I’ve got a contest for you this morning!  Remember last month when I told you NPR was collecting titles from you to find the top SF/Fantasy books?  I wasn’t sure if The Hollows was included, since for this one they were excluding horror (mentioning King and where I’m often shelved) and paranormal romance (mentioning Charlaine Harris and Twilight, both of which I often use to try to describe my work.) But the Hollows has that bioengineered tomato that causes the end of the world (science) and it’s not romance or horror by a long shot, so I gave you the link and decided to let you and the contest chaperones decide.

Well . . . the Hollows made the cut for the final contest.  😉  (I feel like such a mongrel!)  It’s on the list right under the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, a very nice spot indeed.  The best part of the contest is that you can vote for ten books/series, so if you are so inclined to voice your opinion, here is the link! I already voted, and there was no need to fill out any form but the contest itself, so it’s painless.

Vote for Top-100 Science Fiction, Fantasy Titles : NPR

Work went pretty well for me yesterday despite a morning full of interruptions.  I finally got the house cleared out a little after one and burned through 16 pages of rough draft.  If I can do it again today, I will have the Meg novella done at a messy first draft by Thursday.  And believe me, it’s messy.  I’ve got one scene that might change completely once I get to the end and see what I need, and one logic issue that I’m questioning that might shift about 45 degrees from what it is now.  Messy, ugly, and full of promise.

Writing is not getting it down perfect the first time.  That limits you to one direction.  Write wide open, having a goal but one that can shift with tides of thought and winds of change.  (I think my deep set, hidden love for wind and sail is showing . . .)


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  1. Wow are you in some very good company. I grew up reading many of those titles. I’ve loved many of these books, especially yours.

    • Isn’t it very cool? I am excited to be there. Many of the were my favorites while growing up, and it feels good to know that I wasn’t the only one who they touched.

  2. Choosing was wayyyyy hard (except for the Hollows series, of course).

    I had to make hard choices to limit my select to just ten. Of course, everyone knows the authors who had the most ‘impact’ and who’ve been read the most (King, Shelly, etc.)

    I chose books that impacted my life the most, and funny, they weren’t the obvious choices.

    I, Robot by Asimov? That’s why I studied robotics in college.
    Stephenson and Gibson? That’s why I currently work in the virtual reality field.
    Hollows? That’s why I’m currently writing urban fantasy.

  3. Amanda in Tampa

    I voted!!!!

  4. Miss Harrison,
    I realize this is off the topic of your post (though I do intend to vote for your books) but this is the only way I could find to reach you besides facebook. I know you are very busy and get requests like this every day but I am an aspiring writer and I have a blog about writing. I was hoping you’d take a look at it-just a quick peek?- and tell me your thoughts or even give me something to write about on it. Maybe something you’ve been wanting people to address about writing. I would be honored and greatly appreciative!!

    • Tweeted your blog to my guys. We like newbie bloggers. One suggestion: break up your paragraphs – it’s easier on the eyes to read. Try to embed links on your blog to your previous posts if the ideas apply or continue the conversation regarding points of order. It makes for a stickier blog where people will spend more time reading you. It also temps people to bookmark you to get back to clicking links (LOL).

      When you post, always let your social media peeps know too. Just followed you so I can keep up and see what you’re doing. Nice post.

      Here’s my my 9:30 mini-rant for you to checkout on one of my blogs (which is very sticky – LOL)

    • This is indeed the best way to reach me, Kathryn, though I almost didn’t see your post as the link you put in bumped you into the spam folder.

      That’s wonderful that you have a writing blog. The topics are entirely up to you. I have a devil of a time coming up with stuff myself, so you are not alone.

      Continued success with it!

  5. We’re in Starbucks pimping votes for you and having mad fun sharing the link (LOL). Hope you win another slot. Enjoy your day, lovely. 😉

  6. Hmm. I’m having some comp issues with the voting, it won’t scroll for the whole list. Oh well… I will try again later. :/

    O I wish I knew how to link a picture on here to you. Yesterday we got a visit from a hawk. He decided to take a bath in the kiddy pool. I got as close as I comfortably could. Snapped a few pics and praised his beauty. He looked at me like I was interupting his leisure time to cool off. But I couldn’t help but stare.

    Your thoughts can bring lyrics into my head. STYX! – come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me! 😉

    • Voted! 🙂 **stupid VISTA** I need Windows7 pronto.

    • James R Fox

      Hi Lynn Its Jim From Warren-Take some advice,get IE 9, it’s very reliable *except* when you have a one lung phone co based in Louisiana like I do, so that the portal keeps cutting off.But then at my age 71, I’m lucky I remember what an Internet Portal even is. Seriously,everyone I’ve talked to says IE9 is way better.Hope this helpes,

    • Thanks Jim. I’ll check it out. Anything will be better then vista.. its caused way too many hassles for me. I keep saying I’ll upgrade.. but change seems to take some time with me in certain areas I guess. Either that.. or I like to complain. *blush

    • The hawk sounds lovely, Lynn! Unfortunately you can’t leave pictures here. You can at FB, though. If you drop it there, I’ll see it.

      Oooh, I like that song! 😉

  7. Voted….several times…;) off to spread the word!


  8. Stephenie

    I need to internalize you last paragraph and do that. Just write. I’m getting much better at that with my short stories, but as I work on my novel it’s so much harder… I think I’m going to make that the background on my phone… If it’s not too many characters.

    I just broke one of my cardinal book and Nook rules!! Rather than buy a series in order… I went out of it. I just bought Butcher’s latest novel and I don’t have the last five or six leading up to that… And… oh, how the gods of books will punish me… I bought it in Nook format, when all of my others are paperback!

    I have shamed myself, but I just couldn’t wait.

    • Every book is different, every writer is different. If you can find a dedicated fluidity, you are halfway there, Stephenie.

      I hope you enjoy Jim’s work. I sure do!

  9. Voting: done. Hard to pick just ten; so many good ones to choose besides your listing.

    Congrat’s on the page burning – it must feel good to get everything down on paper even if you know much of it will not make the final cuts.

  10. James Fox

    Hi Ms Kim It’s Jim from Warren I VOTED! Naturally I voted for you first,and then Hitch hikers Guide, You for the skill, Doug Adams for the humor(when he was on he was definitely the funniest of all SF writers. I mean who else would put the world in an asylum, and have the hero and his lady doing it on the wing of a 747.)Sounds like a great love song there,on the wings of love, you know.

  11. Maryellen

    I voted! 🙂

    Have nice day, Miss Kim. Here’s hoping the winds blow soft across your computer screen!

  12. Brennan Kingsland

    Oh, I was so happy to vote for the Hollows series. Looking at the list you are in company with some legends, like Ray Bradberry and Stephen Donaldson, not to mention Stephen King (who’s books I cannot read).
    You deserve all the acclaim you can get. Thank you for bringing Rachel, Jenks, et al into my life!!

    • Thanks, Brennan. I appreciate that! A bunch of my faves are there, too. I’m happy, happy, to see them all there and appreciated by so many other people.

  13. It is an incredible honor to be listed among those folk, the top of the top.
    I can’t vote. There is history, the past and the present. Too much is represented to have only 10 votes. Just being on the list has to feel incredible. Congrats!

    Looking at old blog entries, do you really think a good gardener doesn’t lose plants? I do more autopsy reports than you can imagine. If it doesn’t grow, you get something else that does, and share the plants that are doing a little too well.

    • It is an honor, Mud. I’m a happy camper.

      Mmmm, It’s a good thing I know what you do, or I’d be worried. -grin- I do have several rhodies that are doing extremely well. It’s frustrating at times.