Final Hollows Insider Picture winners!

We have the final winners of the photo contest today!  Congratulations, Gaskins for her shot of Fountain Square in winter, Wilburn for her devilishly smiling Devin Crossman, and Szpunar for her hometown fresh face of Winnie!  Thank you again, everyone who entered, and especially thank you for your patience on finding out who actually won!  We ran into an issue of having too much of a good thing, and choosing the final winners was difficult.

For a look at all the contestants, you can hop on over to the main website here at Hollows Insider Photo Contest.  This has been an amazing month, and I have to thank all of you again who took the time to find or create the photos for the Hollows world book.  The world book has always been a labor of love for me.  Having something from you, the readers, in there is a great feeling.  Thank you!


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11 responses to “Final Hollows Insider Picture winners!

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  2. SeattleRobin

    It’s been fun watching the progress of the photo contests and seeing all the entries. It will be even more fun to see the finalists actually in the book! (I’ve got it on my Amazon wishlist for next Christmas already.) I just saw the cover. It looks great! I love Rachel’s pose over the city like that. Protector of the city kinda deal. (grin)

    • Isn’t that a cool cover, Robin? I can’t wait, either! The readers have been so much a part of the process of creating the Hollows itself, that it felt really good to be able to involve the in this way.

  3. I made a good try of it. Real bummed I didn’t win. Grats to u guys that won. We all did a great job. I think ur amazing Kim! Thanks for letting us fans be a part of ur awesome-ness. 😉

  4. Man, I had a comment for yesterday and somehow it got lost. Oh well. I love all the winning entries for the photo contests and can’t wait until it is out. I’ve already pre-ordered it and the graphic novel from Amazon.

  5. Congrats Szpunar on your photo of Winnie! I’d already won the contest for Devin Crossman so I really hoped your photo would get it for Winnie (I was just surprised my submissions for both contests made it to the finals).
    Thanks again Kim for choosing my photo for Devin! My husband is under the delusion he may have a fan club once the book comes out 😉

  6. Jessica

    I knew that picture would be the Winniing Winnie! As soon as I saw it! The contests were great fun! I saw your comment earlier about having to photoshop the “Kalamack Campaign Office”. You know, after I submitted it I thought about the “year thing”, but then I thought, well she would have said a specific year and it just stated “it’s election year” so I assumed present…so sorry you have to go through editing!!!

    The baby robins I must say fall into the so ugle they are so cute category! It’s such a beautiful experience to vbe a part of though!

    Can’t wait for all the new projects to hit the shelves!!!!!

    • I spent a couple of hours on it, Jessica, but I love doing stuff like that, so it wasn’t a big deal. I forgot to mention the year, so it was totally my fault, and therefore my responsibility to fix. It looks pretty good! And with the high res photo you gave me, it wasn’t an issue. 😉

      I can’t wait either. The world book has been a project like no other, and it’s been great being able to involve the readers like this.