Those of you who have been haunting my drama box for a while know that I occasionally have little bursts of offers, some free, like the signing freebies, (which are still available for the price of two first-class stamps, by the way) or some not so free, (like manic monday books, where you get a hardcover for the price of shipping it to you.)  Even more rarely, I have signed, limited edition mugs to commemorate the latest book release.  I use this as a way to help offset the cost of producing the freebies for next year’s tour, and though we missed last year because we unexpectedly moved, they are back, and better than ever.

As you can see, you actually get a lot more than a mug.  (Two are shown here so you can see the back with my signature.)  A tomato charm, Hollows bus token, and Rachel’s conference badge are all included. We would like to limit it to two mugs per address, please, and we can’t give a shipping discount if you order more than one since they will be going out in individual packages. (Trust me, it’s cheaper this way. Weird but true.)  The signature is not permanent, but it will stand up to an occasional, gentle hand washing.

Cost for a mug with all the trimmings is:


Mugs are gone!  Thank you, guys!!!  Guy will be contacting you if you made the cut off in 24 hours.


Once you have been notified that you have a mug, you have five days to submit payment, or your order will be canceled and your mug goes to the next person on the list.  (I’m sorry for this, but we’ve had too many people change their mind and not tell us, which leaves us with homeless mugs.)  If you are paying by check, please tell Guy so he will allow for extra time.

Any questions at all, email Guy, and be sure to include in your correspondence your PayPal email address. I don’t want to listen to him complain about John Smith having one name for his street address, going by ThunderGod on his regular email, and TwoCute for his PayPal. It makes for a very stressful day trying to match them up.

You can snail mail monies in as well, but you need to let Guy know that is your method of payment so he allows for extra time and he can give you our postal box.  It has changed.

The signed, numbered mugs tend to go quickly once ordering opens up at noon, EST, so I will repost when they are gone to try to reduce the confusion.


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31 responses to “Mugs!

  1. Yay! We finally broke 90 and got a little rain after a streak of 21 days! Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. Is there a reason why you can’t ship to Germany? I couldn’t afford the mugs anyway, but I’m wondering. 🙂

    Plus, only the mugs or the signing freebies, too? *sniffles*

    • Hi Patricia. We can still ship freebies, but anything in a package gets stuck in customs upon occasion. There is no pattern to it, and it’s been extremely frustrating.

  3. NickinColoma

    Got my e-mail in after all. Hope I made the cut.

  4. AKR (Trinidad)

    Oh man ..!!! Stupid stupid car trouble … steupsss…
    I completely forgot about the mugs …. *sigh* such pretty mugs …
    Was stuck at the bloody mechanic …steuppsss again (that’s a Trini thing sorry) ..

    At least I got the car sorted … and it wouldnt blow a gasket the next time I’m in hours of traffic … 🙂
    Ah well maybe another time …
    It’s a long weekend here … which means beach, beach and more beach … unless it rains …

    Have a great weekend everyone … 🙂
    AKR (Trinidad)

  5. jkh

    Oh, damn. Dirty, double-damn! I missed out, because I forgot that NINE a.m. our time is noon your time. Sometimes I’m thick as a post, just forget. I should have set myself an alarm…

  6. Alexa

    Please, please… me If you and Guy end up with a homeless mug!

  7. Stephenie

    Oh no! I’m so sad! I’ve wanted a mug for a long time, but I didn’t have the money when the store was still open. I really liked the color too. If you and Guy end up with a homeless mug. You can definitely email me! I’ll just have to hope that there will be mugs for A Perfect Blood.

    My party is tonight and I am very excited! I also found out that one of my friends (who got me onto your books) is planning on having a baby next year. They want names that are traditional but unique. I voted for Rachel and Dresden. *grin*

  8. Got my fingers crossed too! Those mugs are rockin 🙂

  9. Cerridwen Freya

    Still going to hope that I’ll get a this! I’m hoping for the ones that “forget” to pay and maybe GUY will email me lol.

  10. Lisa

    Finger crossed! I hope I get a response email from guy! You guys are great!

    • Invoices should go out today, Lisa. There were a few people who came in with the right timestamp but got stuck in the spam folder and didn’t show for almost two days, so he waited to make sure there were no stragglers.

  11. Hey Kim,
    “We no longer ship to Germany because of too much merchandise being lost en route.”
    Can you then maybe put two charms into the Insider-winner-package? My packages always arrived 😉
    Have a great weekend,

  12. The mug looks so neat! Counting down the minutes until noon 🙂

  13. NickinColoma

    Hey Kim, I got call in to work early (I work at Goodwill) and will miss the mug which is a bummer. Hope you are enjoying this crazy Michigan weather.
    Cheers, NickinColoma

  14. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Today I am the bearer of sad news. I just found out L.A. Banks is very ill with cancer. Follow the link for more information.


  15. Maryellen

    Miss Kim, you and Guy are so good to your fans. 🙂 We are extremely lucky!!!

    Thank you so much and have a lovely weekend.