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A while back, I told you about crocheting a bunch of certified T-4 Angel free tomatoes to give to my people in New York as a little thank you for everything they do for me every day.  There was some interest from you crafters out there, and since I modified the pattern I had for a pumpkin and pepper to make the silly thing, (as in I am not taking this from a book but my own thoughts) I figure that it is okay to share.  I knit and crochet both in this, so if you don’t know both medias, you will have to adapt . . . somehow . . .

For the body:
Make the bottom by making a disk.
1. Ch 2
2. In the first Ch, make six sc, and joint to first chain with a ss. (six loops around)
3. Ch 2.(counts as first sc)  Increase by making two sc in next loop, then sc in following, and repeating around to get 9 loops, join with ss to first ch. (nine loops)
4.  Ch 2.  (counts as first sc) SC in next loop.  Increase by making two sc in next loop, sc in following two loops, and repeat around to get 12 loops, joining to first Ch2 space with ss.  (12 loops)

To crochet body:
1.  without cutting yarn, chain 12
2.  SS in second stitch from hook.  SC, HDC, DC (8 times) HDC, SC, ss into next loop in disc.
3.  Turn.  SC, HDC, DC (8 times) HDC, SC, SS in end of chain.  Ch 1.(should be 10-11 loops)
4.  Turn.  SS in last Ch1 space.  SC, HDC, DC (8 times) HDC, SC SS into next loop in disc.
5.  repeat step 3.
6.  Repeat step 4.
Continue with pattern until there is a row sprouting from each loop in your 12 disk base.  Join edges with a loose slip stitch.  Fasten off, turn inside out, and stuff with fiber fill.

To knit top.  work pattern so that it’s knit all on one side purls on the other.
1.  With two double pointed needles, size one, cast on three stitches.
2.  Knit across
3. Purl across
4.  Increase row by 2 stitches by. knit first stitch, pull up strand between stitches and knit.  Knit second stitch, pull up strand between stitches and knit.  Knit third stitch. (5 stitches)
5. Purl across
6. Knit across, increasing by four as in step 4. (9 stitches)
7. Purl across
8.  Knit across, increasing by 6 stitches.  (K, I, K, I, K, K, I, K, I, K, K, I, K, I, K,  (  (15 stitches)

To make 1 leaf:
9. purl three stitches and put remaining stitches on stitch holder.
10.  Working with three stitches only for rest of leaf, turn, knit three, turn, purl three, turn, knit three.
11.  without turning, slide three stitches to other end of needle, and keeping yarn to back, KNIT the row over again. (this will make a tiny tube after a while)
12.  Repeat 11  twice more.
14.  knit two together, knit one. (2 stitches on needle)
15.  Knit last two stitches together.
16. fasten off, and weave tail into work

Repeat  10-16 four more times, joining a new thread to start work on next three stitches.  When done, join ends of top together to form a disk with spiky leaves.  Make a stem by crocheting three to five loops coming out from the center, and ss back down to base.  Break yarn and work ends into work.  Fasten finished top to body.

I know this is really messy, and you probably should not make this your first project if you’ve never knitted/crocheted, because I left out a lot of little stuff that I don’t actually know how to describe, but hopefully some of you experienced knitters and crocheters out there will be able to figure it out.



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  1. Jenn

    Hi Kim!
    What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing…now I just have to get out my needles again.
    I wonder if you could make it into a little purse or wallet?
    I hope you have a great Friday!

  2. jkh

    I’m going to print this one out, and get to work with it. I sort of think it will be easier once I get my fingers wrapped around the needles and hook and the yarn.

  3. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim It’s Jim from warren.I gesnucked over and voted again,heavily disguised in bar-be-que sauce.Smudge insisted on Bar-be- que for supper.As long as they don’t notice, I will do so every day,since I would break all my fingers and boil my eyeballs trying to crochet or Knit.*waves Kim Harrison banner*

  4. If only I had picked up this skill. But I will stick to painting. I think I’ve made a pillow before.. but that was in 6th grade.. LOL. eek.

    You make nice tomatoes Kim. I like that you made up your own technique for it, rather then just following a pattern.

    • I think I’ve picked up more new techniques making these little projects than all the big ones combined, Lynn. It keeps me out of the garden when it’s too hot to work. 🙂

      Painting sounds lovely . . . That part of my brain is not turned on.

  5. Stephenie

    I never knew that this language existed. I feel like I’ve stumbled upon an alien civilization living unseen within my own. I won’t lie, I love those crocheted tomatoes… If my great-grandma were alive she could crochet me one, but no one else in the family has picked up the talent.

    Me? I make scarves and hats using a loom. Aka, I cheat.

  6. Thank you!! I will give it a try, I haven’t knitted and crocheted at the same time before…. but it looks sooooooo nice that I have to give it a try! =)

    • Cool. If it’s not looking right, don’t be afraid to change something. I put the instructions down from memory, and I might not have remembered correctly.

      Fingers crossed!

  7. I think I like you even more! those are great!

  8. Squeee! Thanks for taking the time to write out instructions, Kim. I can’t wait to crochet a bunch.

    • I hope I got the pattern down right, Jeannie! Don’t be afraid to change something it it’s not coming out. My shoddy instructions, not your skills are to blame.

  9. Nancy H

    Hi Kim!

    I don’t knit or crochet, I am a quilter, but I must tell you the tomatoes are adorable! Thanks for sharing them with us. They made me smile.

  10. Howdy ma’am,

    I’m lost here. On a side note, I still have mt T-4 tomato seeds. They are right next to my Madison Avery M&Ms.

    Maybe I can find a similar knitted tomato in a craft store?


  11. This is something new. I don’t know how to do this (which of course makes me really want to do this – LOL). The girls and I are going to take a crack at it this weekend.

    Yes, that is definitely a scary thought. We’ve never been let loose in a yarn store before. May make for a fun blog post: when crazy people knit tomatoes (LOL). 😉

    • jkh

      Suggestion: Pick up copies of learning to knit and learning to crochet books. You’ll refer to them a lot. And maybe start with something easier, like a washcloth or a scarf? Pretty soon you all will be just zooming along.

    • Cool idea. JKH – will do.:-)

    • OMGosh, Tann Starr. Do NOT make this your first project. Seriously. Make a scarf or something first to build up your confidence. I’m using two or three techniques that are easy to do, but hard to explain, and I don’t want you to get frustrated with the knitter/crochet shorthand.

    • Okay Kim. Will chill with a simple project and take a crack at it. You guys have me very curious. Looks like a fun way to relax.

    • My first project was a Dr. Who scarf. I still have it. -grin-

  12. Marcie

    Those tomatoes came out beautifully. I know how to knit and crochet, however I don’t know the terminology to read it. My grandmother taught me and she can’t read or write, plus she speaks italian so half of what I know is the italian version with American mixed in. I never heard of knit one, pearl two till someone told me i was doing that at one of my daughters classes. The nice thing is that my grandmother taught me how to look at picture of whatever i wanted to make and just make it. No pattern needed which helps to be creative. 🙂

    • That’s one of the issues I had trying to put the pattern down, Marcie. I know how to do it, but not exactly how to describe it so anyone else can.

      That is a beautiful story. It reminds me of when old family recipes are lost because they have never been converted from half full bowls, scoops, and pinches to cups and teaspoons.

  13. Nylz

    That is so neat, Kim!

    @Staci: LoL … “T-4 seeds”.

  14. Kim,
    You could contract with the ladies over at Fiesta Plaza to make them for you…

  15. Oh fun! Thanks for sharing Kim 🙂

  16. Yay! I crochet too! As a matter of fact, I try to make some money off it.

    Feel free to check it out!

  17. Staci

    I can’t read crochet instructions, I have to be shown how to do the stitch, and I’ve never knitted in my life. Can’t I just buy one to put with my T-4 seeds? LOL

    • I’m right there with you, Staci. Deciphering those instructions are like reading a treasure map, especially when you’re trying to learn a new technique.