New York

I came.  I saw.  I left tomatoes.

I didn’t want to say anything earlier because it was to be a surprise, but I spent the last three weeks crocheting tomatoes (and one tomato hornworm) to try to convey my appreciation to all the people in NY who have been putting the books together over the years.  I actually had to make the pattern from one that makes a squash, but it wasn’t hard to adapt, and the green top is actually a starfish curled in on itself and stuck on.  They also make a great stress reliever and are guaranteed not to contain the T4 Angel virus.  I might make a six-pack of tomatoes still on the vine for my mom, (who watched the house, the boy, and the dogs while we were gone) and then I think I’m done with them–for a while.  -laugh-

But New York was fabulous.  I am a small-town girl, so having a room that overlooked Times Square was good in more ways than one.  It was mostly tourists down there, but I could sit and watch it, become more accustomed to the energy before I ventured down into it.  This is my third time to NY.  It gets better every time, and after a few hikes with my editor, I think I might be starting to lose that awful “tourist walk” and move with a smidgen of grace through crowded streets and busy intersections.

The mass author signing was great, and I love the Avon signings where they give away free books for two hours.  All you can carry, and they brought boxes.  Lunches, dinners, parties with people I knew and introductions to people I’ve worked with and never met: success.  I also got a few ideas for a stronger direction of thought and action for my next 12 months of work.  That right there made it worth it if the rest hadn’t evolved the way it did.

But yes, it feels good to be back home watching the neighborhood kids messing around with their bikes and ipods, the collage-bound kids heading off to run with buds a few more times, the neighborhood dogs patrolling with their humans, and the sun slowly arching its way across my garden–life unfolding with the slow, momentum-heavy pace of a spacious wheel.  I can almost hear it.


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  1. Victoria Eskey

    that sounds absolutely wonderful! I wish I could have been there! NY is the epitome of “big-city” and a girl from a little-town-in-Texas like me would definately be the tourist making everyone mad.
    The tomaotes are super cute! I have a teddy bear pattern I keep meaning to get to, but since I don’t know the right side of the hook from the left side, that teddybear is doomed. ^_^
    I’m working on the first few days of Camp NaNoWriMo, and the pace is insane! I’m right on target, but it’s been a challenge! and I’m loving every wide-eyed minute of it!

  2. My bike club dudes want a sexless-generic black leather Ivy biker Blood Work tour jacket since they can’t buy the Rache boots.

    Knuckles told me to make sure I say pretty please (It’s a must have item and I don’t want to have to hand paint custom sexy vampires on demand for crazy people that live in leather (so SAVE ME KIM – LOL).

    Can you please hook a bunch of drooling, graphic novel buying, vamped out, New York tattoo wearing Harley-Davidson fiends who “can’t get enough of you” out?

    Seriously… We heart Ivy. We heart Rache. We heart Jenks. We’re positively mad about you and the boys are waaaaaaay jealous about those girlie-girlie boots. Make the men happy because I want one too!

    I actually want four jackets because your limited edition stuff doesn’t sit in stock for long and my kids will have to grow into theirs if you do pull this off. Think about it… Just the possibility of it has us all going “Oooooo – Ivy swaaaaaaag” (more swag – more swag – more swag – LOL) 😉

    Enjoy your holiday, Lovely!

  3. James Fox

    Hi Ms Kim it’s Jim from Warren. I’m glad you had such a great time,like I said before,you deserve it. AND ta-ta- I have my copy of bloodwork pre-ordered. I am going to make it to NY yet. Do you think I should mount a horn on my walker?

  4. Theresa

    I love the tomatoes Ms. Harrison! They are so cute, and I know what you mean when you say the “tourist walk” it’s as bad as walking through the halls of my high school during passing period! I’m glad you had fun in NY! 😀

  5. roxy from tn

    Totally terrific tomatoes!!!! Such whimsy!!! You have the best blog!!! Glad you had a great time in the Big Apple!!! So sweet of you to make your peeps some virus-free tomatoes!! Trips can be fun, but home is where the heart lives!! Trite, but true. Here’s to great luck with your writing and gardening!!!

  6. Love the tomatoes. They are wicked cute! Glad u had fun in NY. Have a great weekend celebrating the 4th of July. I’m gonna have a blast in the white mountains of New Hampshire. I picked out a tinker bell firework called fairy dust cuz it made me think of Jenks and his awesome choice of words. 🙂

  7. Stephenie

    Those tomatoes are awesome!!! Every time I see a tomato I think of you and the Hollows! 😀

    I’ve been to New York once and it was an amazing experience. It was a school trip so there was so much I didn’t get to see!! I have to go back if only to see MoMA. My goal in life is to be you when I grow up, I’m pretty sure. *grin* I keep saying ‘when’ I get published instead of ‘if.’ I tell my mom it’s the power of positive thinking.

  8. AKR (Trinidad)

    ….lovely post Ms Harrison …. 🙂
    It definitely brought a smile to my face after yelling at my teenaged nephew for his piss poor LAZY attitude to helping around the garden ….. :-/

    I saw a sneak peak of one of those tomatoes in CTannStarr’s video …. I wondered if you made it yourself ….
    You’re pretty talented with those artsy things …. lol

    So ……..very interesting…
    “stronger direction of thought and action for my next 12 months of work.” … you say ….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’m going to make sure I lurk efficiently to see snippets of that …lol

    Thanks for sharing your NY experience …. and making those of us who weren’t able to be there still feel like part of it all …

    Have a fabulous weekend … 🙂
    AKR (Trinidad)

    • AKR, as soon as I saw it T4-Angel popped into my head and I started cracking up laughing in the isle. I smile every time I make a salad and salute the Hollows when I slice a tomato. 😉

    • Hi AKR. Yup, I know what I’m doing this summer, and it’s going to be fun. No hints for you guys at the drama box. I’m going to be very closed-lipped. -grin- I likes my secretes.

  9. Annika

    I Love the tomatos. I was in Barcelona it is different but it is Big too. New York is Next on the List. Sometimes i croche some muffins and cakes. Ohh my english is bad. But i Read your Books. They are so Great.

    • Thanks, Annika. I’m always looking for small projects with a fast outcome to balance out my long-term pace the books have.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thank you!

  10. Tobacco hornwoms are related. Thought you might enjoy one of the funny moments of my work…training hornworms…

  11. I love the tomatoes enough that I am thinking of learning how to crochet! I am heading to NY for a girls weekend w/ my sis next week. Not my favorite city; too many, too much, but it will be so great to see my sister and since it’s just a few days I am sure I will have fun!

  12. jkh

    I love-love-love the tomatoes! I can see making them for soft toys for babies of all species. What did you stuff them with? Would you please share the pattern?

    So glad the NY experience was great. I’d probably find the energy of the city not to mention the event to be just about overwhelming. I’ve almost forgotten how to shield. Not sure that’s a good thing, but living semi-reclusively in semi-retirement has allowed me to relax my psychic guards.

    • Thanks, JKH. SInce I made the pattern myself, I could share it, yes. Remind me again when things are not so hairy.

      I really enjoyed my birds-eye room so I could watch until I was comfortable descending into it. It made a big difference.

  13. Jade/Third Coast

    I have also stayed at the same hotel you did the last time I was in New York. I have a very similar picture from my hotel room. It definitely is a culture shock considering I also come from a small town. I guess I have an accent because I got asked a lot where I was from. I have been there before, but enjoyed this trip better for many reasons. One of which was because I actually got brave and used the subway nearly everyday to get my destinations unless they were within walking distance. With the exception of one person, everyone was very nice, especially those on the subway. I know what you mean about the “tourist walk”. There is an art to walking down the streets of Times Square and Broadway. I called it learning to “weave without breaking stride”.

    Love the tomatoes, they look so cute! I am sure it was well worth the effort and much appreciated by those receiving them.

  14. missy

    I love the tomatoes ! And I’m glad someone still enjoys this city. I grew up here….but our last mayor….has made it impossible for an honest person to live here.
    He made the city streets a mess with his changes…..and eats the middle class for lunch.
    Sad,but true …so I’m glad someone had fun here,because those o f us that live here,no longer do….

  15. Stephanie

    I finished reading Neon Graveyard today, and I saw Vicki Pettersson’s shout out to you toward the end of the book. Made me smile 🙂

  16. Chris

    Have a Happy 4th of July weekend! Your tomatoes are adorable. Glad you had fun in NY and are back to the comforts of your home. I still have to venture out to NY for my first experience of being there. SF intimidates me so, you can only imagine my apprehension with venturing out to NY on my own for a visit. Hehehe.. BTW Thanks to you and Guy for the books I ordered that both of you took care of. They are being treasured and are awaiting the rest of their brethren, most all of which are still being molded into being. Till next time

  17. Those tomatoes are made of awesome! Glad to hear you had an amazing time.

    I’m aiming for RT, too. We’ll see. 🙂

    Have a safe trip back.


  18. MichelleG

    Hi Kim,
    Welcome Back. Glad your back in Michigan for the 4th. It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend. The crocheted tomatoes are a brilliant idea. I wish I was that crafty. Anyways, have a happy 4th.

  19. Who’d a-thought? Of course there should be crocheted tomatoes. And what about and Ivy-inspired sing vest or some Rachel boot toppers? Methinks there’s a crafty witch book in the wind. You know my fingers are always in the fibers, knitting or crocheting or spinning or weaving. This could be some fun project!!!

    Glad you’re back from the big city, Kim. How’s the garden and the robins?

  20. Welcome back ma’am,

    I missed you. I may not post every day but I do read your posts every day, first thing after I come to.

    The tomatoes are very cool. Nice to know you have a back up skill if this little writing thing doesn’t work out for you. 🙂


    • Victoria Eskey

      hahaha. ohmigod! that is too funny! ^_^ yes, the crocheted vegetables should hit it big time on the “Sami Show” circut! it’s always important to have a plan b

    • You are so sweet, Vampy! I’m glad you’re enjoying the drama box. I get a lot out of it, myself.

      It’s always good to have a day job, yes? 🙂

  21. The crocheted tomatoes are really cute. My mom would love to see the pattern. – maybe, please? 🙂 Great view of the craziness. lol. I don’t know if I could get used to a city, all those towering buildings looming over me. Shuddering just thinking about it. What exactly is a ‘tourist walk’? How does one walk touristy? Love that it inspired ideas for you, that way you can entertain us forever. Yeah I’m selfish like that. 😉

    • Since I developed the pattern myself, I would be glad to share it, Joelle. Remind me when things slow down a bit, and I’ll do just that.

      tourist walk: Stopping dead in the middle of the sidewalk to take a picture. Meandering across the street instead of watching what you’re doing. Generally not paying attention. I tried hard not to be a goober.

  22. Those are very very cool! (Also, from a previous entry: I would so buy a book about space aliens struggling to find their sexual identity while masquerading as kids in a cosmopolitan ghetto being invaded by cyber mice intent upon taking over the world.)

  23. Amy

    I love the tomatoes! I crochet and those are adorable and virus free! I’m glad you had a fabulous time in New York. You have worked for years for your success and I think now you still have to work but at least you get to have a taste of the benefits of all the hard work.
    I live on the other side of the country so I couldn’t come to the signing but wow, I can’t even imagine all the energy of 400 authors together in one room. That would have been electric! I’m glad it was a positive experience for you and that it helped give you direction. We, the readers, always benefit from the positive things you go through (and the negative as well for inspiration).

    • That’s absolutely right, Amy. I’m still working my butt off. I have had a taste of independence, and I am going to keep it if it kills me. It’s truly addictive.

      The only bad thing about 400 authors, is the 1000+ people all talking at once. I always end the night horse.

  24. Lesley

    The Etsy wannabe in me is giving a big squee right now. Eeee! Lookit the wee little tomatoes!

    Glad to have you back. 🙂 I have few daily ritual links I check, and you’re one.

  25. Dina

    Those tomatoes are adorable! Especially the little green one! I like how you make them different-sized.

  26. Kat

    Sounds fabulous!

  27. Marsha

    You really were right over Times Square. Did your room “hum” with the City noises? That seems to be what gets me the most when I leave my little rural town and have to go to Atlanta for business. Love the tomatoes, especially the green ones which are very popular down here in Alabama. The worm is much cuter taht the real ones which I swear are aliens.

  28. Welcome home! I absolutely love the tomatoes. What a great surprise you left for those folks in New York. It sounds like you had a productive as well as a fun trip; that’s the best kind!

    Per your recent post, I reached out to a friend of mine who lives across the country. She is a budding author (just had her first short story published in a magazine), and has been through/is going through much of what you discussed. I asked for advice on a writer’s group, and she’s helping me out now! We may even be doing a writer’s group online with her and a couple of other friends.

    I’m so excited. Today is my birthday and I decided my one treat to myself would be to sit and try to do some writing, even if it’s only for myself at this point.

    Have a great weekend, Kim.

  29. It’s wonderful to “hear” you talk about your trips and your town. Kinda makes me feel like I’ve been there. I was born and raised in a busy metropolitan area (Tampa/St. Pete, FL) so the last thing I want to do is go to a place with MORE people, like NY. I do love the way you describe your town, though. It makes me think of something you’d see in an older movie where all of the neighbors know each other and wave in passing. Luckily, after 10 years of searching, I believe our family found a neighborhood like that amidst the chaos and speed of the city we live in and it’s wonderful to finally know the names of our neighbors and carry on conversations in the street while my kids ride their bikes past the typical border I usually have and know that if anything were to happen, someone is watching out for them.
    Wonderful to “see” your perspective of things, cause it makes me look at things a little different as well.
    Have a great holiday weekend!

    • Hi Heather. We have our issues like all towns, but yes. It is idilic here. Everyone knows everyone, which fosters a sense of responsibility all the way down to the core.

      I hope you had a great 4th!

  30. Wish I could have come! My brother lives there! Wish there was a way to switch places with him for a day! Haha. Those tomatoes look super cute. I want one! 😀

  31. Wow that sounds like you had an amazing trip! The tomatoes are super cute, you should post your pattern. Glad to have you back I missed reading your daily thoughts 🙂

    • It was an amazing trip, Angela. Yes. Soon as things calm down, I’ll post the pattern since I developed it myself.

      It’s good to be back with work on my desk. happy sigh

  32. Maryellen

    🙂 Your post made me smile, Miss Kim! Have a lovely weekend!