Good news, bad news

Fortunately the bad news isn’t anything to do with me.  Alas, when I took a quick photo to see if there were any baby birds in the robin’s nest on our front porch, I found that either the nest had been robbed or the mother rolled half the eggs out.  We are down from four eggs to two.  No wonder she kept checking under her when I was on the porch with her over the weekend. On the upside, they look like they are ready to hatch, no longer a perfect blue but darker on one end.

My good news is that you still have a few hours to get your Whinny Gradenko and Devin Crossman “mug shot” photos to me before I call it and the contest is over!  It has to reproduce well, so no pictures taken from your web cam, please.  Rules and how to enter at the website, here.  I’ll have my favorites up tomorrow!

This week I’m hoping to get a chunk done on the Trent/Jenks novella.  Friday was soaked up with tying off ends and a list of questions for promotion that quite honestly took four hours to fill out.  Phew!  But today should be clear sailing.


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17 responses to “Good news, bad news

  1. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Bummer about the missing eggs. I read that 1 in 4 is the usual survival rate. I wonder if a snake got them?

    • I’d be more inclined to think she shoved them out herself or that it was a bird. We don’t have too many big snakes in the area, but lots of blue jays.

  2. SeattleRobin

    I want to sidetrack and give a personal shout out to Kim and Antonio. On November 5th 2009 you two encouraged me to do NaNoWriMo, even with a late start. I went on to win, but didn’t finish the novel. I won again in 2010, but again didn’t finish. Recently I went back to that second novel and became obsessed with it. I have now completed a full rough draft of a novel! (It came in at 120K words.) I may never do anything with it, but I’m pretty darn pleased with myself for the accomplishment anyway. I wouldn’t have done it if not for you two. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for encouraging me way back when. It’s amazing what a few words on an online blog can inspire.

  3. Stephenie

    Oh no! With today being my birthday I completely forgot about the contest! Sad face. Oh well, I still had a great day and I had a ton of fun being able to do the pictures I did.

    I hope you had a great weekend, I know I did! Back to work on Wednesday and have to talk to my boss about why I’m not working all the hours he said I would be… :p

    • I’m so sorry, Stephenie! I’m sure I’ll have another contest at some point.

      Ooooh, ouch! I hope it all goes well with the boss. My boss is a certified loon. She’s always harping on me to stay late and start early, putting more on my schedule than we agreed on earlier in the week. But she does let me have two furry office assistants, and a mail room guy who occasionally brings me hot tea. -laugh-

  4. AKR (Trinidad)

    Ohhhh would I love a lil peek into your “cabinet of awesomeness” …..
    But I feel I may not deserve it …. :-/

    I’ve been lurking in another author’s world the past week, and I feel like I’ve cheated on you … :-/ Oh the shame ….. 😦
    Not to mention after catching up on all the good stuff you’ve been doling out to us … doubly so …. 😦 😦

    Those robin eggs … 😮 AWESOME!! …
    Having never actually seen them in real life, I would never dreamed they were so beautifully blue ….. and gorgeous fuchsia, I wonder if that would grow in Trinidad?
    AH!! From four down to two eggs… 😮 Oh dear ….
    Do they really just “roll them out:?? Hmm well nature certainly has her ways …

    Lol aaaaaaannnnnd a novella about Trent and Jenks … YAYYYY??!!!
    Thank goodness you continue to share your unbound talent with us Ms Harrison …. or I would be one week deep in the dark …..

    … am I forgiven ….? lol

    Have a great week ….
    AKR (Trinidad)

    • AKR (Trinidad)

      Other authors may distract us occasionally … but they really got nothin’ on ya … 😉 there’s something so addictive about the way you write that I still just can’t quite put a finger on it YET …. lol
      But I do enjoy every minute of it … 🙂

      AKR (Trinidad)

    • Thanks, AKR, but don’t feel like you’re cheating! The wider read you are, the richer you are. Partake, enjoy! Devour!

  5. mudepoz

    Kim, the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Falcons have been banded again. My boss is Tom Schuck.

    Enjoy the small flying things 🙂

  6. jkh

    (heehee) I’m guilty of using the phrase “crap on toast” too, just unconsciously. It’s part of my lexicon. Certainly a little better than the usual F bomb or the boring S word. I was at my doc’s about a problem and when he asked my how I felt I told him I felt like crap on toast; he blinked and said “I’m sure we can find a reason for that and help you.”

  7. I’ve been responding pretty sporadically lately. I blame a combination of workload and schoolwork. 🙂 Fortunately I received a tip from a former boss on a new position. Hopefully it works out. I’m pretty unhappy here.

    That’s terrible to hear about the robin eggs! I hope Momma Robin has no further trouble with the remaining two.

    Good luck on the story and I hope this week brings you new beginnings and wonderful opportunities.

    • jkh

      Hiya, Greg, congrats on sticking with the less than wonderful position; I do hope the tip proves to be fruitful.

      Re eggs. I think that sometimes if an egg isn’t fertile, the momma realizes that when it doesn’t move and make noise (we wouldn’t notice), it won’t hatch, so she gets rid of it.

    • Greg! You don’t have to comment every day! (grin) Being a lurker is okay!

      I’m hoping that we have a few nestlings make it, too. I always worry about birds that nest in hanging baskets. It looks rather open to me, and vulnerable.

      Good luck on the job hunt.