Looooong weekend!

And boy am I ready for it!  It’s the Memorial Day weekend, where tradition dictates that we should spend the day outside enjoying the weather, eating hot dogs, having picnics, fishing, and getting too much sun.  I will likely be in the garden if the weather cooperates.  If not, I’ll be in the garage, painting an area so we can start to use it more efficiently.  I’m hoping for sun, even though getting more usable space would be nice.

Because of the long weekend, this week’s contest for concerts and pictures of Fountain Square will continue until Tuesday noon.  I’ll have a new contest for you then.  It might be the last.  I’ll have to see how it crunches out.

See you on Tuesday, and have a safe weekend!


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17 responses to “Looooong weekend!

  1. jkh

    Alex and Xander have the right idea! Bask in the sunshine ’til your hide is hot to the touch… I bid you and yours a happy Memorial weekend. If it rains you can do your cookout in your kitchen fireplace, hmmm?

  2. Haha!That reminds me of my dog on hot days she just plop on the floor in the middle of no where and take a long nap.Yay a 3 day weekend hope you enjoy yourself,get things done in the garden.(I as well had been planning to put more flowers in my front yard)Oh well hopefully it’ll be sunny! 🙂

    Happy Memorial Day Kim!!!

  3. Joelle

    Ahhh, lounging in the sunlight, is there anything better? Well maybe a bowl of chocolate ice cream, reading Pale Demon and lounging in the sunlight. Have a great weekend.

  4. James Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-it’s Jim from Warren.I’m glad you have a long weekend. I wish I did. My Dr made me quit when I was 50 cause of my heart. I’m now 71 and wish I had a job. My life is a vacation since I got my daughter raised when I was 59. (A man in his 50’s raising a teen-age girl has a J.O. B. My wife had passed away,so guess who got to deal with it when she got to be 13 and had all the boys interested.) A good thing I was a social worker for Childrens Services and Welfare all my working life. I barely kept a grip on my sanity when she would say “but Daddy”and quiver her lower lip. I could say NO quite loudly on health and safety but anything else… Mbye I’ll write a book for single fathers, and call it “Run screaming”or somthing.I learned in art history that you have to have a good title before doing anything. Picasso brased a pair of handlebars to a bicycle seat and bronzed it. If he called it bicycle seat with handlebars he would get squat. He called it “Minotaur” and got a quarter million in 1920 dollars.

    • jkh

      Hiya, Jim. Best wishes for a pleasant weekend to you! Yes, do gather your thoughts and put them into a memoir about being a single dad. There are more and more of you about…The title will come when it’s needed.

    • OMGosh, James. That sounds like a great premise. You should do it! 😉

  5. Hey Kim. Horray for 3-day weekends! Sounds like you have a good plan to keep yourself busy. My computer decided to test my patience again. Looks like I need to replace the motherboard. Nothing like having to spend money I don’t have and work through a weekend on stuff I don’t want to work on. 🙂

    That is an awesome picture you took of your workspace. Mine is even more cluttered than that, but imagine it as completely random and non-organized. I’m definitely more like Rachel than Ivy. In fact, I am pretty certain Ivy would simply throat me rather than deal with my mess. LOL

    • Yikes, I hope you get your computer up and running soon.

      I’ve got a writer friend who says “A clean desk is a sign of a dirty desk drawer.”

  6. Judi

    Happy Memorial Day!! Enjoy your long weekend, Kim! What’s up? to “Guy” and family. Those dogs are so sweet!! We have a 4 day weekend b/c the school is giving back an un-used snow day! WooHoo! Have fun everyone!! And thanks to our service men and women from the past and the present….we appreciate ALL of you!!!

  7. Melissa

    I am going to Charleston, SC. Staying overnight on board the USS Yorktown with a group of Cub Scouts, then Sunday off to Folly Beach for 2 glorious days on the beach with my 2 nephews! Looking forward to The Crab Shack & trying out The Lost Dog cafe. I will also be catching up on my reading with a copy of Hidden Truth & Something Deadly This Way Comes. I hope you get the sun & have a great long weekend!

  8. Jessica

    Enjoy the long weekend Kim! Hope you get to spend some time in your garden. Working 2 jobs I barely ever have a weekend nevermind a long one…sad face….I at least will have Monday off!!!

    I will be submitting a concert photo or two this weekend. Hopefully I can find something good!!! I have so many pictures of past shows to go through!!!!

    Happy Memorial Day All!

    • Thanks, Jessica. I had a great couple of days in the garden, and now I’m ready to sit at my desk! I think I got your photos. Very cool! Thanks!