An-n-n-n-nd it’s gone.

The last line of thunderstorms that came through last night took out our power.  We had a weird condition of a brown out where half the house worked at reduced power, half didn’t, until the electric company called and then they cut even that, so now we’ve got nothing.  I’ve got my laptop and internet card that I use while on tour, so I’m not completely dead in the water, but our house isn’t on the grid that’s hooked up to anything important, so it could be days.  Fortunately my mom lives ten minutes away and she has a generator.

The garden is looking great with all the rain, though.  Their generator is usually pretty reliable.

Work is going pretty good.  I think this short is going to be a good one.  I’ve already got three small pieces of non prose material to fit in, and when music shows up in my text, it’s a very good sign.  Today, I think I’ll write out some more dialog for chapter two before I get chapter one completely finished–since I can’t turn my work computer on  and dialog can be handwritten.


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  1. Victoria Eskey

    The first round of Camp NanNoWriMo is over! My story is still incomplete, but at 50,992 words, it’s the most I’ve written on a single story line! The second round is starting on Monday. I’m starting a brand new story, brand new genre. Instead of my attempt at fantasy, and saving the world from ‘eternal darkness’, I am now shooting for historical fiction/romance, with a very light hand on the historical part, hehe. 1852, Texas, love triangle…. I don’t want to bore you with my ramblings ^_^
    More on your topic, I’m sorry you lost power, but I am totally jealous of the rain. Love hearing about the progress on your short story/novella, and super excited some websites are offering the pre-order on A Perfect Blood!
    thanks for listening

  2. I’m curious about how long a short story usually is. Do you break the short up into several chapters? I’m afraid if I ever finish a story, it will have to be a short one. Are the new characters becoming a part of your family yet?

    • Hi Marsha. Mine are anywhere from six pages to 40, and I try to keep my short stories one chapter, but that’s just my style. Lots of authors have short stories that are broken up into chapters. My novellas tend to be 5-9 chapters, and usually encompass one to three days of time.

      New characters are still too new. I’d say we’re at the coffee and movie stage right now.

  3. Those thunderstorms weren’t good at all! I have some zucchini’s growing and with all the rain one of them just bulked up and became huge! Your pumpkin looks like it’s doing well though 🙂

  4. James R. fox

    Hi Ms Kim-It’s Jim from Warren-I forgot (again) with all the free dog power you have lying around and livin’large,You cou;d train them to run on a treadmill hooked to a generator.It could be small, just enough to power your PC. Or, you could breakdown and buy a small gasoline gen as long as it is properly vented. My parents had one out on the farm,and it was a lifesaver when they were in their 80’s.

  5. jkh

    Weh-heh-heh-ll, you’ve got a little punk on the vine! It will be fun to watch it grow up. And I absolutely do not envy you your power outages, thunderstorms of that magnitude, etc. It very, VERY rarely happens here in the Seattle area. We did have some thunder a few nights ago, middle of the night, from the sound of it that cloud-to-cloud type. The kitty was spooked.

    Glad to hear you have access to somebody’s house with full power. It gets really boring in about 8 hours…

    • I’ve been watching the pumpkins this year, yes, and having fun. ‘Course I had fun watching my pumpkins last year where I didn’t get anything. If at first you don’t succeed, add more compost.

  6. Power outages stink, especially if they go on for a while. But there is a certain quiet that comes with no electricity around you that cannot be duplicated. Enjoy the silence. Power up soon.

  7. OMG – that totally whomps. Hope they restore services soon. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend, gorgeous. May you have a fun adventure visiting with your peeps and may your black-out inspire more writing (LOL). 😉

    • We got power back before the end of the day, so there was no danger of losing food in the fridge and such. And the weekend was fabulous! Hope yours was too.

  8. Jade/Third Coast

    Thunderstorms. What I wouldn’t give right now for a huge line of thunderstorms. It is so dry around here we have been on water rationing for weeks with no end in sight. I am trying to do what little I can for the birdies and keep water in the bird bath at all times. I get a kick out of watching them giving themselves vigorous baths, splashing and wing flapping to get every nook and cranny wet. When this drought started the power lines would get salt in the air build up because there was no rain to wash it off. The build up would cause power outages. The power company finally started washing down the power lines, which helped a great deal. Now if only nature would help out and cooperate.

  9. Randy


    Sorry to hear you’ve been rendered powerless, but glad for the rain as well. My garden was also in need of a drink.

    If you’re interested, a pumpkin (or zucchini) blossom sandwich is something I treat myself to about once a year. As you know, the blossoms close up as the sun climbs, so you need to get out pretty early to harvest, and you only want the stem flowers, not the ones attached to immature fruit. Watch for bees. I trim the petals away from their base, rinse them, coat them lightly in flour, and then pan fry them in a little oil. Only a little oil, though, as the flowers are delicate and could easily be “drowned.” When they’re just starting to crisp up, lay them across a slice of your favorite buttered bread, hit them with a little salt and pepper, and there you have it – a yummy, beautiful brunch from you own garden.

    Happy writing, Randy

  10. Happy Friday!(Monday)!

    Do you still have Robins? 😉

    If all goes well, I’m going to see Cowboys & Aliens this afternoon. Afterwards, I’ll check out the Verizon store again. My contract is up for renewal in just 18 days. I’ll be getting my first smart phone and I’m obsessing over it like a kid waiting for Christmas. I’m even making up songs like “Droid to the World” and “The Droid is Mine”. I have it bad.


  11. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-I am going to buy a plot device and a Babel fish. That way I will be a world famous author who does his own translations. Gotta beat you some how.

  12. Omg. I have my bunny fingers crossed that u guys get ur power back on soon. Thank goodness ur mom is close and its not freezing temps. Sometimes the weather can get flat out crazy. Glad ur still moving right along with ur book. Hope u still have a great day.

    O my, I spy a wonderful punkin! Lookin good Kim! 🙂