Release Day

That’s right!  It’s Tuesday, and all across the US, a handful of authors are grinning ear to ear, waking up with the words on their lips, “It’s out today.”

This time, it’s my turn, as Blood Work finally hits the shelf.  This has been a labor of love for me, and I put a lot into it, trying on a new tool belt in more ways than one.  I could not have done it without the patience and even hand of my editor at Del Rey, Betsy Mitchell.  (If you’ve not seen it, I’ve got a page at the website on “the making of”.)  We are already applying ourselves for the sequel, so there will be at least two stories from Ivy’s POV.  It was a wonderful chance to see things from her direction, and if you are a fan of hers, you might want to pick it up and give it a glance.  If you’re looking for it on a real shelf, you will find it in the graphic novel section most likely.  If you’re looking for it online, I’ve got a couple of sources here:

Barnes and Noble
Indi Bound Books 
Kim’s books at Del Rey 
Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego
Borderlands in San Francisco
Rendezvous – The Romance Bookstore  Australian outlet to help curb the shipping cost.
Infinitas Bookshop – science fiction, fantasy and horror booksAnother outlet in Australia.
SFBC (The Science Fiction Book Club)

Today is the last day to enter for the boots on the cover that my editor at Del Rey is giving away.  Five runner up’s will receive a signed copy.  Signed copies are also available to win at the blog tour posts.  (I’ve got them on yesterday’s post if you’ve not entered yet.)  But today, I’ve got a short interview with Shawn over at suvudu.  Five-Questions

Me?  As exciting at today is, it is a work day for me, and I’ll be sitting at my desk pushing through the second editorial rewrite of A PERFECT BLOOD.  I was expecting this second rewrite since I made so many major changes in it the first time.  But yes, it is stronger, whether you like what happens or not.  -grin-  I swear, the most interesting things happen in the editorial rewrite. . .


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53 responses to “Release Day

  1. 11 AM… Can’t wait. Will be locked away reading this puppy today. Can you say heart palpitations? (LOL) 🙂

  2. Tracey P.

    Blood Works is fantastic! You should have started writing graphic novels years ago. Can’t wait for number two. 🙂

  3. AKR (Trinidad)

    Yayy … it was shipped ….
    Not long again for me ….
    Talk about delayed gratification ….
    Wait wait wait til its released …. wait wait wait til it actually comes …!!

    But it’s worth every single second …!!!

    I can’t wait to see it … hold it … own it …!!!
    Lap up every morsel of excellence …… Hmmm 🙂

    AKR (Trinidad)

  4. Robin

    I was also an Amazon preorder so I’m hoping when I race home my copy is there. Off topic, and maybe already brought up and I missed, (I do have to work SOME of the time I’m here), but Dr. Who Matt Smith and Karen Gillian are also going to be at Comic-Con. I want to see Kim talking to both of them. If you get to you must get a pic to post. Please please please please please please.

  5. jkh

    My copy of Blood Work arrived today! I had ordered it months ago from Amazon, because I got such a deal…Maybe because I live in Seattle (home of Amazon) I got it today; it must have been packaged and ready to go yesterday to get through the distribution already. I’m so thrilled! The teasers (um, previews?) have been great, but just a little hard to see detail on my 12-inch laptop screen. I suppose I’ll be devouring Blood Work in short order…

  6. Grats on your release Kim! w00t 😀

  7. Indy

    Happy Release Day!!! Amazon will be hearing from me shortly. 🙂 ~Indy

  8. Lesley

    Yay! Something to look forward to grabbing in the bookstore tomorrow! It looks great. And of course, we’re all slavering for hints about the rewrites!
    Ugh, so what do you do on a day where everything you write is just simply awful? I’m not even treading water, I’m churning up mud and polluting the pond. Wah! Any authorly advice?

    • Hi Lesley. I just keep putting mud on the page, knowing that when I go back, it won’t look nearly as ugly. It never does. Relax, keep moving forward. You’ve got tons of time to go back when you get that first rough draft done.

  9. Bought a copy of Blood Work today at Barnes and Noble. The cover is great, the artwork wonderful, the story is perfect, I’m loving it. Okay I’ll stop gushing for the moment. 🙂

    It’s fun to see the characters from the books instead of just imagining how they look.

    And as a plus – my son glanced through the book and now he wants to go see what other ones are at the bookstore. Who new it would take a graphic novel to make him look twice at a book. lol Hmm maybe school text books should be in graphic novel form.

    • OMGosh, that is totally fabulous about your son, Joelle. Fingers crossed for you. What a wonderful feeling for you, opening up the library doors for your son, (so to speak)

  10. Got my copy of Blood Work during my lunch break today! Now it’s sitting here staring at me while I have to work and can’t read it yet! **crying** 😦

    But as soon as a get a chance to sneak it in I am so on it!

    Congrats on the new release and can’t wait to read A Perfect Blood and the Hollows Insider.

  11. NickinColoma

    Hey Kim,
    Congrats on the release. Read it right after I picked it up. Hope you avoided any of the storms we got on my side of the state.We just got power back as I write this. Cheers Nick

  12. Gail S

    Congratulations on the release of Blood Work! My copy should be winging its way to me as I type 🙂

    Bask in the glow of a new release today!

  13. Sara

    Yay!! Mine will be here whenever UPS decides to show up. Congrats on another, Kim!

  14. I’m leaving this page until my copy arrives. It’s full of sated fans and spoilers. I feel left out.

    • jkh

      Aw, hon, sorry…I didn’t let go of any spoilers, and I think we’ve all been pretty careful not to tip our cards. And sated? I’m not! There’s always just one more book…

    • I don’t blame you, Ezgi. I’ve got a spoiler page up, but sometimes, readers don’t see it.

  15. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-It’s Jim from Warren.I told you I have been re-reading your books, and I have gotten to the scene where Ivy,carrying her sword, asks Rachel if she can borrow some Stakes, (Not steaks,those are for vegitable vamps and are driven through the stamen )I had an intense memory of the sword she got from Piscary,by hook or crook, that is the masterpiece by Samonji first pupil of Masamune,that grand swordmaster of Imperial Japan who perfected the Soshu style of blade smithing in the 1300’s.You may see it on page 158-9 in a book called Swords and Hilt Weapons in the chapt on Japanese Blades. It is a perfect sculpture in midnight blue steel flecked with sky-blue stars riding over a blue sea,all heat treated and tempered in one go. Ask one of your local swordmakers how easy that is. (Swords are still made by hand)The Japanese claim you can get the big O slicing someone’s head off with one of these. I know Ivy was going to ask serious questions about Kist, and she wanted to encourager les autres as Voltaire put it in Candide.(My deslexia is even worse in French than it is in English, its seriously taken me an hour to get this far. I also can’t read Voltaire,Flaubert,Villion or Baudelaire in the original anymore,and if you think Flowers Of Evil works in English, It Don’T). If this vision doesn,t work for you, that’s cool,I think it fits the books and Ivy in Blood Work
    Also,(happy voice) that is so cool on the pumpkins and Robins. We will expect a pumpkin pie untouched by Guy,Thing one OR Thing two (My Mom always had to stiff arm us off the dessert untill after supper.Hers was cream cheese chocolate cake.)

  16. Lucas

    Mine should be arriving along with A Dance with Dragons today. ADWD is going to have to wait, Blood Work first!

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  18. Lindsey Hoffman

    Hey Kim,
    Totally loved Blood Work and I cant wait until A Perfect Blood comes out. I have a feeling that you’re right about some of us not liking what’s gonna happen in it, but I have faith that you’ll do whats best and inevitably give all us devoted fans closure when all is said and done.

    • I never know what’s going to happen until after that editorial edit. It’s more fun for me that way. I’m so glad you liked Blood Work. Thank you!

  19. Hey Kim! Can’t wait to get my copy. I had it preordered from Amazon, so it should be here any day now. I’m excited for my belated birthday present. 🙂

    I’m having trouble getting started with my writing, unfortunately. I have so much detail in the world I want to write about, but I find myself coming up with excuses to not sit down and actually START. I’m pretty busy, and I’m finding that when I’m supposed to be doing work (at my job) or homework (at home or school), that is when I want to write. But when I’m done and can actually concentrate on it, I make up an excuse and go do something else. 😦 I’m so disappointed in myself. Hopefully recognizing the issue will help me address it.

    Good luck with your work day. I can’t wait to see the results of your rewrite. 🙂

    • Cool! Hope you get your copy soon, Greg.

      I know the feeling of procrastination. I don’t have 12 boxes of color coded paperclips and binder clips for nothing. (So embarrassing)

  20. Happy Day! The sun is shining. The little pumpkins are growing. The robins are nesting and Blood Work has been releasd up on an unsuspecting world. What could go wrong? {evil laughter echoes}

    Hopr you have a great day.


  21. Yay release day! Mine should be at my door step when I get home!

  22. Maryellen

    Congratulations on your new baby, Miss Kim! I will definitely pick up a copy- can’t wait to get myself to a bookstore. Tomorrow perhaps- (my “Thing One and Only” had his wisdom teeth out yesterday, so I’m camping here at home and tossing pain meds in his direction every four to six hours.)

    Have fun on your rewrite! 🙂

  23. Congrats on the release. I pre-ordered it and Borders shipped it today, so I definitely should get it in time for Comic Con, even if I have to read it on the lengthy plane ride. There’s so much last minute prep going on! And and the schedule they posted is very overwhelming. I’m extremely bummed that ALL of the panels I want to do are very close together, meaning I can only choose one.

    • I hear your pain, Erika. I’m going to miss just about everything except the events I’m actually going to be in. But that’s okay. I’ve got a large chunk of time on one day, so I’d better get organized. Hope to see you there!

  24. Amy

    Oh Kim you tease! I’m sure we’ll love whatever it is you’ve decided to add/change in the rewrite. I know I’m one of ones glad about the new man getting the ax 🙂

    And Congrats on the new GN!