Last call for rally pictures

The cutoff for accepting political rally preparation photos is this coming Monday, so get your friends and have some fun making Vote for Kalamack signs this weekend!  I will only be having one last pair of contests after this, and then the chances to win a Hollows Insider will be over!  😉   Phew!  What a ride!  Some of these photos showed a dedication that completely stunned me.  You guys are great!  🙂  I should have the winners of the concert and fountain by Monday as well.  We got very few fountain pictures, so I may have to fall back on one of my own with a better resolution, in which case I will draw a winner for the prize.  My editor and I are still checking.  Rules, how to enter, past winners . . .

My work computer has not been on all week, and if you missed it, it’s because I’ve been taking two weeks to sketch out in fairly heavy detail a few concepts for some stand alones, novellas, and a new series.  I’ve not done anything with the Hollows all week, and it’s been totally refreshing.  (I’ll work on my Hollows ideas next week.)  Yesterday and today I’ll be focusing on a long lost love, Grace, moving her from a non-industrial setting to modern-day.  It’s been going better than I had anticipated, and after spending all day yesterday at it, much of the old story that birthed her has faded, leaving only her character which I love all the more for her stoic strength and personal tragedy.  The process of moving her character to a new story puts me in mind of the idea of reincarnation, the same soul in a new situation, working out the same issues until growth occurs.  I’ve never moved a character before–ever.  I like making new ones too much, but as I’ve said before, Grace is special and never got her day in the sun.

It seems odd to be talking about a book that might not see the light of day for years, if ever, but that’s got a certain joy in itself.  Secrets and hidden treasure–the sparkle in my eye.




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12 responses to “Last call for rally pictures

  1. Marsha

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your “vacation” and that it stays sunnny for you. Looks like things are growing well and ready for summer. Have a great weekend.

  2. Chelikins

    Kim it sounds amazing! I am sure whatever you write next will be wonderful! I do hope Grace gets her day!!

  3. I really don’t read YA, even by my favorite authors; I can’t get into the younger characters but your Hollows and all of it’s motley crew are some of my absolute favorite books. I find myself excited by new books/ideas/fun with your special touch!

    • Hi, Colleen. Oh! Grace isn’t the same guardian angel from the Madison books. This Grace came first, and is in her late 30’s, early 40’s, tough as granite, and just about as fragile. I re-use names all the time. . . Sorry about that.

  4. Hi Kim. I just want to say that I like the first line you wrote about in the “Ahh, Summer” post. Also, I think the characters come first. We create them, bring them to life, and then watch them as they grow and move along their paths through the novel/short story worlds we also create. I’m getting ready to plan out my own writing this Summer so I am ready for the next National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November. I’m either going to be writing a short story collection about my poetry and noveling Muses or an erotic detective short story collection. Either way, they’ll both eventually get written.

    By the way, did you get a chance to read my poem “Bite Me”? I’m not sure you commented on it or I just missed seeing the comment. My next vampire novel inspired poem will be “Dance Macabre” inspired by Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake novel of the same name. I’m actually going back to that poem as I’ve tried writing it before. I think my poetry Muse had a run in with Pundora’s Blocks (aka writer’s block).

    • Very cool on the preparation! Sometimes that makes the difference between finishing and not. 🙂 Good luck with it.

      I did not get the chance, no. That is very cool that you are inspired by writing. I’m usually inspired by music.

  5. Maryellen

    I certainly hope we’ll get to meet Grace some day. She sounds awesome! Will it be a new genre for you, Miss Kim?

    • She is totally awesome, Maryellen. I think I am forever stuck in Urban Fantasy. They’ll just call it something else when they move on to something else. (grin)

  6. I want to meet Grace more than ever now. Not necessarily because of your enticing description of her character, but because of your passion behind it. When we feel powerfully about something, amazing things will result.