’re lost.

      Thanks for the notice on the kettle. I’ve become more careful in the brewing these last couple of years as my taste buds become more discerning.

  14. Trisha

    I know what you are I have the same sort of thing going except I only have a short story published on a website

  15. Mudepoz

    Sounds like Friendship Bread. ;)(sorry, I couldn’t resist)

  16. OMG!!! Oh SNAP doesn’t even cover it! LOL! Tann, you constantly amaze me with your deep well of knowledge and Kim, every time I think I can’t go on with this whole writing thing, I just think of you and your success and love of the trade. But mostly, it is your never-ending compassion and how you reach out to all of us, your fans, and never forget us like so many others do. I just have to keep walking down my path and I know I will reach my destination in the end. Especially now that I have such amazing friends who help me up when I stumble (yes, Tann, this means you most of all!).

    • Nickie, looking forward to hooking up in GA. We’re gonna have fun taking Starbucks over (LOL). Kim is mad cool, isn’t she? Best inadvertent virtual non-mentor mentor ever (LOL). 😉

      Vicki just finished chatting with us on her blog. Make sure you keep up with her too. Gotta send you where Kimi sends me (silly grin).

    • Hi NIckie. It takes friends. Yes it does. Absolutely. I like being so accessible, and I hope I can continue to be so for a while yet. It’s getting harder . . .

  17. I can’t wait for Nickie Storey-Bailey to log on and read this. I was on Skype with one of your biggest Kim-Stream fans last night for over an hour (Starbucks closing made me hang up – LOL).

    What an amazingly sweet FB/tweet-peep. She recently finished writing her book and we have editing/ISBNs/publishing on the brain. The Q&A was mad fun. We’re hooking up again tonight to pick up where we left off.

    Irony is most of our conversation was about watching how successful writers operate, absorbing what’s useful and disregarding the rest. We did quite a bit of talking about you and your cabinet of awesomeness. To wake up to this post was simply priceless. My gal pals and I are in Starbucks going OH SNAP (LOL).

    BTW, you just killed my original blog post (evil grin). I have to start from scratch now because this is just too good to pass up (yeah, we’re gonna be spoofing on you later in book club – it’s what we do – LOL) 😉

    I’m sharing it across my social media accounts and already gave Nickie the embed so she doesn’t miss it. You’ve made my day (as usual – silly grin). Here’s to hoping your day is just as lovely. Looking forward to hearing more about those available mugs. I want another one to go with the one I have.

    Hell, I want everything Kimi (there, I said it – now you know – LOL). 😉