Book Trailer goodness!

Happy Friday!  Wow, after a week of painstakingly going through the world book one last time, I’m ready for it.  But look at this!!

My editor at Del Rey plopped this on my desk yesterday.  It had me doing the happy dance, and I had to share.   (Feel free to put on your own site and spread the word.)  How cool is that?  Just a handful of days left until this hits the shelf, and I’m so ready for it!

By the way, I took a closer look at the blog tour sites I gave you yesterday and noticed that the entry rules to win the signed books from each site are different.  (head hits desk)  Some are comment to enter, some are email your name and address to them.  So if you posted and left, you might not really be entered in all of them.  My apologies.  (wince)  I’ve been distracted lately . . .  The contests run until the 12th, I think, so you should be okay.  If you missed them, here they are again:

Graphic Novel Reporter. Why I wanted to write a graphic novel.
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. Blood lust–how do you show an emotion?
Fantasy Book Critic. Rachel and Ivy–how they met.
Comic Beat. Team player? Loved it.

And the link to win Ivy’s boots . . . (rules, regs, how to enter)

The robin that nested on our porch is at it again, and we’ve got another batch of four eggs incubating.  Here’s hoping they have better luck this time.  I’ll have pictures after they hatch.  Right now, it’s not much different from the last photo of four eggs.  They look a bit bigger is all.


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34 responses to “Book Trailer goodness!

  1. James Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-It’s Jim from Warren. My copy of Blood Work shipped late yesterday,7/10/11, I got the e-mail this morning 7/11/11. Much happiness is being created here,I am dancing on my walker(severe shortage of hotties here in my Retirement Village), and Smudge is into the catnip again!I have prepared my Kim Harrison made me do it note,polished my worthless glasses and magnifying glass, and am poised by the mailbox. So br prepared to be surrounded by the S.W.A.T. team,as everyone knows I have ferocious will power except before temptation.

  2. AKR (Trinidad)

    Good morning Ms Harrison ….
    Woo ..!! I love that trailer …. ❤ ❤ ❤
    If I weren't already hooked on the Hollows that would definitely draw me in …!!!

    Can't wait ….!!!! Just one more day ..!!! ONE MORE DAY …!!!
    Gosh I hope it doesnt take too long to actually be delivered ..!!!

    Have a fab week everyone and go easy on Blood Work …
    Can't wait to get into all that yummy Rachel and Ivy butt kicking goodness ….

    I absolutely love your "Making of Blood Work page" ….
    Thank you once again for giving us insight to the whole process …
    and the block move …lol that's cool 🙂

    AKR (Trinidad)

    • AKR (Trinidad)

      So question …. Re: the Robins
      For there to be more eggs it means the last little one has already flown away ??? Or didn’t it make it ??

      Wow that was fast ..!!!!

      AKR (Trinidad)

    • Hi, AKR.

      The nestling has flown, and they are working on a second nest. I think they will be more successful this time as they are a great deal more protective.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed a sneak peek into the making of. Thanks!

  3. Dee

    Kim, Graphic Novel Reporter is still showing the Ivy contest running until the 27th of July?

  4. James Fox

    Hi Ms Kim it’s Jim from Warren. Even though I love my Kindle to pieces,sometime there is nothing like a real live book, that you can hold and turn pages,and everything.(Espically on bad days,I get a few now and then, although I fight them off.) So, when they find me lying on the floor with burst eyeball,and a copy of Blood Work in my lifeless hands, I will leave a note saying Kim Harrison made me do it!

  5. Omg the wait is killing me! 3 more days! Argh! Then I have to wait for October for Hollows Insider.

    Out of curiosity Kim, do you know who left a few copies of Pale Demon in the Goodie Room? It lead to me explaining your books to two RWA members who turned out to be members of and one of them was from the Fantasy, Future, and Paranormal Chapter of the RWA, which I wanted to join. Your books are bringing people together! 😀

    • Hi Jason. No idea! I usually get down to the goodie room, but forgot this year. (pout)

      Thank you for the word of mouth, though. I really appreciate that!

  6. LOVE the clip ❤
    Have a stupendous weekend!.. and good fortune to the lil birdies.
    As for me I'm gonna finish your Madison series and try to get some sun at the pool, but not burn. Not an easy task when you have amber colored hair. 0.o

  7. Antonio

    >>>On order. Although they aren’t shipping it until the end of August(my fault;I paired it with a new RMead book that comes out in August). I wonder if it – or The Hollow’s Insider, for that matter – will ever be available for e-readers?

    >>>I saw that Lifetime TV has an upcoming movie on the life of J.K. Rowling called ‘Magic Beyond Words’ starring Poppy Montgomery. If they made a movie about your life, I wonder what they would call it and who would play you and Tim?(grin)

    Be good… 😎

    • I wonder what they would call it and who would play you and Tim?(grin)

      Howie Mandel is a pretty good actor and would be a great “Guy”

      Julianne Moore might make a good Kim.

      Now who’s gonna play me? 😀


    • That’s a good question about the e-readers, vampy. I know the technology is kind of iffy yet getting graphic novels in an e-format.

  8. I’m in my happy place just thinking about it (LOL). Shared the YouTube in FB and Twitter and we’re all instant chatting about you – grinning like little kids in Starbucks. Enjoy your week end, Kim. 😉

  9. Sara

    I read all the websites’s rules about entering! 🙂 Really everybody should, it’s at the end of the good stuff about your inspirations. Sheesh. :p

    I will say that the ones that required you email them your name and address to enter didn’t get an entry from me. I’m a little weird about sending off my name and address to people/sites I don’t know very well. Maybe if the winner was chosen from the emails and *then* asked for their address… ‘s cool though, I still got at least two entries in (I think) and the one to suvudu for the boots.

    And it was nice to have a different tidbit at each blog. Thanks for sharing so much about your interests and what skills you pick up or need to learn for each goal.

    Good luck to the robins!

    • I know what you mean, Sara. I don’t like giving out my address like that, either.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the little bites of info. Thanks! It really is all about finding what works for you, and then taking one more step forward.

  10. donna

    Its ok, about the websites…

    Oh and i’ll be wishing for good luck for your robins, it is SO totally cool that you get to watch them through the process of them raising their family.

  11. Happy Friday/Monday Kimster!(trying something new)

    I hope your Robins have better luck this time.

    The video was very cool. I posted it in you thread over on Showgirl’s forum.

    A lot of your readers hang out there too, like me. 🙂 You’ll read this Monday, the 11th and the next day, BAM! Blood Work hits the streets. Very exciting.

    Media-wise, this has been a great summer for me!


  12. I’m at work and can’t read the trailer yet, but I’m sure it’s great. If you think you’re excited about the release, I’m even more excited! I have friends who are avid comic’s readers and can’t wait to show off your work to them and my kids. What a wonderful way to introduce them to the Hollows. 🙂

    Hooray for the robin! I had no idea they would do this sort of thing multiple times a year. I thought it was once a year and that’s it. I hope they do better this time. Does it mean that the older sibling has already flown the nest?

    • I’ve got a few family members who really like comics, so this has been extra fun for me, too.

      Yup, the eldest is out and about, and they are trying for another nest. Sparrows have been known to have 4 nests in one year if conditions are good.

  13. Posted and shared on my facebook! Loved it!

  14. Stephanie

    Nice trailer! I hope you have better luck with your robins. We have a cute couple of towhees that have nested on our back porch. They hatched 6 babies! All of them have survived, which is astonishing to me. I got to watch flying lessons about a week ago, and now the babies should be leaving, but they aren’t! They are too comfortable- makes me think of kids coming home from college and not leaving.

  15. Maryellen

    SWEET!!! ❤