Quick question . . . Nook, Sony, Kindle . . .

I want to have a post this morning about the first stop on the blog tour, but I don’t have my ducks in a row yet.  In the interim, Jim asked me about e-readers and if I could recommend one over another.  I know there is a fraction of people who feel that e-readers in general are threatening to take away our smelly, stinky, tactile-rich books.  Personally, I don’t see that happening.  But if you have an opinion on the pros and cons of individual brands, now is your chance to weigh in and tell us what you think.  I believe Jim is most interested in the feature that enlarges print.

I’ll have more on the contest to win Ivy’s boots later today . . .


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  1. Wow, this is fabulous, guys. A tremendous amount of positive feedback. Thank you, very much. It is clear that e-readers have the potential to be as dear to their users as their car, bike, or car, a bit of independence, perhaps.

    I’m not going to comment on your posts as usual, but thank you everyone who weighed in.


  2. AKR (Trinidad)

    Wow … there’s a lot of input here from everyone …
    But before I read let me throw in my lil two cents …

    I am a regular book person … I love the way they smell … how they feel … I love my books
    But I would say I’m also a recent e-reader convert …. firstly all the Hollows books were read on my sister’s Kindle …

    Secodnly my family got me an ereader of my own for my brithday …. a Cruz running on android I think …. (I’m not very tech savvy so forgive me if I gave it the wrong name).

    It’s the greatest .. I love the fact that it’s in colour … as I told my sister … dogs may see in black and white … but this b!tch sees in colour =)
    Also as I make my move to migrate to Canada, it’s perfect for all those books I can’t take with me ….aaaaannnndddd it does email and facebook aaaaaannnnndddd the ereader has this cool night mode and parchment paper setting … ❤ ❤ ❤

    Yes yes alright I still love my books … but my e-reader ROCKS …!!!

    AKR (Trinidad)

  3. kim

    i have a nook color and i love it. However i also buy book form some of the series i have bought there always seems to be a book that is not being printed anymore and i can only get it in ebook. So i bought the nook color and now every series that i absolutely love i buy in both ebook and reg book :^)

  4. I like the kindle. The other thing is that the people who are against e-readers don’t realize how many people who have severe vision problems are being able to read again. My grandmother is almost blind and had to quit reading. Now she is able to change the font and have her favorite pastime back. I personally think this is the greatest invention ever!!!

  5. I have the 1st Gen Nook & love it. I chose it over the Nook color because I like the E-ink as easier to read. I like that I can size up the font (yes, I’m getting older, sigh). I like that when it gets full, I can just add more memory (can’t do that with a Kindle). I read constantly. I still read real books but taking 6-8 of the on a trip makes for one very heavy carry-on and my partner got me my Nook for Christmas (and gave it to me at Thanksgiving so I could USE it at Christmas! lol, good man!). I LOVE how many books I can carry in my purse now! I love that I can rent books from my local library on it too (can’t do that with a Kindle either). I have the Nook app on my Andoid phone too. But one of the best things for me about the Nook is Barnes & Noble. I go there when I’m down. I’ve been there on dates fairly frequently. I can buy regular books or ebooks (I have wifi at home so no problem buying them at home either), I can read books for free there, I get coupons for the cafe.

    And if I need it, I can get advice from a real person with the device on the table in front of us. My Mom got a Kindle for Christmas – there are parts she still hasn’t figured out and she HATES Amazons’ Kindle help center. She keeps emailing me for advice & then I have to try to figure out the Kindle from the web & translate it back to her. The Nook is a heckuva a lot easier to use.

    On the other hand I’ve a friend who has a Kindle & loves it & her husband has a Nook and loves it and neither would trade. Whatever you get you will likely love. That seems to be how it works.

  6. Chelle

    I have a Sony. I love it. I can order books form anywhere except Amazon ( due to prior horrible experience I am ok with that). I can change the text font and search for words, phrases etc. I have several authors I collect in “real” book format that I am in the process of also collecting in digital format. I can sort and catalog them to my desires which is great.
    I currently have over 300 books on my Sony along with the bookcases full of them double stacked front to back.
    I hope this helps..

  7. Wow. I feel so “behind the times”.. I buy books. I love the smell of them, turning the pages, and the way they decorate my home. But I must say.. you all have made me at least consider getting a nook, kindle, ect.

  8. Twyla

    Ebooks on my iPad is the bomb – can have the kindle app, ibooks, and the library lending app – overdrive. Plus all the other cool things that ipad does. It allows my husband and I to be totally paperless when we travel….we love books, own many but also embrace where popular reading venues are going.
    PS – kindle is getting library lending….agreement with Overdrive done or close to done.

  9. JanJan

    Kindle is my first choice. And Kobo my second choice. Kndle features I love (other than the free 3G) – the fact I can read with my left or right hand and just use my thumb to turn the pages with no reaching, e-ink, no backlight, font resizing and lack of weight. I’ve tried reading on my iPad2 and it just doesn’t work well for me – need 2 hands – one to hold, 1 to swipe and my eye’s get fatigued very quickly and even more difficult to read in the sun…and the device starts to feel really heavy after a while.

  10. I’ve had a Kindle for almost a year now, and I love it. For just a great e-reader, it is what I recommend. If you want something in color, have to go with the Nook, though.

  11. Wow, so many replies. I have owned a Nook since they were released and am quite happy with it. In the end, the offerings from Amazon and Barnes & Noble (Kindle and Nook, respectively) are nearly identical. Both use the same eInk technology (we’re strictly talking the Kindle and the Nook, not the Nook Color) that is much easier on the eyes than a traditional backlit screen such as on the Nook Color or iPad.

    What made me get the Nook instead of the Kindle really came down to Kindle not supporting .pdf or ePub formats out of the box. Yes, you can convert them and read them, but that’s not what I wanted. Also, I have been concerned about Amazon’s practice of removing books you’ve purchased previously. If I buy something, I want it to be mine. Granted Barnes & Noble’s setup could allow them to do the same thing, but I haven’t seen them do so. If they did, I would look at making a switch.

  12. Lynnette

    I use the Kindle ap on my Android phone. My daughter is also connected to my Amazon account so we both get the books, which helps since we like similar genres.
    I love it. My work phone is also Android so I can download my books to it when needed, and it finds the correct spot I left off on the current book! Battery is good and light and font size are very adjustable.
    But, I still buy tactile books for the series’ I keep up on.

  13. So there have been plenty of replies since I saw the post this morning so someone has probably already made my points…but just in case 🙂
    It depends on what you want to read IMHO. I love my Kindle BECAUSE it isn’t backlit. It looks like paper and I think that is fantastic. I don’t read periodicals so not having color is okay by me. I’ll still love my collections of real books and I still find myself at Half Price Books once a month 😉 I can only speak for the Kindle, which I got my gen2 almost 2 years ago. My husband just got a gen 2 used and I think he likes it too.
    Buying or rebuying books is slow going but Amazon should be around for awhile yet, and of course the battery life is spectacular! I also like that you can transfer text and pdf files from your computer, which I have.
    That’s all I can think of for now:)

  14. Rachel's Alter Ego

    I love my books. The smell, the sound of pages turning, the rubbed off ink from my ARC of the newest Hollows adventure. HOWEVER, convenience wise, I adore my Nook, and have logged countless reality escapes to the Ever-After at 3am snuggled comfortably with my chihuahuas. Its the great debate, even though I love to read on my nook, I still buy certain books in print to keep for my collection. (Especially now that it’s tradition my husband buys me the ARC of my alter-ego every Christmas) *le sigh* Can’t wait for Christmas. Team Al.

  15. I am a big fan of the Nook, and Nook Color. If I were to buy one now I would buy the Nook Touch. The interface is great and it is an excellent e-reader with the same size screen as the nook classic and kindle 3. It is smaller in physical dimensions than other ereaders because it is touch and doesn’t need a keypad or touch pad.

    I love my nook color but I read slower on it due to the distraction potential. OTOH I love being able to post recommendations to FB, email, etc from my nook with the link and cover art of the book. I am not sure if the nook touch has this capability though I suspect it doesn’t. I don’t have any issues reading on the nook color and it is my main reading platform. I can’t read on a computer monitor or lcd because after 3 hours of steading reading my eyes tear up. I work on computers all day but I don’t stare as intently as I do when reading a novel.

    The nook and sony products both use epub which is a better choice as you can get DRM books from multiple sellers (basically everyone but amazon). The Kindle is locked to the Amazon store and to be honest I won’t buy a product that locked down with Amazon’s mixed reputation on removing books from customers. It is easier to get foreign books on epub devices.

    The Nook is able to buy from the device which is an advantage over the sony. It is also cheaper than a Sony e-reader. The nook readers also support micro-sd cards for extra storage which the kindle doesn’t.

  16. Jade/Third Coast

    I have a Kindle and really like it. If font size is important than the Kindle is very easy to use to change font size. I also enjoy the highlight feature for some books. I have been able to almost create a crude cliff notes version of some books using the highlight feature. Some publishers are now charging $15 for some e-books and that prompted me to look into borrowing e-books from my local library. It turned out since I have a Kindle that was not possible. However, the very nice people at the library looked into the whole issue for me and came up with this article about Amazon and the Kindle. It seems Amazon is finally making changes about being able to borrow a book from the library using a Kindle. The last paragraph is interesting. It concerns being able to make notes on your Kindle while reading a book borrowed from the library.


  17. I own a first generation Kindle, bought from my friend who wanted to get a new one 2 years (?) ago. At first, it was very slow to load any type of graphics. Since Kindle’s been upgraded a few times, pics and charts load much faster and are more easy to see.

    If I want a book with charts, worksheets, and such, I still prefer to buy the real deal. I also like the feel of holding books in my hands. When it comes to reading in bed, though, my Kindle wins out because it’s lightweight, has one-finger touch page turning, and is easy on the eyes at the end of a long day.

    I don’t own a tablet or any other e-reader device so I can’t compare but I do love my Kindle.

  18. Traci

    I have had my 1st generation nook for over a year and I love it. My Mom got the newest version and my step mom has the nook color. Since you can have 6 devices on one B&N account we can share books 🙂 My husband loves it because he didn’t have to build me another bookshelf! And the free fridays is a great way t get hooked on a new series.

  19. I absolutely love my Sony. It fits in my bag, and goes everywhere with me. The only problem is, I have to buy from Sony’s website, so, if I have a discount/gift card for amazon, because I don’t have a kindle, I can’t use them (obviously). That’s the only thing that sucks. I wish the websites would open ebooks up to various types of formats, and don’t make you dl the software if you don’t need it. But that being said, I also enjoy hard copies of a lot of my books. But when I’m traveling, or stuck somewhere without a lot to do, my ebook reader is my first choice.

  20. I’ve been using e-books for some years starting with the PALM (ouch that tiny screen). I currently went with the Sony because i felt it was more flexible in the number of formats but that is pretty much a non-issue now. The Sony is basically the same as the rest with adjustable font, battery life, capacity (SD card slot is available which is a must for large libraries). However, I have a constant problem with the PC software becoming corrupt and unresponsive on my Win7 based laptop. So far my XP has not had any issues. On this I would not recomend the Sony.

  21. Kat

    I got an ipad 2 for Mother’s Day…primarily for reading. I love it. I didn’t think I would like reading on an reader but it’s great. It has 2 different lighting settings…helpful for reading night next to the DH at night without disturbing him…and you can adjust to many different font sizes. I have downloaded all the different readers and I can purchase from any of them. I can also get ebooks from my library.

    • Kat

      Yikes! Typos above…need an edit button 😦

    • Kat

      Actually it is two different background settings…sepia or regular with variable brightness depending on your preference. The sepia is easier on the eyes.

  22. StormCloud

    My mother and I both were looking at the Kindle first. Yes, it is lighter, but you have to have an attachment to be able to read in a dark area. I seem to have to squint to read it, because of the darker screen.

    One day I took Mother to Barnes and Noble, and we started quizzing the lady at the Nook counter. She owns both the Kindle, 1st gen Nook and Nook Color.

    1. Yes, the Nook Color is heavier,but not that much, but oh so nice. It is back lit.
    2. You can enlarge, or downsize the fonts.
    3. Work look up, if WIFI is available.
    4. You can make notes in the book you are reading.
    5. Page saver. Nice.
    6. Touch screen.
    7. You can sort out your books, in your library, how you wish to view them.
    8. Able to read magazines and not have to go to the store or wait for a subscription to get lost in the mail.
    9. Music ready. Pandora.
    10. Apps and more to come.
    11. Auto update, So you don’t have to replace your E Reader in 6 months for a newer version of the same one you have.
    12. Lend Books, very nice feature.
    13. Complete shut off or standby mode. Standby, your battery still gets sucked down.
    14. Average cycle of battery, again,all depends on how much you read, or are running, IE, apps, music. But I have to recharge about once a week.
    15. Free books weekly, from B&N, and you do not have to be in their store.
    16. In the store, you can read a book for an hour.
    17. The Nook Color,you can not replace your battery, unless I am wrong on that.
    18. Document import.

    I do love the feel of paper in my fingers, but at the same time, traveling with the Nook Color is much lighter than carrying a bunch of books.

    Good luck with your choice!

  23. Mia

    As a happily still employed Library employee, I would recommend the nook. Kindle does not allow library lending, the nook does. I have had a nook for years and LOVE it. It does everything the Kindle does and depending if you chose the nook color or new generation nook, you have a ton of added features. Full disclosure of personal preferences, I personally would not by the nook color or the ipad because I really hate the glare and feeling like I have been staring at a computer monitor for hours. I am partial to the e-ink technology.

  24. Love my Kindle! It’s how I found Rachel and you.

  25. Christa

    I have a nook and love it… like other posters commented, the reason I bought the nook over the kindle was being able to borrow from the library. I read about 2 novels a week and it is so nice and easy to do from the nook. I also read while on the treadmill and bike at the gym…which is hard to do with a traditional book as they do not like to stay open especially for a bibliophile who does not like the spine of her books bent….in fact the main reason for the reader was to allow me to borrow the epub books from the library. I still buy just as many traditional books from B & N as I would have without owning the reader. My library at home needs to be added too 😉

  26. Mary E.

    I have 4 Kindles, plus the Kindle apps on my iPad and iPhone. I guess you could say I’m a Kindle kind of girl! I’m a huge reader and had gotten to the point where the books were (seemingly) taking up more room in my house than my furniture. All my friends loved borrowing them, but then they brought them back!!! Which is fine for all my re-reads, but there were a lot of books that I knew I never would re-read. After my second trip to the library with 7 boxes of books, I figured something had to give. Amazon was my bookseller of choice, and the blogs/comments/reviews I read all seemed to indicate that they were the best choice if for no other reason than volume of available books. So, I bought my first Kindle. Initially, it didn’t feel quite right – I missed the feel of a book in my hand. However, it quickly became familiar, and now when I read an actual book I miss the Kindle. I don’t think any e-reader out there has the selection that is available under Amazon. I’ve given my old one to my friend, plus bought 2 others for my sister and boyfriend, and all 4 Kindles have access to my library, so they are still “borrowing” my books – I just don’t have to find a home for them after we’ve finished. Having the Kindle app on the iPhone has also been a huge benefit when I’m waiting in a doctor’s office or some other place.

  27. Steve

    From a feature standpoint most e-readers have very similar features today. One of the main considerations for me when selecting an e-reader was the number of formats supported and the technical platform. I went with the Nook because it supports more eBook formats and is based on the Android software. Android is the challenger to the iPhone/iPad technology and is growing very quickly. The Android platform makes the e-reader more flexible and more easily advanced than having a proprietary format and limited eBook formats to choose from (the Kindle). Early on the Nook also allowed you to change your own battery, the Kindle didn’t. The Nook also allowed you to add more memory to the e-reader and the Kindle took that feature away (not very smart). I have not looked at the newer versions of the devices because I love my Nook; however keep these types of things in mind when choosing your device.

  28. Jody H

    I have a nook and love it. I have one of the originals with both 3G and wifi capabilities and have never been without a book when I wanted one. I believe my local B&N store qoutes me (with my permission )when talking to prospective buyers about this model. I have been traveling through the mountains in TN, finished the book I was reading and was able to download a new one while in the car. I will always love being able to hold a book and read I still buy regular books on occasion, but for traveling the Nook is so much easier, I have a library of books at my disposal wrapped up in something the size of a thin hardback. I could go on but I have nben compared to a slaeperson when I start in on my Nook so I will stop here.

  29. Brandy

    I used to feel the same way about having physical books til my last move…

    I just have to say that the kindle (or any ereader really) is awesome for people who move around alot. My husband is in the military and after 11 years of moves, and books sitting in boxes in garages for years…its a pain to move the books in the first place and being in boxes alot of them have mildewed and have started to stink. Investment totally wasted. But with the digital books I don’t have to worry about lifting 20 heavy boxes and no mildew. I’m seriously thinking of selling all my books (that dont stink) and buying all digital versions.

    PS e-ink is the bomb for non stressing eyes reading!

  30. wow so many responses.. hmmm
    I have an Ipod touch, so i get plenty of reading apps. My favourite is kindle and second Ibooks. I like the kindle on my ipod because:
    1- can adjust font size
    3-has an option so that the page is not white (which can hurt some eyes after a while) but paper like, sort of beige
    4-great catalog of free books (yes I know.. that’s how I got here..=) )
    5-read a book within minutes!
    6- I like Amazon’s organisation, you can sort a category, a search and find what you are looking for… had trouble with other apps on that..

    I think that’s it… oh and i really don’t like kobo!..

    PS: those boots better fit me!

  31. Jen

    I have a Nook and a Nook Color…love them both, gave my daughter the regular nook, the only downside to the nook color is you have to be able to access wifi where as the regular one i had you could use 3G or wifi…they are easy to use and you can change the font to whatever size you want. With the nook you download directly to it, I’m not sure about the kindle but sony you have to download to your computer first then upload to your reader and you do not have as much of a selection of books to choose from.

  32. I was formerly a strong proponent for paperbooks…until I got a kindle in January. I wrote a whole article on my ebook experience with the kindle:

    The biggest reason I own a kindle over another e-reader has without a doubt been:
    1) Text-to-Speech (TTS). Many hate it, but I love it and it makes me get through a book tons faster (way faster than an audiobook). It reads as fast as I skim so I still retain information

    2) The ease of increasing font sizes, adding notes, and using the bookmark feature have also been great.

    3) No glare from the sun. I tend to read outside at times, so that has been really convenient.

    4) The Word Search function saves me a lot of time that I’d otherwise spend thumbing through a book. If there’s a certain character or plot point I’m looking for, I can usually recall a specific word or phrase related to what I want. If the kindle brings up several locations for those points in the book, that’s even better because I can refresh myself on all of the facts.

    5) Battery Life is bliss! I use TTS quite often, but I find that I can get through an entire 350-400 page novel, and then a significant amount of a new title with TTS in use. That translates into perhaps 7-10 hours. However, if I didn’t use that feature I would have to recharge at least once per month. Definitely beats the Nook at every 10 days and the Nook Color at about every 7-8 hours. My co-worker often complains about her Nook Color shutting off while she’s on the train reading a really intense scene. She does this, mind you, as she’s asking to borrow my USB cord in order to recharge hers. I couldn’t imagine traveling and then having my book cut off on me! Thankfully, I shouldn’t have that problem.

    The biggest cons:
    1) The book prices. There have been times I ended up paying MORE for an ebook than the paper copy.

    2) Trying to read Reference Texts and anything with numerous color photos would be a nightmare on this machine. The Kindle is most useful for linear books, namely fiction and non-fiction titles. I couldn’t imagine using it to read textbooks for school, or video editing and effects books, or design books, or Photoshop books with tutorials and examples. I tend to flip back and forth with those a lot. My rule of thumb: anything that requires studying should NOT be purchased on the Kindle. You will have a miserable experience.

    3) The User Interface is somewhat archaic as a set of lists. You can organize books within the lists; you can make it by genre or author or whatever you’d like. I do imagine that this will get pretty cluttered if you fill the Kindle to capacity, no matter how many subcategories you have. The subcategories will also get lengthy. It would probably take longer to find your titles compared to seeing the covers easily displayed.

    4) The Internet function also isn’t the greatest. Sure, you can order books just fine, but that’s where it ends. Trying to navigate around on a website will be more headache than it’s worth since there’s no color.

  33. Sue

    I have both the Nook and the Kindle.
    Pro of Kindle – it is faster and Amazon always ALWAYS has the book in that format.
    Pro of Nook – my local library has an eBook section that you can rent an eBook for 2 weeks. Due to Amazons proprietary formatting on Kindle you can not rent books to read on the kindle. Since Nook will allow you to read using Adobe digital license (must use from the library if you want to rent the book) you can rent all the books you want.

  34. Nan

    I have a first generation nook, and my husband has the new touch screen nook. We love them. (Well, we both like his better, but I still love mine.)

    I agree with most everything that people have said above regarding the usefulness and features of the nook and the kindle. However, I went with the nook specifically because it encourages you to return to the store (right now, I can get a free cookie if I buy a cafe drink). Also, kindle books are in an exclusive format. You can only read kindle books on a kindle, and you cannot load it with books from other places–such as the free books from publishers like Baen. The nook uses ePub, which means that you can read their books on devices other than the nook. You can also sideload content from other places using a computer.

    I can share my nook purchases with my husband even though we have separate accounts. I simply sideload the book, and then when the nook asked me who purchased it, I enter my credit card number and name. I did that once, and we can share whatever books we want without using the lend feature and without syncing our last page read. I don’t know if the kindle can do that or not.

    Also, my cousin has rheumatoid arthritis (primarily in the joints of her hands) and finds her touch screen nook easy to use–easier than reading a paper book.

  35. Mel Rogoff

    Oh yeah. Ivy’s boots? What about us guys 😦

  36. Susie

    Also I guess I don’t read off the ereader as much because my main series I only buy in hardback… Would be interesting if some hardbacks would come with a code to download the digital book – like bluerays come with digital versions of the movies so then i could enjoy both… i would pay extra to buy it together…

  37. Kindle! What they said above 🙂

  38. I have the Kindle DX. I believe that all standard e-readers are about equal which a supported by a Consumer Reports article that rates the sony, kindle, and nook almost equal with the kindle having a slight edge. I love the DX as i get more print and i am forgetful so the larger physical size makes it easier to not forget. The DX has a 9.7 in screen vice the 6 in screen of the standard kindle.

  39. I’m all about my kindle, unfortunately since we’ve moved I haven’t been able to find it. The pearl e-ink in the kindle is wonderful and the anti-glare screen are perfect for the days you take it outside to read at the beach or park when you have the kids with you. There are 4 sizes of print to choose from that are anywhere from microscopic to GIGANTOR and you are also able to choose how many words per line to read, the orientation of the page, and I like hearing the robot voice read to me sometimes. LOL It’s a wonderful light e-reader and I love being able to carry a barrage of books with me wherever I go. It’s a beautiful thing.

  40. Lesley

    I wish I could wear sexy boots. 😦 (My calves are huge, muscular dancer calves. I’d have to get them custom made.) Curious what the contest will be, though!

    No reader, though I do have Kindle on the PC. WAY too easy to buy books now. Hooray for instant gratification!

  41. Susie

    I’m an apple user so I have the ipad with the nook, kindle and kobo readers on it plus the ibook ap. I love it! I have a couple magazines I read on it (more likely to buy magazines than books because I want the hardback in most the books i read.)
    But I do have a few books I don’t mind buying digital.
    It can adjust the size and color of type… I’m sure many people have negatives I just know what I like and use! In the end it is all about what you want and need!

  42. I have had a Nook for several years now and would not go anywhere without it. I recently bought an Ipad and now have both Nook and Kindle apps on that (great for taking advantage of all the free download offers), but I still prefer reading on the Nook. The e-ink is easier on my eyes.

  43. Linda Kuzminczuk

    I have had a Nook for several years now and don’t go anywhere without it. I recently got an Ipad, so I have both the Nook and Kindle apps on it (great to take advantage of all the free books on both BN and Amazon), but I still prefer reading on the Nook. It is less harsh on my eyes because of the e-ink.

  44. I was hesitant to get an e-reader, because I (like so many) have always cherished books as part of the “reading experience” – I love everything about books, including the touch/feel/smell of the pages! But I received a Kindle as a Christmas present, and am TOTALLY in love! I do a LOT more reading now, because it’s so convenient to carry with me wherever I go, and after I finish one book I don’t even have to get up to purchase another!

    I’ve looked at other e-readers, and the Kindle is by far my favorite (although I’m probably biased…). I like the fact that it isn’t back-lit, so it doesn’t strain my eyes, and you can adjust the font size and switch between serif and sans-serif depending on preference. Plus the battery length is unbelievable as long as you turn off the Wifi.

    I challenge anyone who is still hesitant about e-readers to give them a try. Like me, you may become a believer! 😉

  45. Sarah the Oboe

    I have had my Nook e-reader wi-fi with e-ink for just over a year now and love it! I decided on the Nook instead of the Kindle because at the time, Nook was the only e-reader with lending capabilities. Additionally, since Barnes & Noble has the brick and mortar stores with Nook centers in each, I felt it would be much easier to get customer service by bringing my Nook to a local store instead of shipping it off if something went wrong. I also really enjoyed the fact I got to play with the various Nooks prior to my purchase and that hands-on experience really sold the product for me. It is a cinch to change fonts and text on the lower touch pad and I have through about buying one for my mother as she likes the large print books these days. All-in-all while I still have bookshelves full of books, I enjoy the heck out of my Nook and it’s much easier to take on road trips or lug out to the pool/beach than several books.

  46. CAB

    I have the 2nd generation Kindle and I love it. Especially the feature that lets me change the font size. (It seems my eyes are older than the rest of me). There are a variety of reasons I love my kindle but in part it’s because I spend 10+ hours a day on a computer for work and the back light strains my eyes. The kindle does not do that. That also means you can’t read in the dark w/o a light. The next big reason is that I am temporarily living in Switzerland and it’s much easier to download a book in english than it is to find a “real” book. I also like the option that I can download books from other publishers to my computer and transfer them to the Kindle (I have no idea if you can do that with a nook). Finally, it’s much easier to carry a kindle on vacation than it is to pack 8 books 😉

    Ultmately you need to decide if the e-reader is just for reading or if you want to do other things with it. If you just want to read, a Kindle or nook work. If you want email etc.. iPad

  47. Heather Nicholson

    I have a nook, and I NEVER leave home without it! At first I was a little skeptical about reading from a screen and I love going to the book store but I find it a lot more convienent. I don`t have a lot of time to go to the store, and I read pretty fast so it also makes it a lot easier to get my favorite books and read them anytime. It makes my husband happy, because I`m not adding to the thousands of books I don`t have room for……. Well, I keep my series together so I still go to the book store to buy the newest ones. Any way, I love my nook and don`t know what I`d do with out it ❤

  48. carol

    Personally I like both e-readers and books. E-readers are a wonderful way to read your favorite authors in a more convenient way without losing your place trying to put it away. Books are wonderful because you are holding in your hands actual proof of someone’s work. Both have their own pros and cons.

  49. Dan

    Kindle by far. Lots of choice in font size. I get a log of use out of the text to speech. Yes, an audio book read by a real person would sound way better, but my daily commute (driving) is 3 hours total, and being able to pick up the book at start reading exactly where the text to speech left off is “can’t live without it” convenient.

    I love paper books, and still buy the occasional one, but the biggest sale on an ebook reader was space. Only so many shelves I can buy at Ikea before the wife told me enough! heh

  50. KW

    LOVE being able to adjust the print size on my Kindle. I pretty much have it on “blind as a bat” setting full time now. I thought having to hit “next page” more often would bother me, but it doesn’t.

    Some books I still get the regular versions of, though. If they cost the same on the Kindle, I’ll get the regular version. Or if it’s a book I know I’ll want to page through and re-read my favorite parts. 🙂

    The only bad thing about the Kindle is that it’s dangerously easy to spend more money than you intend to, since getting a book is so dang easy and so tempting!

    I got the Wi-Fi only version and I’m happy with that. If you also sign up for the Amazon credit card at the same time, it brings the price way, way down.

  51. Stephenie

    I love my Nook. It’s really nice to be able to carry multiple books with me on one device everywhere I go. I still enjoy reading an actual book more, I think it’s more satisfying and I love to see a book on my shelf, but it is an amazing space saver and the ability to buy a book and have it in seconds is awesome. It’s also nice to rent books from the library that have no late charges. 😀 My only deciding factor in my purchase was the larger B&N library.

    • B&N has a fabulous catalog. I spend an inordinate amount of time in there reading, writing and munching in their Starbucks cafe. People have actually asked me if I work there (LOL). If I can stop fooling around on the futon and get my bloggers butt out the door I may actually make it in time for brunch with the girls. There is a poetry reading tonight. We want to see who is on the line-up. 😉

  52. I drive a truck and listen to our books in audio format from Audible.com

  53. Amanda in Tampa

    I have the newest Kindle (just got it), but I have had a Kindle since 2008 and was totally on the fence about getting one at the time. I loooove real books. I am one of those crazy people that go to a book store and smell and caress all the books. LOL. My best friend loves making fun of me when I get a new book, b/c I get so excited. I love to open it and feel the newness of it. I like how the pages feel so clean and the bindlng cracks when you open it all the way. Sometimes I will get so torn because I will want to buy the actual book version because they are so awesome, but in my head I am saying, “uh you already have it on your kindle”. Kim, I will say I always buy your Hollows books in Hardcover. I can never resist!!!. Darn you!!!!!

    • I get that! I love the new book smell too, especially the leather ones. I think that’s why I keep buying “the complete works of” whoever is on the shelf in leather (LOL). I’m grinning at Poe and Shakespeare now. I have to find something interesting to read for poetry night. 🙂

  54. I have had a kindle for several years now and I love it. I have re-bought my favorite books so that I can always have them with me and donated my hard copies to libraries and good will. Although I tend to keep the hardcovers of my favorite series of books. I find that kindle has the longest battery life and is the closest to an actual book. A book that I don’t have to hold open and in the case of new hardcovers doesn’t weight a few pounds. I never even considered the nook because of the backlighting. If I wanted to read on a computer I would.

    I also have an iPad. I never ever read on my iPad. I use it to store pdfs for yarn craft and sometimes to look at a map from a book I already have loaded into the kindle. I love the eInk on the kindle and now that they are starting to partner with libraries and the allow loans of books to friends (as long as the publisher does as well) you can have my kindle when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

    • “You can have my kindle when you pry it from my cold dead hands?” OMG – how Charleston Heston of you!!! (LMAO) I love that line. 😉

    • Having taken a lot of flack from “real” book lovers over the years that has become my standard response.

      Most of them have kindles now too so I think over all I win.

    • Book lovers should get their books any way they can get their hands on them. My book collection is crazy and I love every spine on my shelf and all my digital copies of them. 🙂

  55. If you are a text oriented bare facts reader a Kindle is fine because it is black and white handling shades of gray and can be customized in fun ways regarding font sizes BUT if you are a graphics rich show me the eye candy I like coffee books and comics reader DO NOT touch a Kindle. Get a color reader instead.

    Readers oriented to shades of gray can take the tint and shade of two different color objects and merge them into a mathematical solid where you can’t see where one ends and the other begins. You may still be able to look at the comic but you are going to miss a lot of subtle details that makes the art unique.

    Their free app “Kindle to PC” will make a lot of you very happy because your computers and smart phones can download any book a Kindle can but unlike a Kindle it will be in color, so you will be able to enjoy Kim’s graphic novels without spending money on additional electronics.

    If you are going to buy electronics then go for the computing power of a tablet or iPad if it is within your budget. Get the best feature rich item you can afford. I’m sticking with my laptop until it dies (I am a download monster and need the larger hard drive – LOL).

    I buy the physical books and their downloads because I like having my fave authors with me while killing down time (like waiting in line). My smart phone will not show comics well because the screen is too small.

    Make sure when you pick your e-reader you get something with a decent screen size you will be happy with. Screen size and features will always affect pricing.

    A B&W Nook usually runs around $129-$169 (on sale $99). A Color Nook $249-$269. Kindles run $114-189 with the DX model around $379 (which is crazy because you can get a small laptop in Staples for $400 so why buy a black and white e-reader for 3?) First generation iPads average $400 with the iPad2 around $559.

    Kobo $99, Pandigital Novel $199, Sony $299, BeBook Neo $249…

    You guys are going to have an amazing time discovering all their benefits and flaws. Yes, they have flaws but that is a subjective, personal view point based upon what you do and don’t want them to do.

    Writers who do not have the benefit of a publisher must format each manuscript to the specifications required to be placed in the digital catalogs of these e-readers so I’m familiar with them and wont pick one over the other because the free Kindle app suits me just fine and my laptop can read everything else. Look into the free apps to save some money guys. You can download books in iTunes. Just saying… 🙂

  56. It depends what you want them for. I have the Nook Color. I chose it because I don’t have anything that is single purpose and it gives a lot of options (more if you are tech savvy enough to root it). That’s the big bump for that one. Well, that and kids books in color, but if you don’t have preschoolers you might not care so much. Mine also does great double duty as a distracting game device to keep the children happy when we’re at a restaurant. Another thing that might not be so useful if you don’t have kids or if they’re older.

    Both Nook and Kindle have an e-ink version. That’s what people are talking about when they say better for reading in the sun and great battery life. It’s sort of like binary (if I understand it right) and each page turn flips something so it isn’t backlit like the lcd screen on the color. The Nook has come out with a brand new style that doesn’t resemble the Kindle so much — and it’s the first full touchscreen e-ink screen. As far as I understand it, you pretty much need to go to a shop and test it out to see which one you like better. The new Nook is smaller with few external buttons to accidentally tap when you change position. The Kindle has been around longer and has changed with user suggestions over the years.

    And being fair, I’ve been told that Amazon is coming out with a tablet version in the not-to-distant future.

    Nook works with library lending systems when the Kindle doesn’t.

    I think both e-ink versions have 3g connections while the tablet is only wifi.

    Kindle has more books than Nook. The smaller publishers often forget to create Nook versions.

    Both let you download and read free samples from anywhere you have connection. I love this feature.

    There are other ereaders that are not proprietary for bookstores and most of them work with library lending.

    And I’m not sure any of that helps.

    • Barnes and Noble’s popular Nook is arguably the most prominent Android-based e-book reader on the market. My kids each want one for Christmas. You point out an excellent fact that the smaller publishers often forget to create Nook versions. That’s a real shame… I think digital catalogs will be the driving force on how they market themselves. I’ve seen banner ads where something is exclusive to this or that platform.

      I’m such a book hound and want the wee people to enjoy reading as much as I do so I’m having a hard time making a final decision on what we should get them… Knowing my kids, they will pick the reader with the prettiest picture on display and call it a day (LOL).

    • Not to be out classed by Barns & Noble, the newer Kindles.(not mine) will be receiving an update that will allow users to lend books and copy other features the Nook already has.

      Another thing to consider is, B&N have real stores. Amazon has great customer service but if you like a face to face conversation then you may want a Nook.

      Be sure to buy what ever device you get from the original retailer. If you buy a Nook from some place like Best Buy and have a problem, the Best Buy people are generally clueless. The B&N people know their product. his is true about Amazon and Kindles too.


    • I would love to lend out a few of my e-books to get some of my friends started on series reading. That’s good to know and a nice point about the possible service issues Vampyre. Thanks.

    • Most of the B&N stores also have weekly classes on how to use any of the Nooks. I finally caved and got the Color after having the original black and white since it came out. My daughter now has that one and LOVES it. They have said that the Nook color is the cheapest “tablet” out there. It doesn’t have 3G but it is a great reader and toy. I love the “enhanced” version of the books they are putting out there for the Nook Color. Some have sound and almost all have pictures or video added to it. I have to say having the actual store and some of the features of the Nook is truly what sold me. The Pandigital is also B&N reader. So you can lend and stuff with those easily as well. I should also mention “Free Fridays” have broadened my horizons on reading. I am reading things I would never have thought to pick up.

      So while I was commenting on this post I have gone off on the wonders of a Nook. Sorry! Enjoy reading in all it’s formats!!

  57. Howdy ma’am,

    I have a 1st generation Kindle and I love it. It is one of the best things I ever bought myself. Don’t think I have forsaken paper books for the Kindle. That will not happen.

    People seem to think that if you read one way you can’t read the other way. Not true. Ereaders are a means to an end, a tool, a gadget and nothing more.

    The main reason I bought my Kindle is because I live in a small town that has no real book store. Walmart just doesn’t count. I was spending a small fortune on Amazon books. Then have to wait days for them to get here and then occasionally have them stolen from my mail box. Bummer.

    All those books take up a lot of physical space. I ended up giving thousands of dollars worth of books to my local library to make room for new books.

    This leads me to what makes my Kindle invaluable to me and what makes nearly all of the ereaders great. Using my Kindle, or my computer, I can shop for new books at Amazon and be reading them within a minute. Depending on the devices memory, you can have 1000’s of books on your device. My 1st gen Kindle has a 15Gb simm card, that equals over 15,000 books! That’s way more than my house could hold and more than I’ll ever read probably.

    Before you decide on what ereader you want, you can download free apps for the Sony, Nook and KINDLE from their respective sites online. This will let you compare prices and get a feel for their online store.

    Which one is the best? That is a tricky question. The basics of all of the e-ink readers are the same.
    1) Easy to read in any lighting like a paper book.
    2) They are not back lit. You can’t read them in the dark.
    3) Multiple font sizes and some have variable contrast settings.
    4) Most have a pretty long battery life, up to 3 weeks in some models.
    5) They are all lighter than most paper back books.
    6) They usually have a built in dictionary. Highlight the word, look it up and not lose your place.
    7) Most of them have apps for use with your computer and smart p-hone. This allows you to read no mater where you are when ever you want. To buy books any time when ever you want.
    8) Most also have a basic browser built in that allows for basic Internet access. I use my Kindle to access Google maps when I get lost.
    9) If you like audible books, most e-readers will play them for you.
    10) Most of them will also play music as well. Just download you favorite MP3s
    11) No flicker like the kind you get from a monitor.

    There is probably more but that’s the basics.

    There are some draw backs to e-ink.
    1) No color images.
    2)not back lit
    3) hazards of all electronic devices, water, impact damage and so on.

    Then there is the Nook color. It was initially classed as an e-reader but it’s more like a tablet. It’s not e-ink, heavier, prettier and more expensive but it can do more than the e-ink readers can.


    • Oh I forgot something. If you are on a budget and like the classics, then good news. All books published before 1929/30? are public domain and usually free.


      Amazon also has a lot of new books for free or at a reduced price by some very good authors. Read the first book of a series and get hooked. 🙂


  58. I used to use MobiPocket on my Treo smartphone, and now I use Kindle on my Android (for Amazon only books) and AdobeID through OverDrive Media Console for ePub (pdf books downloaded from the library). I like being able to use my smartphone as a library, though small, because it’s more portable, and I never forget it since it’s my communication device. Here, I’ll plug a vote for Kindle then, but I still prefer hardcopy when I can get it 😀

  59. My sister gave me her used Kindle and I thought I would never use it…boy was I wrong. I enjoyed it enough that the hubby bought me the new one for X-Mas and now my mom is enjoying the old one. I still read a ton of “paper” and spend more time then I should in new and used bookstores. I also have a looong list of books on hold at the library. Since I now need ..ahem..er…reading glasses.. the Kindle is easiest to see. Sort of thinking of the touch screen/color Nook next.

  60. I adore my Nook. I also have the app on my smartphone and my Tablet. I read everywhere and have the full Dead Witch Walking series in paperback and ebook.

  61. The Mighty Buzzard

    Personally, I prefer to consume ebooks on PC. Spin my monitor on it’s swivel base to portrait orientation and I have a two foot tall page. Kick back with my feet on my desk and inch the mouse wheel down once a minute or so and life is much better than trying to read on anything that I can drop and break.

    Sure it’s not as portable but it sure is cheaper if you’re one of the clumsy.

  62. Lisa

    I started with a nook, and upgraded to a nook color last year. I just love it, it’s so convenient to have all of your books right at your fingertips. I have about 500 books in my library so thats saying something. I will still read a traditional book if it is available prior to an electronic release, or if I find one at a steal….but overall I am an ebook-aholic.

  63. donna

    Well i had 2 Nook ebook readers because well the first one got broken and i had to use the warranty that i’d gotten on it… and point blank the warranty service SUCKS… i was injured at the time and pretty much bedridden and so needed them to do the shipping process a certain way (they offer to send out the new one and you send back the broken in the box that they sent the new one in as well as them sending you the lable to put on it as long as you give them a credit card # for incase you are lying and dont send back the old or if you are cheating them and they find it wasnt a break that was covered by the extended warranty). Well it took them about a month and a half to get me the replacement and having gone through about a dozen customer service people till one sorted out a mistake that had been made by the first person who put in for the replacement. Oh and the second Nook broke like 6 months after the first one. they ARE VERY fragile… HOWEVER they are AWESOME as far as their E-book features go and are compatable with the online system that my state (and some others) have for library patrons to check out E-books, Kindle is not.. (even some that offer the same formats are not compatible due to security features built into the library ebooks) ..

    The nook DOES work wonderfully and if you are in the Barnes & Noble store they even have it so that you can read an hour a day out of any ebook that they offer, and as many ebooks as you want too, though only an hour a day PER ebook. Nook also has MANY books free from B&N, sometimes even popular authors as promotion before a new book of theirs comes out.

    • donna

      Oh and i LOVE my actual paper books (especially the 4 signed ones i got from you Kim) but an ebook reader is much easier if you cant get arround and takes up a LOT less storage space and is great if you are reading a series because you can open up the next book as soon as you finish the one you are on. also the ebooks tend to be a bit cheaper due to no printing cost, which means you can read more of them for the same cost. And personally i think the best way to combat people illegally downloading books and music and movies etc is to actually provide a perfectly legal way for said people to get the book for as cheap as possible and extremely accessable and then they’d be MUCH more likely to actually BUY the copyrighted item if it were easier to get which is what ebook readers and having cheaper ebooks available does since they are much cheaper to produce and sell.. .

  64. I use a Kindle and the IPad , the Kindle is better to read in the sunshine as it has the anti glare screen. But to say one is better than the other, it depends on your choice.

    • I don’t have any e-reader or an Ipad, but I’ve been wanting both. Aside from being able to read the kindle in bright light – would you say the iPad is good enough for someone who may not be able to afford both, Anna? Or are there other limitations to reading on a pad? (I assume you can read kindle apps on a pad using some kindle software)?

    • Mary

      Kindle software available for free from iTunes store. Just download, login with your Amazon account, download your books from the archive in the cloud. I think nook software works exactly the same way, as does the ereader app I have. iPad a little too heavy for me to hold and read for long. Kindle lighter, this is good. My arms can go to sleep holding up a book or an iPad when I’m lying in bed. Not so bad with Kindle.

    • My sister has the iPad. You can get a Kindle app AND a Nook app for it. It is more tablet like so you can do a lot with it (like the Nook color but more expensive) and, as far as I understand, the drawback is the size. It is bigger than any dedicated e-reader I’ve seen. If you are leaning toward the iPad, though, I’m pretty sure you won’t need an additional reader. (My sister is considering getting the new smaller Nook, but the Nook is the size she wishes the iPad was — but that one is e-ink and is black and white and will not do all the iPad can.)

  65. Personally, after researching lots of ereaders, I chose the Kindle.
    I can covert even my work documents and load them onto it, so it isn’t an issue for me, what format a book is in.
    It is good for enlarging the font, or making it smaller for a speed reader like me. I can read a book a night without a problem.
    The Kindle being e-ink is so much better on my eyes and as it isn’t backlit, I can read for hours.
    I love that I can load lots of books up before going away, so I have more room for shopping 🙂 Plus in a pinch I can lay in bed and buy a new book easily too.
    I also add the authors booklists so I never read them out of order. It is lighter to hold over long periods, fits easily in my handbag. Never know where I will get a chance to read. And in the bath I put it in two ziplock bags to keep it safe, same for the beach.

  66. Michael

    I am fanatic about my NOOK Color. I love it. I can take it with me all over the world. Batteries last for a nice long time. Don’t have to worry about recharging if out for a week. Have access to all the different apps. Go online via wireless. Large screen adjustable font, backscreen color. I can go on and on. I went from 3 books on the first day to over 300 in a month. I read constantly.

  67. KC

    I just got a Kindle a couple of months ago, and I agonized over the decision, but I haven’t regretted it at all. There are a lot of free books available, which is nice, and some very good deals on periodicals ($2.99/mo for The New Yorker!). Downloading is so easy I could blow a lot of money really quickly if I wasn’t careful. The text-enlarge feature is very easy to use, and you can also change the space between lines and the horizontal spacing as well, so there are lots of options that make it easy on the eyes. The screen, with its no-glare coating, is actually nicer to read than a “real” book. It also has an audio feature where the Kindle will read a text to you (not an audio book), and you can choose the voice. Highlighting and notes are available too. It hasn’t replaced buying print books altogether for me, but it’s a practical option in a lot of ways.

    My one complaint is that my local library’s e-loan format is not instantly Kindle ready; it has to be converted. That’s a bit of a pain, but not at all a deal breaker and may not be an issue everywhere.

  68. I prefer my kindle for many reasons, font size, “feel”, no eye strain ever, read to me feature, variety of titles, … I don’t want a smaller version of a laptop, color, music etc… that’s what ipad does, & nook attempts. I just want a reader I can comfortably hold & read for minutes or for hours. I don’t see that ebooks take anything away from publishers. They are simply behind the times & firmly entrenched in their inability to change. There will always be books, & I still buy hard copies of my favorite authors. however, I’ll happily save a tree(s), & buy ebook instead of most paperbacks.

  69. Feather Wafford

    I have a pandigital and I love it! It is in color, has several capabilities such as the ability to enlarge the print, it has a browser to surf the web, has a media player to play movies, videos and MP3, and you can instant message/facebook on it. I have the 7 inch, and it fits inside my purse. It also comes in a 9 inch, but I thought that it was to big. The best part is that it was only $200.

    I don’t think that books will ever be replaced, who wants to take their ereader to the beach or pool or use it while relaxing in the tub. So, I will continue to use both, the ereader in dry conditions, and the good old fashion book when things might get a little on the damp side.

  70. The Barnes and Nobel Nook is where its at. With a library the size of mine, the Nook makes it easy to carry multiple books on vacation or even at home when I don’t want to go digging through boxes (I have far too many for the bookshelves we have), so it’s either get a huge house with a dedicated LARGE library or the Nook. I also find the Nook easier to use than the Kindle. I was an early adopter and got the 3g model which is a wonderful thing. It is easy to download and buy books on the go! The eInk is easy to read and it is just as easy to make the size larger to let my mother borrow a book, though, I think her birthday present will be one of her own and she can still borrow most books from me. I do wish I have a coloure Nook mainly for apps and magazines, I would still read books on my Nook.
    I would also just die to have Ivy’s boots. Tall leather, yum!

  71. Suz

    I bought my ereader based on a couple of things. 1st was font scalability because I have diabetes damaged eyes. 2nd was the reader needed to be able to read epubs because libraries loan ebooks in epub format. 3rd was that I wanted to be able to get my books from many different places. 4th I wanted to use my preferred management software and not the supporting store’s software. 5th was affordability. I’m on a really strict budget. Things like being able to download books on wireless from a beach meant nothing to me.

    I bought my Sony Touch PRS650 on a double sale from a Borders bookstore. Sony had marked them down 50% and the store even further (in store only). I got an ereader that reads epubs originally priced at 299.99 for 129.00. I’ve had it a year and a half and have no problems with it at all. I can’t speak to Sony’s customer service as I’ve never had to contact them.

    My arthritic hands and failing eye sight don’t care if we never own another dead tree book.

  72. I actually did a lot of research with price, battery life, and function, as I was in the market for a device. If all you are going to do is read ocasionally you will be fine with a nook or ipad they are both back lit so their battery lives are lower and they are hard to read in direct sunlight without turning them up and draining the battery even further. For the hardcore reader that just likes to read whenever and for hours on end at the park, in the waiting room, on a plane, ect it was the Kindle, which is what I ended up buying. It is easy to read, I can take it outside to read, and I can go a month between charging and I take my Kindle everywhere to sneek a free moment to read. I have had it for over 6 months and love it.

  73. Mindy

    I read the IPad a lot. I’m a hardcore reader. You can get free books online, see all the new books that are going to come out , look up the writer if u like and talk to them. I love the iPad. My sister got the nook had it 2 days then got the iPad she said she liked it better and we can share book with the iPad so that’s a rather cool thing . I hope this helps you . But one mans junk is another mans treasure Hahahahahahahahahaha

  74. Mary

    I have been reading ebooks for over seven years now, using the ereader software on my Palm Tungsten. Software also works on iPod and iPhone. Then I caved and got Kindle. I like the eink during the day, but prefer backlit at night. Kindle autosyncs across devices (if you have a signal) which is handy. Kindle changes text size, ereader does too, but not as many choices. I have the nook software on my iPod but not the device. I love reading ebooks. I always have a ton with me, never need to worry about carrying actual books. Which is important if you deploy for six months!! And no waiting for new books to arrive in the mail. Instant gratification.

  75. Darryl Mott Jr.

    I’ve never owned any of those (I have an iPhone and, growing up in a bookstore, I love dead tree books), but the Kindle isn’t bad. My roommate has one and the text’s surprisingly easy to read. Plus if you get the 3G version, it has access to Wikipedia. It’s like a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Great way to settle bar trivia arguments.

  76. I started off with the Sony eReader and absolutely loved it. You can enlarge the font size (S-M-L) and it is every flexible about file types. You can read pdf, epub, lrf, txt, and some more, but really, those 4 are all you need. You can also load music or audio books and pictures, although they are black & white, of course. The page turning is very quick and the software is dead easy to use. And you can use it with either PC or Mac. I can definitely recommend it.

  77. I have a nook that I absolutely love. I find it generally more appealing than the kindle, the touch screen menus are easy to use and you can increase and decrease the text at will (even change the fonts). Plus you can lend books out to your friends that also have nooks. I’ve heard of a library program too but it hasn’t come to my area yet.

  78. I love my kindle. The e-ink and the battery life can not be beat. I always thought that electronic books could never replace paper books, but for pleasure reading I actually prefer it.

  79. Quick comment. I have three ways to ‘read books’, Tall Dude and I were trying to save library space here. So, my iPod, for reading and Audiobooks. My Kindle, which I am less concerned about becoming obsolete like Beta because I don’t see Amazon closing shop as likely as, let’s say…um, Barnes and Noble. Although, I would love to have access to a color Kindle. Many of my magazines are on line now and can be downloaded. If I have an ad or an article I’ve written, I prefer the color version with my pix (I’m funny that way, yes, I do get hard copies, but still…)

    • My eyes prefer the Kindle, I do like the fact it can increase the size of the text. My iPod is great for audiobooks, but too small to read for any length of time. And, even getting my books signed, I STILL ran out of room in full wall bookcases in the library.

  80. oh yeah: results: ipad is for computerfreaks who only read occasionally, eReader for the hardcore reader, since eInk makes the batteries last up to one month! I love books, and as long as I exist, I will produce printed ones! Love my library!

  81. I wrote my last two papers on ebooks and ereader vs ipad, so I’d rather be interested in your adventures outside 😉
    BOOOTTSS!!! 🙂