Sneakie peekie at The Hollows Insider

Mark Rude, the artist who did most of the pencil work you will see in THE HOLLOWS INSIDER, has a few pictures, (and a creepy twilight-zone moment) at his site today.  Some of you long-time posters will remember seeing his work ages and ages ago when he came to me with artwork of the characters he’d drawn up on his own time.  They were among the first reader-art I’d seen, and they impressed me with how well he knew the characters, so when the first inkling of having illustrations in the world book crossed my mind, Mark’s name quickly followed.  Go take a look for a nice sneak peek of what you’ll get in THE HOLLOWS INSIDER. 🙂  Mark Rude

I also have my favorite shots for the fountain and concert photos up at the website today!  The concert photos, especially, were hard to make a choice as there were so many good ones.  This contest is over, and I hope to have the winners for you soon, but I’m still taking entries for Kalamack supporters preparing for a rally.  Monday is the last day to submit for this one and a chance to win a copy of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER and a signed print from the upcoming (July 12) graphic novel, BLOOD WORK.  Rules, what I’m looking for, how to enter, and past winners are at the web site here, and the pages up for grabs from BLOOD WORK, are here. I’m working on brand-new stuff today and the rest of the week.  Edits are off my desk, and I’m spending the day on my porch again with pencil and clipboard, sketching out 4-6 ideas as to what I might be doing series and novella-wise for probably the next five years.  You can imagine I’m both excited (about new ideas) and careful (that these ideas are rich enough to keep me occupied for that long.)  So far, it’s looking good, and the relief to be working on something that has been occupying the back of my thoughts for almost as long as the Hollows has been in print, is understandably immense.  Unfulfilled ideas make for ugly regrets.


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19 responses to “Sneakie peekie at The Hollows Insider

  1. AKR (Trinidad)

    … Holy crap … those pics are artsy …..
    I absolutely love them ….

    Hmmm …. what new and tantalizing things is your devious author mind cooking up for us ……?? do tell … 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear more ’bout that … 🙂

    I think you’ve more than sated our hunger for your delicious concoctions this year … with three Hollow’s productions …!!!

    Thank you so much and I will never stop saying thank you for your daily attention to your fans …. YOU ROCK …!!! 🙂

    AKR (Trinidad)

    • Aren’t they, though? I love them.

      And yes, it’s been a very busy couple of years, and I’m enjoying a bit of free-flow thinking this week. Heaven!

      Everything changes in this business but one thing. The readers. You are always there, and I truly appreciate that.

  2. jkh

    Went to Mark’s site. I had forgotten just how square-on-the-nail-head his concepts of the Hollows characters are. I do think he got Jenks JUST RIGHT. Ivy and Rachel are cool, too. Rachel’s hair is usually a little longer, no? – But that’s a quibble. I’m so looking forward to this book. I’ve already preordered, so I just have to wait. [sigh]

  3. Val-OH

    AAAAAH! CRAP! I have a awsome picture of fountain square that I took last November!! Argh! Dang it!

  4. Marsha

    Wonderfully creative photos, my hat’s off to the entrants. I remember Mark’s incredible drawings of Ivy with Rachel and Rachel with Jenks. They are so good; just like I pictured them from your descriptions.

  5. Jessica

    Getting more and more excited everyday for this!!! The artwork truly is amazing!

    Also looking forward to your new ideas. I loved the Truth series as well. Will check out Madison soon! You are so talented in creating worlds I can get so lost in!

    I also can’t wait for the contests to be over….I love it, but I am also getting very distracted in my work day planning out how I can capture each theme in a photo!!! Do you know how many are left after the Kalamack Campaign (which I will attempt an entry in as well!)??

    Thanks again!!

    • Me too, Jessica. It has a lot of potential and some fabulous backing. Hard to go wrong with that.

      I have only two photos left, and they will be so easy that anyone can submit one.

  6. Victoria Eskey

    Those pictures are Ama.zing!
    and O_o it’s great to know you are plotting out some completely brand new ideas!

    • New ideas, new characters, new chances. It’s been a great week of work, Victoria. Every day is different when you write for a living, but the patterns are nice.

  7. Gail S

    Hi Kim, getting excited about the Hollows Insider…I love the artwork that Mark Rude did. I remember when he did those first few and you mentioned them. (I tried to leave a message on his blog, but Blogger is having issues today-or maybe it’s me;-)

    Thanks for sharing the photos and the little sneak peeks into the HI.
    Hope you have fun brainstorming.

  8. Indy

    The artwork is excellent. I’m still trying to find some pics – I think I might actually have something that works for the rally. :)~Indy

  9. Kim-

    Wow, lots of exciting stuff here! I’ve saved the link to Mark’s work for later as I’m quite busy at work (you’re shocked I can tell). I may be weird, but I’m especially excited about your plans for today. As I’ve mentioned before, I love to read about your process, and what works for you. It helps me come up with ideas that may work for me one day.

    I hope you have a wonderful day, filled with rich, exciting ideas. More importantly, I hope you fill your creative spirit. Few things are as rewarding.