Manic Monday!

Books are gone.  Thanks, guys!  Guy has contacted the winners.  If you have not heard from him, you missed it.  But we will have more of these, so never fear!

Howdy campers.  I’m back from Comic Con, all rested up, food in fridge, lawn mowed, watered, and all plants looking good.  Desk is cleared of all immediate outgoing, and there is no scheduled incoming until I outgo a bunch of stories in October for the upcoming Harrison anthology.  The contest is still going over at NPR for their top SF/Fantasy picks, and I’m moving forward on my work.  All of which means Guy and I have time for clearing out a few more extras up in his office.  This week, we have nine sets (as in four signed books each) of the Truth series.

USA will take a week from when we ship, International will be 10 days.  We won’t be shipping immediately, so give us some time to get them signed and in a box.

Shipping and Handling is USA 11.90, Canada 13.50, International 25.60.  To make this as painless as possible for Guy, we are taking Pay Pal only.  Unfortunately we can’t combine any other merchandise in with this as they will be going media mail.

  First Truth is the first time I had ever put pen to paper, rewriting it over and over as I learned discipline, character development, voice, thick skin, and all the other things that help you get published. In other words, you can really see the development of a writer from first to last.  It was not the first thing I showed my writers group, but it was what I worked with them on for about two years.  (I was not about to show them my baby on our “first date.” )

If you are interested, at noon, EST today, (no earlier) send an email to Guy at with the words Truth Books in the subject line.  If you are among the first nine, he will send you an invoice for shipping, so please include your shipping address in your initial email.  If you do not include your shipping address, he can not ship you a book, and your order will not be acted on. (PayPal doesn’t always put the address in)  We don’t do anything with your address but ship you books.  We don’t have the time to do anything wicked with them, and I hate it when people sell mine, so . . .

These are likely going to go very quickly (don’t order until noon EST, or your email will be thrown out) so I’ll update this post when they are gone to help avoid confusion.  If you miss out, I’ll be having more shipping and handling give aways with more items available.  The Truth books are just to wet your whistle . . .   😉  We also still have the Pale Demon Freebies available for the price of a stamp.


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28 responses to “Manic Monday!

  1. kate jameson

    i am an over the road truck driver always looking for new and exciting books to read. i have only read two of kims books. the first where jenks wife died. i cried. you are outstanding kim. love what i have read so far. do all of your books contain ivy, jenks, and morgan? love ya kate

    • Hi Kate. Oooh, I’m so glad you are enjoying the Hollows. You should start with Dead Witch Walking if you’ve not read it yet. That’s how it all gets started. The Good, The Bad, and the Undead follow that.

  2. James R.Fox

    Hi Miss Kim-It’s Jim from Warren Yes when an author lands on my fave author list, I have to read every Word they wrote since birth. Firstborn sons are too wet,and besides, I have one of those.And yes,I have hero worshoped Mr Howard, Mr Heinlein and Mr Bradbury for the last 60-65 years, so they get their props, don’t fret.BUT Ladies first, espically if they are favorite authors,You know,Margaret Atwood,Patricia McKillip,Cecelia Holland, And TA-TA Kim Harrison AKA (on wanted posters,Dawn Cook).So when is the Harrison anthology coming out,huh-huh-huh?

    • Funny you should ask, Jim. I’m taking the month of August to write up some shorts for the Harrison anthology. It should be a nice mix of old and new. I’d look for it fall 2012, but I’m just guessing.

  3. James R.Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-It’s Jim from Warren. I have ALL your work but Blood Work on my Kindle, so I can read it(A lot to be said for being able to read a favorite author, and blowing print up 250% has a lot to recommend it too.) However I will be lurking in you bushes with smudge to grab a poster when they come to you. I wanna poster!

  4. Awwwwww man. As soon as I shared this link my FB / twit-peeps started DM joking that I’m gonna have to pull off the highway for this one (LOL). This is the part of the show where I thank God for air cards and nice social media clients. They all know I adore you and your work so trying to get this autographed set is going to be fun. 😉

    • They went abnormally fast, Tann Starr, but I’ll have other give aways, hopefully with more items. I think we’re going to do some mini mugs next . . .

  5. Holy book fest Batman! This is so FREAKIN swell! I was happy with A book.. but 4? Ur amazing and u make me smile. I’ll be headed to Connecticut today.. but I will do my very best at noon, and no sooner, to send an email. I’ve got my bunny ears crossed. Sounds like u had a nice weekend, which is always good. Here’s to a good week. BTW ur making me want to garden. This could be dangerous 0:)

  6. Michael Boyd

    You two are an awesome couple. Love between you and your fans is definitely a two-way street.
    Michael in Scotts Valley

  7. Barbara

    Very different cover art from the original!