Getting ready to get ‘er done.

I put in some hours at the desk this weekend so that I’d have a clean one for this week out in San Diego.  It’s harder to admire the costumes and have fan-girl moments when you know there’s work waiting for you when you get home.  I would even dare say that I might call it a vacation of sorts.  And we’re leaving at a good time too.  It’s supposed to be nasty all week in MI, and in San Diego, it’s always 74 and sunny.  -grin-

So I’ll be watering my new plants heavy over the next couple of days to get them through the span I’m gone.  My folks will be watching the garden and puppies, so I know everything is in good hands.  I’m going to lose one Rhodie, though.  I swear, the things are inbred so far that they die for no apparent reason.

Here’s a shot of something I’m kind of proud of.  It’s a common day lily, rescued almost fifteen years ago from a gully next to my house.  I took three or four slips and babied them until I had a nice showing.  Then we moved, and I took a clump or two with me–babied them along as well until I had a massive showing.  Then we moved again.  This time, I took the thinnings of my established bed, not expecting anything to flower this year, but bang!  I did get a few.

What I like about this plant, other than I’ve had it in three incarnations over fifteen years, is that it’s a double maybe a triple, meaning that it’s got two or three times the normal chromosome count.  (Mud, some help here.  I’ve not had a Biology class in almost two decades.)  Plants, unlike people, can do that.  -grin-  That’s why it’s got three sets of petals.  From a ditch.  In the middle of a field.  Go figure.


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  1. Hey Kim! Oh well, anyway I am a bit crazy right now since I have a few finishing touches on my costume for the con as well as figuring out packing. I always get nervous that I’ll forget something. I’m going to be donning my runner up costume from your Halloween contest that Thursday, so I’ll definitely be at that signing!

    As for our major Friday/Saturday costume. It’s probably gonna take closer to 3 hours to get into instead of 2. We’ll be up at 6am every morning. So much for a “vacation” but there’s no turning back now! See you Thursday!

  2. Jenn

    Hi Kim! I’m glad that you had such a productive weekend. Oh! I liked watching the video of you from yesterdays post lol.
    I have 2 big plots of ditch lilies & they keep threatening to take over my whoe garden!

  3. Maryellen

    How lovely! You must have a gift for plants, Miss Kim. I always kill mine unless they’re lucky enough to live outside. Plants and I just can’t seem to come to an understanding… :/

    Have a nice day and enjoy the conference!

  4. roxy from tn

    Beautiful!! I can’t decide if I love your posts or photos more!!!
    Your posts are like a daily call from a chummy friend!!!
    Plus getting insights from a favorite author!!!

    Have a great time in San Diego!!!
    Roxy in TN

  5. That is a very beautiful lily. It’s amazing to me how they pop up in all of the ditches and gulleys down here.

  6. Theresa

    Okay so I have one more babysitting job to do before I will have enough money to buy Blood Work I am soooo excited I can’t wait to read it! 😀 Oh and what a beautiful lily! Also do you have any tips on growing orchids because mine only flowered once and the lonely green leaves are looking quite drab next to my african violet. I hope you have fun in San Diego!!!!

    • Hi Theresa. You might try giving it a slightly more sunny window. They can flower once every year, but mine flower about every third.

      And thank you!

  7. The flower is gorgeous – how fun that you moved a part of it with you.

  8. James Fox

    Hi Ms Kim It’s Jim from Warren again. I now have 2 copies of Blood Work, and will auction one off, for your eldest daughter(no hotties in my retirement village).I forgot I had pre-ordered it and pre-ordered it again when I pre-ordered The Hollows insider(damn cerebral atrophy again). Sorry about the spoiler guys, I thought everyone here pre-ordered like I did. Does anyone know if cerebral atrophy is catching?

  9. Ut oh. You asked me about my favorite subject, genetics. You may not have wanted to do that.

    That is not a tetraploid, or 4 X the chromosome count. The newer daylilies are, giving them increase substance (a thicker flower) and disease resistance.

    However, it is a wonderful mutation called a homeotic mutation, that changes the growth pattern of the individual. It is triploid, with three times the chromosome count.Plants, unlike animals, are far more likely to have mutations and survive. Animals have a pesky central nervous system. Anything that affects it’s function kills the animal.

    Because plants like your daylily are clonal, any mutation is carried to the next plant. Doubles are generally sterile, the anthers often become the extra petals.

    This is how new plant varieties can be developed, either by plant breeding, or by finding a mutation (like yours) multiplying it by grafting or cutting or dividing, and then selling it (patenting it first).

    It’s gorgeous. Very clean looking.

    As to your Rhodie. First year watering is weird. If the soil is clay and you only amend enough to plant the plant, you’ve made a pot and the water will just pool at the bottom rotting the fragile roots. They require acid additions and are susceptible to a few diseases, often when they have trouble making it through a winter.

    Too much. Have fun in San Diego. I will not be thinking fond thoughts of any of my Callie friends as the greenhouses will be sweltering. Due to the fact we’re on a lake, there is no cooling system other than opening the vents.

    Take many pictures for your loyal readers 🙂

    • Ssshhhoooop. That’s the sound of everything you just said going over my head : ). All I see is a very pretty lily. I’m sure glad I know who to ask for help Mud.

    • So much for my vaunted ability to make science into English. *Sigh* I’ll go back to listening to a Discover of Witches.

    • Very interesting Mud. Thanks for the info. I love learning new stuff.

    • Thanks, Mud. I was wondering if I might have overwatered it. I’ve got them all in sandy soil that I amended vigorously with peat moss, but I think I soaked them, worried about too much sun.

  10. Stunning lily. It’s lovely, thank you for sharing.

  11. Wow that flower has more layers then an onion!… well maybe not, but holy cow that is cool. I love the background you and the flower share. It’s beautiful Kim. Have an amazing time in Cali. So wishing I could be there.

  12. Kim-

    Great work with the gardening! The lily is gorgeous.

    Glad you were able to get some work done this weekend. You’re going to be able to have a great time at the convention, and enjoying all aspects of your work is what it’s all about, right? 🙂

    I got most of my homework goal done this weekend. I was hoping to get a paper finished that is due Wednesday, but unfortunately I had to take a sanity break and recharge. I have class tonight, so that paper will get crammed into Tuesday night. Ick.

    Have a great week! We’ll be sweltering here in Indy thinking of you. 🙂

  13. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-Its Jim from Warren-I am totally Crazed about Blood Work, so you may get a visit from the local social worker for the aged,(who is a toughie,always checking on me), because I have changed the note on my door to Kim Harrison drove me nuts.Anent the plant,It strikes me as a mutant from outer space a la Little Shop of Horrers. so if the pups or your mom turn up missing, you know who to blame. Hey, I noticed that Rachel found an excuse to make-out with Ivy after 2(?) days on the job.(solom female voice” ït’s the job,not the vamp”)

  14. Howdy ma’am,

    That’s very cool about your flower. I guess it adds a whole new meaning to putting down roots. 🙂

    I hope you guys have a really great time in Dan Diego. Years ago, I was sent to a Navy school at NAS Coronado. On one of my many sight seeing trips, I rode my motorcycle to the Point Loma Light House. On the way there, I noticed the road going up the hill branched off so I followed it. Guess what I found…it was the place where the Navy keeps the sea mammals they work with! I couldn’t get in but it was a very interesting find.

    That was over 30 years ago. I don’t know if it’s still there. PL Lighthouse was a great place too.