Finally it rains . . .

Sorry for being so late in posting this A.M.  We had a continuous line of thunderstorms overtake us last night, and it rained for hours and hours, not keeping me awake, but making for a dim morning that failed to wake me as I try to get back on an east coast clock.  I generally pop back into the east coast time without problem because I love to go to bed early and waking up with the sun is what I do–but when it’s cloudy . . .  I sleep and dream.

So the yard is refreshed after two weeks of no rain, and everything is green and droopy with moisture.  My pumpkins are pumpkining, (Yay!) and my blueberries no longer look like blue raisins.  Best part is I’m going to write the first chapter of the Meg novella today, though it might end up being a novelette.

I ran into some trouble earlier this week trying to plot a prequel for a book I’d only sketched out, but a few things fell into place the more detailed I became with my chapter by chapter outline, and now it feels ready to work on.  Finding whose voice was going to narrate was the tipping point, and two days work all fell into place in a matter of an hour .  I’m finding that this seems to be my catch point in a lot of projects.  I have to know who’s speaking right from the first page, or nothing makes sense and I don’t know what to focus on.  But once I have that, I can go forward with a lot less preparation.

And so today, I start something new.  happy sigh  Down side is I’m starting with a prologue.  I hate prologues with a passion, but I’ll use ’em if they have good effect, and this one . . . works really, really well.


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  1. Ooooh I love when punkins are punkining. 😉 Can’t wait to see them in pics. Especially one or more for your Halloween event you do.

    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays since my mom didn’t let me celebrate it when I was a child. Little did she know that holding me back then, would only make me even more obsessed with the day now. ><

    Glad the sun allowed some time for dreaming. I like rising with the sun, but a day or two sleeping in, can be bliss.

    How do you come up with your character names? Are they by chance people who made an affect on you.. or perhaps you are just partial to the names….?

    • Hi Lynn.

      Character names! They come from everywhere. Kist’s came from the dictionary, Ceri from a baby site. Rachel and Newt from Blade Runner and Aliens. One constant to me picking out names is to pay very close attention to the starting letter. I don’t like having characters with the same first sound in the same chapter, which can be challenging. My exception is Jenks and his kids, which is my way of telling the reader that you really don’t have to remember his kid’s names–for the most part. I never pick names from people I know unless it is coincidence.

  2. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim It’s Jim from Warren-I did some creative writing today,wrote my Congressman and explained politely that he does not represent me currently and the way he is acting never will,I’ll vote for Smudge first,even though like all felines she doesn’t believe in government,just direct action. Kinda like Rachel and Ivy.

  3. suzannelazear

    Yay for new projects.

    So, where can I buy my own cabinet of awesome and can I use it to trap Shiny New Ideas bothering me during deadlines…

    Missy dug a new garden plot yesterday next to her mint forrest to plant more pumpkins. She pulled her kiddy pool up to it so she can watch them grow while she swims…

    ~Suzi and Missy, too

    • Office Depot. You have to special order it, and they bring it by freight truck. -grin-

      Very cool on the new garden plot!

      And I must share this about how authors get their ideas. I found it a week or so ago through Vicki Pettersson.

  4. Natasha

    Hey Miss Kim,
    I remember being in Cinnci quite a few years
    ago around Kentucky Derby time. One of the things I remember the most fondly were the insane magnitude of the thunderstorms. They are so beautiful, the sky looks like it rolls on forever. That’s one of the few downsides about California weather, the clouds may threaten to look like a good storm – but it just never has the balls!

  5. I don’t know where the cobwebs and fireflies came from, Kim. Honest. Rain is good. We could use some here; our monsoon season so far has brought clouds, humidity, and a little rain but not the buckets’ full we like to see.

    Voice is such a tricky little beast. Eventually, someone’s voice comes out stronger, though. Good luck with your current work in progress.

    • One more note about the cobwebs and fireflies connection: it happens sometimes. I’ll say or do or write something that zeros in on another person’s interest, problem, or need. In your case, Kim, I’m guessing that I’m destined to read more of your stunning work ;}

    • Rain is good, yes. So far, we’ve not gotten any flooding. 🙂

  6. Meg? Meg? I thought you had a Grace somewhere in there? *Shakes head confused*
    You got the storms that came through here, and thank goodness! My tomatoes were not happy and my pond and the dogs’ pool was home to baby ‘squeeters.

    Which reminds me: Can you explain voice? I thought I had it, understood it. Now I’m not quite sure. Short of going over to the English dept. and being poked fun at (not due to my lack of English skills, just because they know who I am), I thought perhaps you could share? (And this is closer than the English Dept.building…

    • Meg is my second idea, the one I’m working on first. Grace is . . . patient.

      Okay, voice. There is the writer’s voice, which can be very distinctive, so much so that they can be identified by it, or it can be more flexible, but still very much their own. It’s their word choice, their use of phrases, their pattern of laying down words within sentences, and sentences into paragraphs. Mine seems to be the more complex sentences at the beginning of a paragraph tapering down to one final thought that I end the paragraph with. Most times. -laugh-

      Character voice is similar, but it varies by the character, and we see it most clearly in dialog. Rachel swears differently from Jenks, and Trent uses bigger, more complex words.

      I probably should have said yesterday that I was trying to find my POV, not my character voice, though the two impact each other quite a bit.

      Hope that helps!

  7. Maryellen

    Finding the voice is imperative. it took me a very long time and many revisions to discover that my story would best be told in the first person. Once I had that, everything else magically fell into place.

    Have a lovely day, Miss Kim, despite the rain. I too despise prologues…. :/

  8. Hey Kim! I meant to message you earlier, but I’m finally getting myself together since Comic Con. Me and River are stoked that we’re on your photos page! Just to let you know, we DID manage to get our costumes together for Saturday:

    It even made the news which was even crazier, lol:

    As a seasoned con-goer in general, I cannot believe how much fun I had at that particular con. It was so much fun to meet you and everyone else and I cannot wait to go back. I hope you can go again too. Oh, and another ridiculously amazing highlight was that we randomly ended up getting a picture with our huge crush, Manu Bennett (aka Crixus from Spartacus). I yelled his name from the floor and they looked at us:

    And then he signaled for us to come over and get a pic (which he took himself with *my* camera):

    It was just an overload of fun, I swear. And I now understand why people love it so much.

  9. Mark

    Kim, just out of curiosity, what is the difference between a novelette and a novella? 20 pages?


    • Hi Mark.
      Novelettes are between 7500 and 17,499 words.
      Novellas, are between 17,499 and 40,000 words.
      Novels are greater than 40,000 words.

      But the definition will vary.