There can be only one

Well, not really.  Variety is the spice of life, but in this case, there is only robin baby left, and wow is he hungry, keeping his parents jumping.

As the last chick from a nest of four eggs, this little guy is sitting pretty and eating like mad.  🙂  His eyes haven’t been open very long, but he already knew to hunker low when momma robin flew off the nest chirping in alarm.  He’s still kind of ugly, too.  He reminds me of a rewrite.  -laugh-  It won’t be long before he’s up and flying, and then the real danger starts.




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  1. Stephenie

    Poor little birds. I get really sad when I see a baby bird that’s fallen out of the nest. I think it’s because they’re so fragile and broken. I can’t look at them though.

    I’m waiting for the library to have the ebook I need to rent available. I don’t understand how an ebook can be rented. I mean there could be unlimited copies right? And they don’t make any late fees off of them because they disappear after check out date. >.< I'm sure there's some sort of administrative reason… but I am confused.

    • Digital Rights Management software allows X amount of copies to be purchased as rentals for Y number of days, then the library has to buy another rental subscription to keep the e-book stocked. I’m writing draft Kindle Singles to upload later and Kindle Direct Publishing has great explanations on this subject. It’s fascinating. First time I heard about digital book expiring.

    • Hi Stephenie. Me too. If it’s an easy fix, I try to shoo the bird to a safer spot, but usually there’s a reason the bird is out of the nest, and it wouldn’t survive anyway.

  2. Reminds you of a re-write, eh? Too funny! Glad the little bugger is hanging in there. 🙂

  3. AKR (Trinidad)

    OMG … from four eggs down to two and now one lonley lil bird ……. 😮 Wow Mother Nature at her finest ……..

    And now that the Decorah eagles are flying … the 24 broadcast is scheduled to stop …. sigh what WILL I do with my time online …lol

    Ms Harrison you’d better bring on that boot teaser to life fast yes …
    Although it may not apply to me here in Trinidad because the only boots we have are gardening boots ….lol

    It’s just not conducive to any other kind ….lol just to hot …
    Just a few more days til Bloodwork …. yayy ..!!!

    Have a great weekend …
    AKR (Trinidad)

    • I’m working on the boot PR today, AKR. Soon, very soon. 🙂
      You have a great weekend, too.

    • I am a sneaker bum with two hiking boots and one pair of military oxfords. I have to admit to being very curious about those kick a$$ RM boots they’re cooking up. I certainly have plenty of room for another pair of footwear in my closet (or dare I confess floor of my hall – LOL). 😉

  4. Jenn

    Hi Kim!

    I’m glad to hear that both your boys are home with you. That is so great & a big releif for you, I’m sure 🙂

    Baby birds are not the prettiest babies are they? lol…that’s what you should name him! Rewrite!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

    • OMGosh, I never thought to name him. I didn’t want to become too attached, but that is a fabulous name! Rewrite!

      You have a great weekend, too, Jenn!

  5. Vampyre

    One is the loneliest number…


  6. Theresa

    Hey Ms. Harrison, how ya doin? I love the pic.! How awesome is that! (Even though he/she is very ugly) but still, how cool is that?! Oh and one more thing I was reading your Madison Avery books for the first time (which I think are awesome and wish I had gotten in to them earlier) and I am finding a strong likeness between Grace the guardian angle now messenger and Jenks the pixie, was that on purpose?

    • Hi Theresa. What you’re seeing between Grace and Jenks you can also see with Talon, in the Truth books (under Dawn Cook)

      I clearly have a liking for small powerful things that watch over us. I actually have to make a point to exclude them when I sketch out a new idea so they don’t become old hat.

  7. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim it’s Jim from Warren. Cool about the robin, and the good stuff, but My old cat Smudge,says it is time for Rex to cat up and be a full time runner, like she is. Tues nite a fat tom cat that has been hanging around my porch here in the village saw Smudge sitting on the table in front of my front window. I had the window open for fresh air, due to a touch of copd since my last dose of walking pneumonia turned septic.He leaped on the screen, clawed it open, and climbed in. Smudge screamed her war cry, jumped on his head, and ripped him up .I managed to lurch forward and grab Smudge as the battle rolled back out the window.(no walker) Smudge is strutting around flexing her muscles,not a scratch on her, winner and still champion even if she is chronologically challenged,14, and has to see the vet about arthritis in her right hind leg.(she hogs the electric blanket when I am using it for MY hind legs) I am the one clawed and bruised since I am also chronologically challenged,71, and my heart dr just sent me the official letter she wants me to lose 22 lb, due to arrythmia,diabetes.bad kidneys,etc.Picky,picky,picky. She’s worse than my mother sometimes,(although I have never gone to anyone else) By the way,does Rachel use soft-touch lancet device to get blood for potions,and swab with alcohol swabs,or don’t witches get subdermal infections? Us inquiring diabetics want to know.(I have it due to being chronologically challenged)

    • Hi Jim. Oh gosh, pay attention and lose the weight. You will feel so much better that you won’t miss the extra portions you’ve been skipping. Trust me on that.

      That’s great for Smudge! Give her a scritch behind her ears for me. 😉

  8. Aww. I hope this one survives. What a lil trooper.

  9. Wow, from four to one. I guess that really is like the writing process. I know programming can be like that. You start out with something that “sorta” works but is a big mess and then work with it until you have something streamlined and working. 🙂

  10. We have two purple marlin’s nests under our porches that get used twice every year because we don’t tear them down and they come back every Spring and Summer. The nest under the front porch had five babies this year instead of the usual four, but three of them either died in the nest and were pushed out, or fell out and died. It was an extremely hot Spring and birds can’t sweat, so I think it was the former.

  11. jkh

    Oh dear! Hope that isn’t a cuckoo! The females lay eggs in other birds’ nests, and when they hatch, the little darlings push the other babies out…

  12. Feather Wafford

    What happened to the other baby bird? Did it fall out?