One more time . . .

Those of you who have been keeping up with me lately know that I have a robin nesting on my front porch.  Their first nest had four eggs from which we got two babies, and ultimately one fledged.  A few weeks ago I mentioned that they were starting their second nest already, and they have been sitting on four slightly larger eggs until today.  I had a feeling they were close, (which is why I took a shot on Monday) and when momma robin left this morning, I ran out and got a snapshot hoping to find an ugly new-hatch.  I never know what she’s sitting on until I stand on tiptoe and hold the camera over my head and take the shot, and though it’s hard to tell, but there are two there, resting their heads on their as-yet unhatched siblings.  (Go robins!)

I won’t be taking anymore pictures inside the nest, but it won’t be long until they are poking their heads up and begging for food.

Also, I have a link for those of you who have a question you are dying to ask but can’t quite bring yourself to post.  Shawn, who is going to interview me at Comic Con, has opened up a page for you to drop your questions in.  It’s going to be a video interview, I think, so you might get a bit more of an answer from my face than you ever would from my words.

And for those of you who are going to Comic Con, here is my schedule.  I’d like to point out that the Harper booth signing on Friday at 2:30-3:30 is Special Limited Edition Hollows Insider Poster signing.  Dude, it glows in the dark.  -grin-


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  1. That lil one looks like its wearing all kinds of blue eye shadow and teased its hair out. 80’s fan perhaps? So happy your going to the big comic con. If I had planned my vacations out better I coud be seeing and meeting u! But alas, I can only hope that this being ur first, will not be ur last.. ? Do tell 😉 Very interested in the Q&A interview. How thoughtful of u to allow us fans not there to still get our fix. If ur gonna do another con my bf and I would gladly attend. We are big fans of urs and we’ve been wanting to go for awhile now since we are avid nerd gamer superhero junkies. Have a blast in Cali 😉 (que in beach boys “california girls”)

  2. Awwwww… that is just sooooo cool. I hope the other two babies hatch okay. 🙂

    Very excited about you at Comic Con. Looking forward to watching Shawn’s interview of you. Going to go check out the question link. Have fun in CA! 😉

  3. James Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-It’s Jim from Warren,First, a word of warning-“Watch out for those dinosaurs” (birds are the last remnent of the dinos,according to the latest research,T.Rex has 100 points of similarity to a Chicken!)Thats Cladistics type speciesization,HoooHa! As you may have noticed Blood Work got here, along with Ünbound”I am also re-reading all your books, so I have my Kim Harrison made me do it”note pinned to the front door and Smudge is out trying on new hats for the funeral,so you can expect the S.W.A.T. team shortly.

    • OMGosh, Jim, I’ve heard that before, and boy do I believe it. I’m always looking for pterodactyls when I sit outside. -grin-

      Hope you enjoy the reads!

  4. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! We had a few birdies of our own leave the nest a week or so ago. I was pretty happy that the pups didn’t bother them. The squirrels seem to keep them plenty busy. 🙂 So sad I can’t make it to Comic Con…always been on my list of things I want to attend. Is this your first time going?~Indy

  5. Horray for the robins! Man, those are some ugly babies though. 🙂 I’m glad they improved their success rate this go around. Maybe they’ll get all 4 hatched and begging for food!

    Still no sign of the graphic novel, but I’m patient. School has hit the “it’s the last 3 weeks, let’s all throw papers at the students at once so they can fail” stage, so I’m going to be way stressed and busy the next couple of weeks.

    Then it’s off to GenCon!! I cannot wait. I hope someday you get to come, though I understand it’s a bit out of the writing loop. They do have lots of seminars there about writing though, so maybe.

    I sat down last night and forced myself to write. It was… rough. I cannot recall a time I had so much trouble starting. But then again, it’s been a long time, and I’m putting too much pressure on myself. I’m going to revisit it tonight and see what I can do.

    • That’s great you forced yourself to sit and write. Sometimes, that’s what it takes to get started. This stuff ain’t easy. -laugh-

      Have fun at the con!

  6. Howdy ma’am,

    From the sound of your reply, you seem to have a very well stocked Home Depot in your head. 🙂

    If the Robins nest there next year, maybe you could mount a web cam up there and send out a live feed.

    Yesterday it rained briefly as if to say, “There, that’s what rain looks like! Don’t get used to it.”

    I am back on my Chicken and Rice, Diet Dr. Pepper Diet. Before I stopped using it, I got down to 275…for about 15 minutes! That was nearly a 40lb loss. I hit 290 Monday so it’s back to the diet time.

    I’d like to take up walking. It’s so hot out and there’s so much smoke from the wild fires around here that I can barely make it to the mail box. At 10:00 last night, it was still over 90.

    Have fun at the ComiCon. There is so much going on there. I’d love to go some day.


    • jkh

      My darling Vampy, your chicken + rice + diet Dr Pepper diet leaves a little bit to be desired. Let’s try this one: (1) Use a luncheon-size plate (2) fill 1/2 of it with cooked or raw vegetables–lots of colors (3) fill 1/4 of it with low-fat chicken or fish (4) try whole-grain carbs such as multigrain bread for the last 1/4 of your plate (5) switch to iced tea with a bit of lemon and sweetened with stevia, plus pure cold water every other glassful. Have some fresh fruit every now and then. Eat a planned, small meal 4 times a day. Walking is a good idea, but maybe in a gym or other air-filtered, air-conditioned area would be best right now.

    • Well my chicken and rice also has mixed veggies, a whole Vidalia onion chopped into it with fresh green peppers and fresh jalapenos. I do like unsweet tea and drink it by the galleon when I go out. I also have a Brita filtered container that holds about 3.5 gal of fresh clean water that I drink a lot of.

      Aside from being extremely lazy, I also have arthritis in my neck and spine so even the smallest bump or jolt is very painful to me. Walking is OK if I don’t step into a pot hole or of a curb unexpectedly.

      Blood Work arrived at last(A reminder to why I got a Kindle, I hate waiting for books in the mail) and I loved it. It was way better than I could have hoped for. It truly is the next best thing to an actual movie. Thanks for an excellent change of pace Kim.


    • …oh forgot fresh chopped mush rooms

    • The home improvement store is my toy store. That’s all I’m saying.

      Good job in the diet modification. I’ve been trying to adjust my eating now for a good ten years, and it’s not easy. I’ve got a new “rule” I’m trying out, which is I don’t eat sweets unless I bake ’em myself. So far, so good. -laugh-

      I’m so glad you liked BLOOD WORK! Thanks. It was a real adjustment to work within a framework I wasn’t familiar with, but I’m happy with the results. (120 words to a page?!? yikes!)

  7. NickinColoma

    Hey Kim, I got my mug yesterday and congrats to you and Guy. The mug is better looking in person.— cheers Nick

  8. Good morning, Kim. Super cool about the robins! I’ve never seen them newly hatched in real life. I just wish the birds would stop treating my black car is their personal outhouse this year, lol. Every morning I have several new “surprises” when I leave out for work. Not a good look for a sexy sportscar >_>.

    Anyway, in terms of your Thursday and Friday signings for Comic Con, for those of us who may not be able to make the panel will we be able to ask you a couple of questions at those times as well? Will there be photo ops too?

    And for the panel, can we only submit questions to Shawn or will it be an open mic opportunity of sorts for those of us in attendance?

    • Oh, ouch. Sorry about the bird spots. How annoying!

      I’m not sure if there will be time for questions or signing ops. I’ll have to see how it goes at each individual site. I want to give you your fair share of time, but if the lines are long . . . (shrug) I will do my best.

      I will have about 20 minutes at my spotlight panel set aside for questions, yes. Not sure how they will work it on the joint panels, probably, but with more of us up there, chances are smaller you’ll get to ask your question.

  9. Michelle M

    Is there going to be a way, that those of us who can’t make it to Comic Con, to get a poster?