World Book Copy Edit

Ahhh, the joys of copyedit, where facts, figures, and logic issues require checking and working out.   My inner Ivy is in heaven.  Most copyedits involve my character map, sun and moon tables, and whatever style sheet I’ve got for the book, but this one was different.  The lengths I’ve gone to here is unusual, with all the above aids along with a card of information on each series character, place, or institution.  It makes for a messy desk, but a tidy manuscript.  I’m keeping the cards when I’m done.  They make a great fact-checker.

The world book came at a perfect time for me as I start to wrap things up in the Hollows, a refresher of sorts to remind me of a few threads that I need to pull back into the story line and finish off.  You’re actually only seeing about half my fact-checking aids here.  The other half is on my open file cabinet, serving as a horizontal surface on which to pile things.


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22 responses to “World Book Copy Edit

  1. Jenn

    *laughs* That looks like a well organized mess! I’m sure you know exactly where everything is!
    I am very much looking forward to seeing the world book.
    I hope you, Guys & the Things, have a great long weekend!

  2. Theresa

    OMGosh! That looks so confusing! I’m just glad I don’t have to go through the book writing process and just get to enjoy the finished product, seeing all that work makes me so much more grateful that you write these stories for us. Thank you! 😀 Oh yeah and another thank you for answering my questions yesterday.
    From, Theresa 😀

  3. Maryellen

    Not to worry- I’m here to help! Just say the word, Miss Kim, I can be in MI in three hours! 😉 *kidding*

    I hope you and Ivy have a blast with all that. 🙂 Good luck!

  4. jkh

    All that checking and coordinating…and that’s why we love you (or at least one of the reasons). Your Hollows MAKES SENSE–I never come up short with “wait a minute…” Now I want to go to Cincinatti just to see all the sites you’ve mentioned. And the fictional WKRP radio station…am I dating myself again??

    Hope your weather is kind this weekend. No more tornadoes anywhere, please (this is directed to the Powers That Be). Seattle is having alternating days of warm sunny weather and pelting rain. The lawns and the weeds are thriving, and our spring bulbs and the trees and shrubs have finally bloomed. I was beginning to wonder if Spring would ever arrive.

    • We are a soggy mess right now, but it looks like we’re going to get a few days of much needed sun. So far, everything looks okay, but I’m worried about a few low-set plants.

      WKRP. I loved that show. sigh

  5. Chelikins

    You need a bigger desk.. lol! One of those with two side to it 😉

  6. Nice to know other writers find that the “nesting” syndrome the best system for organizing. Is there any other way to get the full picture? I don’t think so. I definitely see Ivy somewhere in all that. She’s probably got the same in digital format as a backup to the physical papers.

    You’ve created quite a world with your Hollows series, Kim. Is it going to be difficult to let it go? Can a writer ever totally let go of her characters and worlds?

    • Thanks, Jeannie. It will be hard to let it go until I replace it with something else, and I’m already thinking about that so I reduce the mourning stage as much as I can. But no, you don’t ever forget the best parts. And after a time, I might come back.

  7. Marsha

    I guess that’s why you’re the writer and I’m you’re reader. I don’t have the discipline. Have a great weekend!

    • You might surprise yourself, Marsha. 😉 I’m not much of a planner outside of the books. I’m rather pathetic at it, actually.

      You have a great weekend, too!

  8. Dominique

    I think you should just push that “easy” button on your desk. It seems the best course of action. But I know you are giving it 110%, so I appreciate all of your hard work!

    • The easy button gets pushed maybe two, three times a year, Dominique. I’ll be pushing it today when I ship the copyedited manuscript back and it is DONE!

  9. Jenny

    All good things must come to an end. We all know this. But when you mention it, it’s like- ah yes… the end… *sigh* 🙂 I am sure there are more good things in the future, and not just Hollows related material. After the empty paper of course 😉

    • The Hollows would never be if I didn’t ever start anything new, Jenny! I’ve got a few really good ideas I want to share, and now I’ll have the time. Yay!

  10. Lindsey Hoffman

    lol. I can totally see Ivy going nuts over this. I had to shake my head at just seeing the picture. I knew so quickly you were going to bring her up somewhere. Anywho, I’m greatly looking forward to the graphic novel and I’ll surely get my hands on the worldbook when it’s released as well.

    I have faith that both will turn out extremely well, knowing your track record, Kim. Happy writing!

  11. becca

    hey kim
    it seem like your all work at the moment and not much play??at least tell me you have managed to watch alittle of the flower show,a very keen gardener as yourself should stop everything for this weeks events lololo,ive caught bits but iam not a big fan of the presenters and that puts me off!iam sure jenks would be in hog heaven there!!
    hope you liked the concert photo i sent in,i feel very embarressed to send it,it was 8 or so yrs ago but i dont think ive aged much(i still get asked for ID when buying a achohlic drink,so funny iam nearly 30!!!),same cant be said about the hubby lol at a huge beard and a few grey hairs and thats more him,just shows you what kids do!!(and wifes hehe)
    hugs to all
    becca and gang
    (rainy uk at the moment!)

    • Hi Becca. Actually, I’ve been getting in a bit more play than usual this last couple of weeks. Finally things are starting to open up, and I’m really excited about new stuff. I’ve got your photo! Yes! I’m so glad you sent it. Fingers crossed!