And so summer begins (for me)

When I was a kid before HS and a summer job, summer for me meant uninterrupted reading, and usually for the first week, I could be found with a stack of books in the sun or shade, re-reading a series, one right after another, like popcorn.  I liked re-reading as much as a first run through, unaware at the time that I was picking up a hundred different techniques and skills from vocabulary, pacing, sentence structure, character development, foreshadowing techniques and who knows whatnot.  I still tell people who want to write for a living to read a lot, especially if they’re younger and have more free time.

The summer seemed to stretch for ages those first few days, and though I know the next six weeks are going to fly by, I have that feeling again today as I FINALLY sit down at my desk with no page proofs, no rewrites, no NOTHING that is going to come plopping down to distract me, and I can sit with my pile of ideas and chew through them like popcorn.  I’ve got the month of August to write two novellas, and if I don’t dally, I can do it.  The best part is that they aren’t Hollows related, but something from my “cabinet of awesomeness” that have been sitting for years as I work on other things.

It’s been ages and ages since I wrote anything with this amount of freedom, and it feels like summer.


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  1. Stephenie

    Congrats Kim! As much as I love the Hollows I know how exciting it is to chew on new ideas… In fact I think I love it too much. 😀 I can’t wait to see what comes out of your ‘cabinet!”

    • -grin- Me either, Stephenie. I love writing the Hollows, but sometimes, you gotta do something different so that you have something new to talk about.

  2. AKR (Trinidad)

    Wow …. lol you’re opening the “cabinet of awesomeness” ….
    That’s absolutely wonderful …. *grin grin*
    I tip my hat and wait with baited breath … lol
    Hmmm wait a minute ….
    How many years would that be ….?? lol

    Have a great time doing it Ms Harrison …

    AKR (Trinidad)

  3. Victoria Eskey

    when I was a kid (whether I am still one is debatable ^_^) my summers were spent at my granma’s house. and yes I was a fanatical reader too! It’s super exciting to read about the “new” stuff, is this Meg? or Grace? it’s bittersweet to know the hollows novels will eventually end, but the characters (especially Ally Cakes) will NOT end, they are far too loved.
    I’m chugging along on my NaNoWriMo novella!! Some parts are super ugly, some parts are exactly how I want them, and some parts are just to get words on the page! I “wrote myself into a corner” and I’m struggling to find my way out…..
    Have fun in the cabinet of awesomeness, because if you’re entertained, then we most definately will be

    • Hi Victoria. I’m working on Meg for a few weeks, then Grace. Meg is killing me softly, and I have to do her first.

      That’s great you’re moving forward on your own work! You sound like you’re having a good time with it. 🙂

  4. Tina~WI

    How hard is it to keep it fresh? By ‘fresh’ I mean writing about the same characters for several years, like the Hollows (My FAVORITE SERIES by the way). I don’t want you to get board! But it must be difficult, or am I wrong. I’m ok being wrong, just so you know.

    • Tina~WI

      Sorry! To clerify why I am asking is because of your comment about the ‘cabinet of awesomeness’. Is this how you keep from getting board with a series?

    • Hi Tina. It’s not hard for me to keep it fresh in the Hollows because it’s very character oriented and people are always changing. But I’m getting fatigued with writing in the same way, same voice, same pattern of pacing and balance. I want to try writing a different way for a time, and for that, I need to step outside Rachel’s voice and world.

      The thing about a cabinet of awesomeness is that you have to put the awesome things in there before you can take them back out. -laugh-

  5. Summer. Popsicles melt down twin sticks, turning fingers and tongues blue and cherry and lime; watermelon slices quench a late afternoon thirst for sweet and wet; daydreams run rampant as I wait for the evening cool to arrive.

    Happy summer, Kim. May your cabinet of awesomeness never rattle empty. Embrace the cobwebs and dance with the fireflies.

  6. Short response today. Summer is a beautiful, beautiful concept as you describe it. Enjoy it as much as you can. I know I envy you.

  7. Natasha

    Hi Miss Kim it’s Natasha from San Diego.
    I’m sure coming off the high of comic con will only add to your creativity!
    It was so great to meet you again, I loved the spotlight session even with the pixie invasion. It was also great to meet “Guy”, what a gem, you are one lucky lady! When I read the dedications in your books it will make me go “aaahhh” even more. I an kicking myself about the Sunday signing though, my brain was mush by that point and I was kind of dreading bringing the kids by myself and in my addled state I misread the time and completely missed you. I really wanted to get a picture with you, Salem and Dino, they were so cute Salem was dressed as Wonder Woman and Dino was Robin, Grrrr! Hopefully next year.
    I did stop by and chat with Sherrilyn Kenyon who gave Salem some great advice on why brothers are better than sisters (they don’t play with your dolls!).
    Finally, how cool is Steampunk! I finally have a name for a style I’ve always loved.
    Thanks Miss Kim.

    • Natasha! Good to hear from you. Wasn’t Comic Con wild? I loved seeing more steam punk. Someone told me that Steam Punk is what happens when Goths discover tweed. -grin-

      I’m so sorry you missed the Sunday signing. It was slow, slow, slow! I wasn’t even listed as a signer on some of the event schedules, but I think the real reason was it was the last day, the last hour kind of a thing and everyone was going home.

      Maybe next time. And you can always send me a picture for the Halloween costume contest!

  8. Hello and happy summer writings,

    I cannot wait to see what comes out of your “cabinet of awesomeness”.

    I wanted to let you know also, I was singing your praises today not only as an author, but as a teacher. It’s all here to hopefully brighten your day at

    Truly, thank you for all your work not only to your fans, but to those who read you daily to learn from you as well.

    • Thank you, Courtney! I really appreciate that! I’m so glad that you are getting something useful from my daily ramblings. Somedays are better than others . . . -laugh-

      Keep on writing!

  9. James R. Fox

    Hi again Ms Kim-I totally forgot-I believe Freyja the cat Is an Inderlander, notice the vaguely oriental eyes,the swift smooth movements at blinding speeds-This is Rynn Cormel’s house cat for sure! I wonder if she considers mice and rats to be”furry blood bags?”
    Sorry about the forgetting,bad day on the cerebral atropy.

  10. Randy

    Happy summer, Ma’am,

    It’s interesting timing that your summer’s begun on the first day in weeks that it’s not roasting ’round here. Good luck with your new projects. I hope they take you off in some wonderfully unexpected directions. I love it when that happens! And I hope you still find a little time for recreational reading, just like in your summers of old.

    Wishing you peace and inspiration, Randy

    • Thank you, Randy. You’d think that a published writer gets to write all day, but that’s not the truth anymore. So much promotion goes along with it that the best days are the ones where I can just sit . . . and write.

  11. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim It’s Jim from Warren-how wonderfull and awesome for you! Yippee and a happy hobble on the walker for you!

  12. Looking forward to some more Kimi Awesomeness. 😉

  13. suzannelazear

    “cabinet of awesomeness”, I love that!

    I’m madly trying to work through my deadlines so Missy (she says she’s too old to be the tot, sniff) and I can enjoy our summer vacation we have coming up. She was planting pumpkins in her garden yesterday, which made me think of you.


    ~Suzi and Missy/the tot, too

    • I really do have a cabinet where I put everything. It’s got an empty spot right now since I moved PALE DEMON, THE HOLLOWS INSIDER, and BLOOD WORK into storage, but it will fill right back up again this winter when I write the next Hollows book.

      Good luck with the pumpkins! Mine are much better this year after adding a lot of compost.

  14. Chelikins

    Would love to peek in your “cabinet of awesomeness”! but will wait and see what lovely things you bring out to play with. Glad Comic Con was fun!

    • It’s full of colors, Chelikins. A new color for every project. The only thing I keep from past projects in there are the contracts, notes and “adoption papers”, stuff that is irreplaceable. But a good half of it is for projects not on the shelf yet and some that haven’t been written.

  15. Maryellen

    YES! 🙂 <–(happy face needs to be much bigger)

    Miss Kim's "Cabinet of Awesomeness"….what a great place to be!

  16. What’s that saying?.. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

    I love the Hollow’s, and will be very sad when the last two are said and done. But I’m sure that whatever you have in your ‘cabinet of awesomeness’ will be a delight for us to eat up. And I can only imagine starting something that has been put aside for so long. It will be a bit of fresh air with your summer sun.

    I just want shelves and shelves of your work lol. Your my favorite author. So keep ’em coming and I’ll keep buying 🙂 them up.

    • I’m not afraid of ending the Hollows, Lynn. It’s going to be a happy ending, and for me, the characters never really stop having adventures, I just stop writing about them because I know that whatever they might run into, they have what they need to survive. Rachel is almost there, and I can walk away happy from her when she finds it. I hope it’s a good ending for you, too.

      It feels good to be working with something new. I’m a bit rusty, though.

  17. Marsha

    I can’t wait to see what kind of world you will build for us next. No doubt I’ll love the new inhabitants.

  18. Howdy ma’am,

    I second the whole “cabinet of awesomeness” thing. I am really excited about seeing/reading what you’ve been keeping in there.

    Glad yo liked the Inderland Cat. I saw that and my first thought was of you. 🙂


  19. Jenny

    Just the phrase “cabinet of awesomeness” is , well… awesome . Looking forward to seeing what comes out .Enjoy your summmer.:)

    • -grin- Thanks, Jenny. I’m very eager to see what I can do over the next couple of weeks, myself. I’m a bit rusty. Maybe more tea will grease the wheels . . .