Last Hollows Insider Contest!

Winner of the concert shot is B and T Rowe for their picture of wild enjoyment at a concert.  Congratulations, B!  There were an amazing number of entrants, and it was a tough decision, but B’s won out for sheer enthusiasm.

The Hollows Gazette photo contest submissions are just about over as we move closer to the page-proof stage.  Just a few more pictures to go.  I’m going to re-open submissions for the shot of the fountain as I didn’t get enough to choose from and may have to go to a stock photo or one of my own, and if I do that, I’m going to give  you guys a second chance as well.  If you think you have a suitable photo of the fountain in Cincinnati, check out the requirements at the website here and send me your best.  If I have to resort to stock photos or something that I or my editor took last spring, then I will choose a winner for the signed copy of the Hollows Gazette and page from BLOOD WORK from the entrants at random.

I have what is going to be one of my favorite contests starting today. I’m looking for mug shots of two reporters, one male in his late 30’s and a female, much younger in her 20’s to early 30’s.  Though small, they still need to be fairly sharp, so photos taken with your computer probably won’t make the cut.  (sorry!)

Picture Ten: Devin Crossman is in his late 20’s, to 30’s.  He’s a reporter for the Hollows Gazette, and he is the narrator for the book. He’s smart, clever, and a bit too inquisitive.  He makes a lot of mistakes, and I’m not saying how it ends, but it’s not good for Mr. Crossman.  -grin-

Picture Eleven: I’m also looking for Sara Jane’s sister, Winnie Gradenko, fellow reporter for the Gazette.  She’s a farmer’s daughter, tough as nails and has a smile that could make the sun come up in the morning.

Because they are two different contests, please send Crossman’s  and Gradenko’s photos in separate emails.  🙂  Rules and how to enter are at the website here.  This is the last one, people, so have fun!

I’ve gotten a bunch of Kalamack supporter pictures, but I will continue to accept photos until later today.  You guys never cease to amaze me.  Wow.  I’ll have my favorites up tomorrow but if you want to try to get me one yet today, the requirements are here.


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8 responses to “Last Hollows Insider Contest!

  1. Stephenie

    I had such a good weekend. There was an art fair and we had a lot of fun, but I think all the sun and heat has gotten to me because now I feel really sick. I need to get up early for work too, so I can spend more time in the sun and heat b/c it’s above 90 in the pool room. D:

    I took pictures with a friends camera last night and she uploaded them from her email this morning since I had to go to work so early I couldn’t get them onto my computer. I can’t wait to see what everyone else has to show!

    I’m so ready for the Hollows Insider it’s ridiculous!

  2. Lisa

    I am only guessing that you want headshots for these reporter images. Something that a reporter would use professionally in the paper perhaps. Is this correct?
    These descriptions are vague on purpose aren’t they? Just to drive me mad?
    I have been gobs of fun with the photo the contest. Thanks!

  3. Hey Kim! I’m glad the contests are winding down, not because I don’t like them though. In fact, I think it’s absolutely amazing you are giving people a chance to be part of your work! I’m excited because that means the world book is getting that much closer to finishing! Woohoo!

    I hope you had a lovely weekend. The weather was much warmer here and was very nice as a result. It was a very nice last weekend before school starts today (boo!). 🙂

    • Jessica

      Greg, I can’t wait for it to be over in my own way as well. I love the concept and being able to be a part, but I have become obsessed with finding ways to enter the contests!!! Though I haven’t won yet…I will keep trying…LOL.

    • That’s right, Greg. Almost done! Phew!