Yep, we made it to another one, and I”m excited to hit some plant stores and replace my dead-uglies this weekend.  (Two weeks of 90-100 degree temps was really hard on my newly planted bushes.)  I’m also looking for a few tables to put plants on this winter because I can’t seem to stop buying those discounted orchids. ($2.50?  seriously?) and any old table won’t do.  I’d really prefer an old, marble top that was once used to support a hall mirror/hat rack, but they don’t sell them separate very often, so I’ll likely just get an inexpensive rack until the universe aligns.  Round it out with a stint of mowing, and I think I’ve got my weekend planned.

Work went pretty well this week, with me finishing the rough draft for the Meg short about a week early, mostly because it came in at about 60 manuscript pages instead of the expected 100, which is cool because that means I have more space for other stuff.  I like the size of it, and I have all my logic ducks and rules for this new paranormal critter in a row.  All of which means I can turn my attention to Grace.  (happy sigh)

I’m going to be brave this time, and not even open the file on her, and just start to write . . .  See what happens.  NOT!!!!  No, I’ll probably spend the weekend thinking about what I’d like to share that I know about her, and use what I don’t know to drive the story.  Introduce the characters and magic, what moves Grace, what her Achilles heel is.  I don’t want to go too far back, but it will have the feel of a prequel.  Maybe plot out enough material for 60-80 pages . . .

And then I’ll just start to write  . . .


P.S.  Keep an eye out Monday for a Manic Monday give away of the Truth Books.


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56 responses to “Friday!

  1. Jenn

    Hi Kim! Did you enjoy our weather fronts this weekend? I was able to get out & enjoy some dirt time. 🙂 How many new plants did you buy? lol.
    I can’t wait to meet Meg & Grace!
    Happy Monday!

    • Hi Jenn. I got a back seat full of dollar plants. -grin- They are all in the ground except for one, which I want to wait on. It was tricky to get them in around the rain, but I managed!

  2. James R.Fox

    Calling all miss Kim’s devotees! I think that the site io9 has posters It’in Ms kim’s stuff on Comic Con I think her last post. My eyes are too bad to figure all this in-group comic stuffs out, so you youngsters will have to figure it. This is why we Great-grandfathers bother to have decendants. Just like the Undead masters gloating over bloodlines!Bwa-ha -haaaaah

    • Hi Jim. I think the io9 site was just to see the poster, not get it. I should have some to give away before too long, though. Today’s Manic Monday is a warm-up.

  3. I was so excited to post I forget the word love, as in absolutely LOVE the hollows!

  4. I just wanted to say that I absolutely the hollows……as a man I feel guilty sometimes for this but I really enjoy the characters ( that Al really has grown on me!) and I am enjoying seeing Rachel grow as a character….my question doesnt differ much from others but when oh WHEN will the next book be released??!!

    Thanks and keep up the great work Kim.

    • Thanks, Spartadude. I’m so glad you are enjoying the Hollow! No need to feel guilty. I’ve always seen the Hollows as mythology first, action second, relationships third.

      I’ve got the Hollows Insider coming out right before Halloween, and A PERFECT BLOOD late Feb. Hope you like ’em!

  5. James R.Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim It’s Jim from Warren.Today Smudge and I disguised our selves as Rachel and Rynn Cormel and snuck into NPR and voted some more. Did you know that a black and white cat with a black spot on her nose and wearing a curly red wig attracts no attention? It’s true. Smudge pulled the voting lever 10-12 times,just like a democratic party machine member voting for dayor Dailey.I of course being 6′ with silver hair,and magnetically handsome,incredibliy intelligent,and unbelieveably modest, am a dead ringer for Rynn Cormel. assuming he usues a red walker with 4 wheels.Anyhoo,we are going to have you voted to the top of the list as soon as people start helping me and CTannStar.

    • OMGosh, Jim. I really appreciate that, but vote and let things fall as they will. It’s an honor to even be on the list, especially when the books don’t readily fall into any category.

  6. James R.Fox

    Hi Stephanie-I’m trying to figure out how to order the Comic-Con poster from The Hollows Insider from io9 myself.If you run into how to do that on their site, could you please post? Thanks.Also,pick up some 100 gig memory sticks at your nearest computer store,and transcribe/write all your stuff on your computer,and secure to your person.I have found this is why God invented external memory,believe me.

  7. Ok… I won’t lie. I’m excited to see this Grace person. We are officially moved in, and officially… not unpacked yet. But it’s coming along and I don’t feel any rush which is nice.

    Not so nice is that my red notebook with my most promising short story and all of my novel notes has gone AWOL during the move. O.O

    Speaking of Manic Mondays… I was wondering if there were any extra posters from Comic Con and if there might ever be a giveaway for those… because I want one… Badly.

    • I’ve always wanted a Kimi poster. I second the “want one badly” sentiment in spades… (LOL).

      Sometimes, just thinking about it makes me feel like the little kid in the ketchup commercial where they sing the refrain “anticipation is making me wait” (sigh).

      The fun part about hanging out on Kim’s blog is you never know what you’re going to get (contest – purchase – freebie). I was deliriously happy to get a limited edition mug (which is bubble wrapped for safety after we ooooo, ahhhhhed, oogled and drooled over it – LOL).

      I probably wont know how to act if I ever get my hands on a poster (because I want one really, really badly – like a 3 year old on the verge of having a candy tantrum – LMAO). 😉

    • Oh no. I hope you find your notebook, Stephenie. That’s awful.

      Comic Con posters . . . Yes. I should have about 100 eventually to give away. Still waiting on them.

  8. Victoria Eskey

    i’m happy to hear Grace is getting her time out of the cabinet 🙂 you “speak” so lovingly of her.
    I just moved, and that was a nightmare!! It’s a bigger, better place, and I’m living with my best, and closest friend, but getting all of our stuff packed and unpacked, left us both knocked out asleep on the couch.
    My own story is plodding along! We’ve met the gunslinger, and he’s trouble with green eyes!

    • Grace is flawed and hurting, Victoria. She’s got some Ivy in her, but she’s not so messed up in the head when it comes to sex and relationships. Her issues are more about pride, and I can’t wait to work with her.

      Ooooh, your work in progress sounds fab! Have fun!

  9. AKR (Trinidad)

    … ohhh la la the cabinet of awesomeness again …lol
    Meg, Grace …. Ms Harrison I can’t wait to see and hear more of your magic ….

    Well it’s been a freaking whirlwind for me the past few weeks …
    I feel like I was on the spin cycle in the washing machine … or rather that should be felt* like …
    I’m finally unpacked and somewhat settled in Toronto, Canada, my new home …. and on the prowl for a job ..!!!

    Damn no one said this was easy …
    Good thing I can adapt … :-/ somewhat painlessly …
    Wish me luck peeps … I’m really beginning to wonder about my decision to move … :-/

    *Sigh* …
    I must say though I’m eternally thankful for the world you create Ms Harrison, as it’s a great distraction when things get too stressful …
    Speaking of which … talk about delayed gratification … now I can ease into Bloodwork … YAYY!!!

    Have a great week all …

    AKR (Trinidad)
    I may be in TO, but I’m still Trinidadian … ❤

  10. Martha

    Kim, I have a question for you. Will there be anymore books after Pale Demon?

  11. James R. Fox

    Hi Diuna-It’s Jim from Warren.I couldn’t agree more,LKH and several others Very good authors have done the same.Anne Rice and (sob) Roger Zelazney’s second Amber series come to mind.This is why Ms Kim is so great among other reasons. I mean, you will never see

    Rachel: oooh Ivy,youré SO big and strong!! and the blood running from the corner of your
    mouth just matches the ruby in your navel!
    Ivy: come here you witchy blood bag you!
    Soft moan in the distance
    Ms Kim does not need to resort to such crap the way certain unnamed authors do to sell books.

  12. Diuna

    Kim, I noticed that most of writers give away their soul in one series, then don’t have more for next series. So I congratulate you upon your generous Muse! I can’t wait for meeting with Grace 🙂 and I just feel deep to the core that it’ll be great.

    • I like to write, Diuna, I liked it when I was just starting out, and I like it now.
      I’m just glad that I had some experience in ending series before the Hollows became popular so I’m not afraid to end it when the story is done and start something new. Even so, it’s kind of scary. The Hollows has been my work for a long time.

  13. James R. Fox

    Hi Lynn-you can get your books signed by Ms Kim,I think Guy-in-a- Leather jacket handles it.Check Ms Kim’s front page my cerebral atrophy messes up signals sometimes(Not a joke,I am 71 and have had several strokes) but I believe there is something there on it.

  14. James R. Fox

    Hi Lynn-it’s jim from warren-fun in the sun requires margeurita’s. Youll see it you know where.

  15. James R. Fox

    Hi Lynn-it’s jim from Warren.This is where you save your pennies,(like me) and fire up the computator, and find(ta-ta) They really do sell books mostly cheaper than the store, and they dohave all of Ms Kim’s work now,even if she is too soft hearted to(Deep voice) turn loose the dogs! And alex and zander were practicing showing fang like Ivy’s mom too!

    • haha. I believe the fangs… but they are just so cute. 🙂

      Yes, thanks Jim! I know I can get them online.. but will they have Kim’s pretty signature inside?.. See I read the Madison series after I got her famous signature in the mail. I know I’ll go looking here, there and everywhere.. but what fan-girl doesn’t want one from the author herself. Can’t beat that. So I will try at Manic Monday.. and if I lose, u can bet your buns you will find me on amazon 😉

    • Yeah, getting books from the author is kinda cool (especially with a signature – insert love struck goofy sigh here – LOL) 😉

  16. I love ur characters and ur magic. Its really cool that u share so much with us as u put all the pieces together with each evolving creation.. making it even more personal for when we get ur work in our hands. Thank u for that. ❤

    And omg how flipping perfect can u be?.. I was just at borders the other day and picked up hidden truth. I was sad that they didn't have first truth, which is the 1st in the series if I'm correct. Now if I get lucky (which sadly doesn't happen as often as I'd like), I could win a truth book. How cool is that?! U rock. Fyi I plan on reading them no matter what the outcome 🙂

    Have a wicked fun weekend in the sun.

  17. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-it’sjim from warren-my writing will be worse than usualae Smudge is conked out on my lap,stuffed with biftek,pommes frites,and baby peas. Heavily disguised as a french chef(cordon bleu,naturally,)I snuck over to npr and voted some more.Long as they don,t see me hehe(Evil giggle) Smudge offered some sneaking lessons then canceled,afraid I’ll find out how she swiped pieces of my steak probably.

    • OMG – we can do that? Sooooo sharing the evil giggle and sneaking back over there on my girlfriend’s computer (LOL). 😉

    • James R.Fox

      Hi CTanStarr-You sure can vote daily! We (Smudge my cat and I) sneak over and do it some time every day.I am still trying to get some sneaking lessions,If only to find out how she swipes steak while I’m eating it. Good on the special lessions,learning disabilities(Dislexia) run in my family and no- one gave any treatment except paddling.We,my brother,sister and I taught outselves how to read write and do math,after many paddlings at school for,laxiness,inattention , and insubordination.I’m 71,my sister is 69,my brother 63, Total ignorance in those days. That is why as I told Ms kim I was in a brat pack at 10 and 13,I caught T.B. from my favorite Aunt,who had married an officer following DeGalle, and was a nurse in the trenches for the free french army,with no food and lots of exposure,T.B. and pneumonia were common as colds,and there were no antibiotics till 1944.and that only for wounded soldiers.Civillians died.Lucky you for antibiotics.

    • Thanks for the votes, Jim. You are one loyal reader! But seriously, it’s an honor just to make the top 100. A lot of my heros are in there.

  18. jkh

    Friday already?! Gawd, it’s been a hellacious 3 weeks in my little orbit. I think we’d all like a dull, quiet weekend. Pulling a few weeds, scratching around in the dirt at my dad’s house for a while, maybe cook a little. It was such a horrible non-spring and very late sort-of summer that I never planted my flower boxes and tomato pots, so my apartment balcony is looking pretty drab. I hope you have a fun weekend, and heed some of the tips you got about finding make-do marble tops. Shopping? I don’t wanna go.

    • According to hubby I never met a shopping spree that I didn’t like (LOL).

      I missed answering your question about PDD-NOS the other day. Sorry. PDD-NOS may be thought of as “subthreshold autism,” or a diagnosis one can give a person who has “atypical symptomatology.”

      My 5 year old is a trip because of it. Dude is a very quirky, fun little minion with a stubborn streak when he gets an idea into his head so we spend a lot of time trying not to accidentally teach him the wrong example on how to do stuff (LOL). Both of my kids are visual learners so it makes life very interesting. When they showed an interest in farming and gardening we taught them how to use all of the tools, including how to cut the grass driving the tractor. My dad and I had mad fun with that. We YouTubed it last summer:

      We watch them like a hawk and always try to use what ever they are interested in to teach them something. The goal is to teach them how to learn so they can function self-sufficiently (which can be very hard with the learning disabled when they mimic without comprehension).

    • Hi JHK. I never did get into the antique stores. It was plants, all the way . . . Still, no complaints from me! I’m tired!

  19. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim It’s Jim from Warren,Seriously, when you have a lazy hour try the internet,at least for the stone. I invest in pretties from SE Asia,espically carved gemstones,as long as I know the co does’t buy from slavers.(There is alot of that going around,but there is a good anti-slavery group in Singapore that keeps track of this and the Interpol office is good too.) It would be too much to ship from asia, but an off the wall antique shop might know who is selling grandma’s furniture, and for kicks I’d try second hand marble gravestones.(Yes there is a market)

  20. You seem so nice in person, but you’re EVIL. EVIL I say. Me knit?

    I hope you had a great weekend. Monday will b especially good for anyone that hasn’t read the Truth (Cook) Books manages to get them. 🙂


  21. Jenny

    New characters , new stories = happy dance , or at least a wiggle 😉 I should probably save the dance for when they are actually published so I can read them . Enjoy your weekend.

  22. Gawsh. I know where there are even MORE inexpensive orchids that need homes. I’m sending out boxes today, as a matter of fact.

    Any architectural salvage places near you? I have marble thresholds I use to support some of my plants. They even have the holes drilled in them for the sliding locks O.o. Enjoy the weekend

    I love the name Grace. If Cera is pregnant, I may have to do a litter with that name.

    Have a lovely weekend, don’t get sunburned.

  23. Sweet! Will be digging in the dirt with my kids next week planning a butterfly garden. My FL yard is still naked and needs some color (sigh) but we’re working on it.

    I am like a little kid waiting for your next publication. Can’t wait to see what you cook up next. I’m still trying to figure out why I can’t figure out how to draw a decent pixie (LOL). I’m making a huge mess of it but high-jacking a bunch of grinning kids has been kind of fun (and the portraits spilling from my sketchpad have been keeping me busy).

    We’re about to have another writing marathon in Starbucks, then do book club for dinner. (Our version of Happy Friday today – LOL).

    Enjoy your weekend, lovely. 😉

  24. Wondereful! We are always happy when you share your characters with us. I wonder, do the readers ever influence the character’s develeopement? I mean if we see something else in the new character does it make you go “Hum”? As for the table, if you can’t find what you want you can get an old ugly and cover the top with marble tiles. I’ve done that with some old abandoned pieces before and they come out great.

    • Thanks, Marsha! Do readers influence the character development? Your questions often do, yes. You guys raised some questions about Nick that I answered, and then your question about Rachel and Trent I spent an entire book on. (Pale Demon)

      Mmmm, good idea about the tiles.