New photo contest and guest post at SF Signal

Antonio’s question last week about female protagonists in UF becoming more concerned with getting their man than their antagonist sparked a thought, and a deeper answer to him has been expanded and guest posted over at SF Signal this morning.  SF Signal  Go see!  And please don’t come away from this thinking I’m dissing romance.  (sheesh!)

Also, the photo contest for photos seven and eight is now officially over, and a new, almost-last contest has begun.  Thank you, everyone who entered their photos of concerts and the fountain at Fountain Square at winter.  They are all fabulous!  I’ll have my favorites up tomorrow.  However, you still have three chances to win a copy of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER, or perhaps even more cool, a chance to have your photo in it.

This week it’s going to require a bit of arts and crafts on your part.  It’s election year, and Trent Kalamack is running for Mayor of Cincinnati!  The caption will read “Kalamack supporters prepare for tomorrow’s rally.”  and I’m looking for a group of people doing exactly that, writing up posters, preparing flyers, wearing election hats, etc.  🙂  A posed picture of supporters won’t do.  It has to look like a shot snapped on the fly.  Think newspaper, and have fun with this one!  Winner will receive a signed copy of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER when it goes to print.  As a second thank you, winners can choose one of the signed, frame-worthy pages from the upcoming graphic novel BLOOD WORK (July 12)  I’m trying to get something special for everyone who enters this one, so keep your fingers crossed that all entrants, win or lose, get a signed cover from THE HOLLOWS INSIDER.  (I think there will be enough to do this for all the contests, so don’t be surprised if I come to you for your address at some point.)  So get out your markers and poster board, and get busy and VOTE FOR KALAMACK!  (grin)

I’ll be accepting Kalamack supporter photos until Monday noon (June 6th)  Rules, previous winners, and how to enter: here.  Images of BLOOD WORK up for grabs are here.

I hope you all had a safe, happy Memorial Day holiday.  I watched the parade, ate too much picnic food, and planted a few bushes in my yard.  I think I’m done planting bushes.  Now they just have to grow.  🙂


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20 responses to “New photo contest and guest post at SF Signal

  1. Antonio

    It would be a shame to lose UrbanFantasy’s unique marketing positioning to just be viewed as yet another sub-category of Romance. Not that I can deny that wouldn’t make economic sense…for now, anyway. But, why give that up that ground, if you don’t have to? It’s a unique space in-between Fantasy and Romance populated by it’s own stars, with a varied readership that ‘could’ be expanded with careful cultivation(although I’m afraid it’s going the other way right now). That’s why it’s important for the genre’s original and important voices to speak out for what they believe in…to have a voice in determining their own future. You helped mold this genre with your art, you have every right to help define it’s future. Thank you, thank you, thank you for speaking your part. be good… 😎

    • Thank you, Antonio, for both sparking my thoughts and raising your question so clearly. I understand that my commentary has prompted some nasty comments from authors as apposed to readers, but no one has said anything to me, and I’m very accessible, not hiding under a rock. Funny how “write what you know” has gotten so many creative people upset.

  2. Thanks for writing the SF post. This is something that I’ve discussed (at signings and via email) with a couple of other UF writers. The thing that bothers me the most about it is that readers (book buyers) are unable to determine what they will find inside an Urban Fantasy genre book these days. I depend quite a lot on reader reviews because I’m not a huge fan of Romance books and I get bummed out when I expect an Urban Fantasy book that has strong characters, both male and female, an exciting plot , lots of action all wrapped up in and around otherworldly stuff with an appropriate amount of relationship conflict and resolution and instead what I get is a book that is about relationship conflict and resolution with a little bit of the other stuff thrown in. I also do not mean to bag on Romance writing or reading. I have spent my fair share of time doing that reading. My complaint is more about how difficult the publishing industry is making it for us to KNOW what we are getting in the different books.

    • I’m glad you appreciate what I was trying to say, Miss Biss. Thank you. What goes on the cover has always been a mix of what’s inside, and what’s making the lists, but I agree, it’s hard to tell between paranormal romance and urban fantasy sometimes. And they are only hurting themselves in the long run as readers turn away.

  3. Hello there Mrs. Harrison,

    😀 Trust Antonio. 😉 Great great guest post. Really nice, I just really hope that all these romance people don’t take it the wrong way. It was wonderfully written. I’ll admit that I’ve abandoned most UF because I feel that it’s… Well. About the girl getting the guy (generally a bad boy, generally a vampire) rather than being an actual kick as female heroine. I could never quite understand romance (but then I am cynical, preferring a good story to a good smooch – Example: I loved Thomas Covenant (ending of the second series). It wasn’t about romance, it was about growth. And life. And death. I loved it).
    But anyway, it was a great post and if people send any nasties your way for it, your NaSties will stand up for you.
    This one will anyway.

    I found a new dog btw. A standard French Poodle. A stray I picked upon abandoned farm land. War in the house over it but I don’t mind. It’s mine now. 😉


    • Thank you, Alyssa. I appreciate the support.

      Congrats on the dog! That is wonderful. Enjoy! Dogs are great. Mine is currently training me on what to put in her food dish.

  4. Marsha

    Very good interview. I hope all the romance groupies (I must admit to spending many years in that group myself) don’t take it the wrong way. I do want the HEA for characters I love, and the bumps along the way are distressing to me, but I don’t think any book that becomes a series can have smooth sailing in the relationship department and keep a reader’s interest for long.

    • Hi Marsha. No one has come to me with any negative comments, but I’m sure they are out there. It’s a lot more fun to bash someone than look at what they really said.

      Romance is a huge part of what I write, but I write a sucky romance. I know it, so I don’t try. I stick to relationships, which can go bad and dissolve when the love interest dies–ticking romance readers off and getting me nasty grams in my in-box. I do like my happy endings, though.

  5. Joelle

    Great guest post. Especially love this – “Just as much as romance should not be written by those who don’t believe in the happy ending to the depths of their soul, urban fantasy should be written by those who respect the genre to the bottom of theirs.” Hmm just realised it’s about 9 months (maybe a bit less) until the release of the next hollows book? Yes? Kind of like a pregnancy. Lol yeah that’s sort of out there.

    • Thank you, Joelle. I appreciate that.

      Yep, nine months! I just heard back from my editor that she liked the rewrite, and I can’t wait for her tweaking letter. One more quick go, I think, before we call it.

  6. Good article over at SF Signal, Kim. I am not a romance reader and never made the click until you explained how some UFs are really PRs in disguise. Guess that’s why I lose interest in some of them – I like a protagonist who wants more than a good bump in the night ;}

  7. Hey Kim! Sounds like you had a refreshing and fulfilling weekend. It was pretty much the same here. Gearing up for school starting next week (boo!).

    I just had a friend tell me she got a new Nook (which is hilarious as she made fun of me when I got mine). I told her I would lend her my Hollows books as soon as she finishes the one she’s reading (I think it’s the JR Ward series Black Dagger Brotherhood, funny tie-in with your SF article:) ). I’m sure she’ll love your books as much as I do.

    I’m still trying to read Madison. It’s not that I’m not interested (I am!), it’s that I can’t seem to find enough downtime to do it, or I’m off goofing off with friends instead of reading. I totally need to reprioritize my social life. Sheesh.

    Oh! My wife did manage to read ODTS. She’s working a new job that is S-L-O-W and was able to read it all in one day. 🙂 Anyway, have a great week. I know I will (aside from a sprained ankle).

    • Finished reading your SF article/response. I must say, very well written. I agree 100%. The key that most people are missing these days is that not everything can be made better with vampires in it.

      Stories are best when you are true to yourself, your audience, and your characters.

    • Thanks, Greg. I’m glad you liked it. I spent a lot of time on it, trying to find a balance of my opinion without coming across as pointing fingers at anyone, which was not my intent at all. It’s basically saying write what you know, which I thought was basic stuff. How it became me pointing fingers at authors I’ve never even read is beyond me.

  8. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I am back from my vacay. I spent last week at my aunt’s in KY. She is 80 now but you’d never know it. She is like you and never stops working or moving. She has 4 children, 8 grand children and 12 great grand children.

    Because of her,(yes I blame and her cooking) I gained 12 pounds! The 10 The drive there and 13 hour drive back cost me a small fortune but it was worth it.

    The longer return trip was due to 75 south be coming a parking lot about 50 miles south of Macon. I had less than a quarter tank of gas, a full bladder and an over heating car time to find a back road and I did!. It was nice and the lack of other traffic was wonderful. Very scenic too.

    All in all, it was a great trip. It was fun but I am really happy to be home.


    • Vampyre


      Read the SF article, it was very good. Left a comment. Sadly spell checker failed me…


    • Thank you, Vampy. I’m glad it struck a good cord with you. I’m glad you had a great vacation! I’m thinking I might be able to take one this year, myself. . .

  9. Jessica

    What a great aticle. This has been a subject of debate in many of my online reading groups.

    Gonna see how creative I can be for this week’s photo contest. This is going to be a tough one!!! Can’t wait to see the entries!

    Even working a chunk of the long weekend I managed to get a good hike in with the man and our pup. She met her first turtle and it was hysterical!!! Thanks the the marvels of modern technology I got the introduction on video…it was priceless. Also got in a cookout with some dear friends. Great times!!!

    • Thanks, Jessica. I appreciate it. It’s a problem, and I hope it resolves itself before it kills both genres.

      That’s great about the hike! I managed to get around the block with my puppies. (laugh)