I was woken this morning by a house wren loudly singing atop the wren box I put up this spring with grand hopes of attracting the tiny little powerhouses.  I’m hoping that they take up residence, especially after being woken up last night to what Guy thinks was owl babies screaming for their dinner.  Me, I’m thinking it was a fox/coyote that had a rabbit he/she was taking back to the den, still alive for training purposes. It went on for a good forty seconds, which is ages when you are laying in bed, hearing something screaming.

But nature isn’t always ugly in its drive to survive.  Last Friday, I found a broken egg shell under the nest of robins, so I figured we had nestlings, finally.  They had taken up in a hanging plant, the nest fortunately being built very tall so I can still water the plant and not ruin the nest.  It’s to tall for me to see into, even on a chair, but if I stretch, I can aim the bunny cam into in.  A few weeks ago, I had a beautiful shot of four blue eggs.  Then there were two.  Now the eggs are gone, and we have nestlings!  Ugly fuzzy blind nestlings that are growing fast.  That first day, all Mom and Dad Robin brought back were insects, but now

they are dining on big fat worms.  I’ve only been able to watch them for a few hours while I was outside on the porch this weekend, but it’s clear that the parents have a pattern that works for them: one on the nest until the other comes back with food, then they change places, and the other gets off and gathers another beakfull of baby robin yummies.

If you are waiting for Guy to email you about the mugs, he hasn’t yet.  Apparently not all those tagged as spam come in within 24 hours, and he was waiting until they were all caught and put in the order that they were time stamped.  You should hear something today.  If you ordered within ten minutes, you probably got a mug.


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23 responses to “Robins!

  1. What a neat shot. Babies are delicate and amazing… It’s very cool to be able to watch them growing up with the bunny cam. We have a spunky blue jay who likes our palm tree feeder at our FL home. However, if my kids want to see gorgeous birds in NYC we have to stalk them in the park or atrium (LOL). It’s kinda nice hearing the birds singing early in the morning. Sometimes, they wake me up before my alarm goes off and I go out for a jog or bagels. Too bad I can’t see them from the windows of my NY apartment. The bird choir is having a lot of fun this morning.

    Gotta go run. May your day be lovely, productive and gorgeous just like you. 😉

    • I feel lucky to have birds this close, but I do work at it, providing food, water, and cover. It gives me a feeling of connection that I need. Now if only I can convince the house wren singing atop the bird box that this is a good spot . . . 🙂

  2. Jonijet

    Why is it that when I look at those “ugly fuzzy” nestlings, I think of Ku’Sox? I know, they don’t look at all like a stork, but still…

  3. Seung

    How wonderful! I wish i had my own nest of birds to view. Do the birds ever seem bothered when you water the plant? I would think that the presence of a human would scare the birds.

    • Daddy Robin dive bombed me when I watered the plant last time. I was kind of expecting it. I can brave that a few times a week to keep the plant green. It’s sort of sun-starved right now since I don’t want to turn it. They are quite tame, as far as tolerating us.

  4. Bri

    You may wish to check your website. A virus tried to download itself from your site…

  5. AKR (Trinidad)

    Hi Ms Harrison ….
    Hope you’re getting lots of glorious sunshine ….
    Today is a holiday (Labour Day) and it’s hot….
    But loads of rain this weekend, foiled our beach plans …. 😦

    Robin chicks!! Wow !! .. another first for me … 🙂
    Funny looking lil things at hatching but amazing to see … thank you for sharing ……. and the Decorah eagles are flying….!!! So cool …!!!
    Nature and life at its best …. ❤

    for jkh
    Here's a link that best describes "steups" …lol

    AKR (Trinidad)

    • AKR (Trinidad)

      … hmm now looking more closely at the picture, I thought ROBINS were red breasted?? [Excuse my ignorance]

    • jkh

      Thanks for the definition. I think I make that exasperated sound when I’m vexed; “tsk” just doesn’t do it justice.

      Also, male robins are very brightly red-breasted during mating season, the females less so if at all. The color fades to sort of a rusty shade pretty fast once the pairing up is done and the business of brooding and feeding is under way.

    • Sun . . . not so much right now, but we can use the rain so I’m not complaining. Actually, the robins are quite red right now. I just don’t have a good shot to show it.

  6. Babies!!! Momma and poppa must be proud, as is Auntie Kim and Uncle Guy. I guess momma knew she couldn’t keep up with 4 babies; it’ll be tough enough raising 2.

    Mugs and charms – are there some for sale?

    • The other two might not have been fertile, so getting them out of the way was probably a good thing. Guy still has a lot of mini-mugs and charms, yes. We are too busy to offer them en-mass right now, but if you contact Guy, he can probably help you out. He’s very intense with the LE mugs at this point, so it will be slow.

  7. Hey Kim,
    hope you had a great weekend! Mine was fabulous, I relaxed from my Bachelor Paper 🙂

    “Absolutely, Amy. 🙂 What charms were you looking at?”
    I would love to have two more Butterfly charms and a wish coin, before you discontinue them. omg, how will I get my freebies next year if you don’t ship here anymore?? 😥
    A successful week for you,

  8. mudepoz

    10 minutes, then gone. Yowza.

  9. Randy Andrews

    Watching the wild babies grow is one of the best things about this time of year in Michigan, especially the birdies because they mature at such an incredible rate. They’ll go from little globs of featherless, pink flesh to speckled yard-hoppers in no time. Enjoy the show! And if it puts you in the mood, a trip to the Toledo Zoo might be in order, as their new baby elephent is only a couple weeks old, and quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  10. Wow! They look so different this young. Very cool you get to watch it all first hand. 🙂