Comic Con page/picture at website

Yes . . . I know.  -sigh-  I said I wasn’t going to post this week.  But . . .

I’ve got some pictures from Comic Con to share, and they are at the website.  Comic Con, San Diego 1211





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8 responses to “Comic Con page/picture at website

  1. Awesome! You look great Kim. LOVIN the pics! Ha!.. Your with WOW night elfs. 🙂 You even mentioned WOW in your Madison Avery series. Do you or Guy and your boys play? I met my boyfriend through that game. LOL. Who needs dating sites when you can meet a nice fella killing horde 😉 Keep having fun!

    • Thanks, Lynn. I’ve been trying to tone up all winter. 🙂

      Thing one and Two played for a while, yes. Very cool about meeting your boyfriend that way!

  2. Victoria Eskey

    I love alll of the photos! and I’m excited you are(n’t) posting this week! hahaha! wish I could be there

  3. So, are you having fun yet? You look even smaller than the last time I saw you. 🙂


  4. Randy Andrews

    Congrats on what appears to have been an incredible reception. The fruits of you labor clearly evidenced – awesome!