More winners! (and a tiny peek at the Hollows Insider)

My editor seems to be as excited about this contest as I am, and we all ready have a winner chosen from the entries of demon damage and protesters!  It’s hard not to be excited when the

wonderfully creative shots come in, and as you can see at the website, there were some great shots to choose from.  But as they say, there can be only one–or two in this case, and the winners are J Linetsky for his demon damage, and S Clark for her concerned protesters.

Congratulations, J and S!  And thank you everyone who entered.  S and J will each be getting a signed copy of the HOLLOWS INSIDER when it’s printed, and a page from the upcoming Blood Work, (due out July 12th)  If you missed out on this contest, I’m still running one of the last few, looking for shots of concerts and the fountain at Fountain Square, Cincinnati.  What I’m looking for, rules, and how to enter is at the website, here.  I have images of the past winners and some of my favorites at the same page.    And to see the pages of Blood Work that are up for grabs, click here!

I’m trying to get a special, very small token of thanks for all of you who have been entering the contests, but want it in my hands before I say more than that.  (I’m evil, yes I am.)

To try to make up for the general evilness of authors, I do have a tiny, little smidge of the cover to the HOLLOWS INSIDER to show you today!  I’ve seen the full photo, and it took my breath away.  The designer is the same man who puts the regular Hollows books together, and I can see his hand in this one.  Mmmm, but you can’t because I’ve only shown you the title.   Okay, maybe my attempt to make up for my evilness is even more evil, but I’ll have the full cover to show you soon.  Just a few more hoops to jump through.


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24 responses to “More winners! (and a tiny peek at the Hollows Insider)

  1. James Fox

    Hi Ms Kim it’s Jim from Warren-I’ll be brief as another tornado is supposed to be here shortly. The one Min nite missed us, so I’m hopeing hope hopr. Just wanted to say it looks like bad stuff is headed forthe Carolinas,so be carefull. Smudge has promised to save me so I’m ok.

    • OMGosh, Jim. I hope you made it through okay. I’ve got the door to my basement clear for easy access. MI gets it’s share of tornados. (I’m not in SC at the moment)

  2. Theresa

    Okay kind of off topic here but I was re-reading White Witch, Black Curse and I was at the part near the end where Rachel has the flash back to when Kisten died and I was wondering, did Rachel ever tell Ivy that the vamps keep their souls and that Kisten thought that God is just saving them till they die the second time? Because it is really irking me that I don’t know.Would you mind telling me please? Thank you 🙂 Oh and what an evil evil little author you are teasing us like that, but then again I do enjoy the little teases 🙂
    From, Theresa =)

  3. Evil revisited…

    Some days, i wonder if i should take a peek to this site or not. I get teased to no end…

  4. Your fans have been snapping some very creative shots for your upcoming project, Kim. They’re all great.

  5. suzannelazear

    Just wanted to wish you a happy release day, a day late.



  6. Kelly Golden

    Can not wait of the insider, it looks great when can we get a full PEAK!!!!

  7. Just a few more hoops to jump through, eh? Who knew watching you try to make up for “the general evilness of authors” would be so much fun? (LOL) I like the photographs pouring in. Very creative and nicely done. Looking forward to the newsletter and graphic novel. Enjoy your day. 🙂

  8. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim!

    Evil is as evil does. 😀

  9. mudepoz

    I am so in awe by the quality of those pics! What a neat way to get your fanbase involved.


  10. Incredible evilness! But that’s okay, I love the evil. Lots of activities and announcements these days, and I’m excited! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    I love the choices for winners so far, and I agree with everybody posting, I’m glad I don’t have to choose the winners because all of the entries are so good. Lots of creativity out there.

    Kim- I wanted to send a more personal thank you for some of your advice lately. I find it fascinating that with such limited information on what has been troubling me lately, you have been able to offer such applicable wisdom. It really has helped. 🙂 You are such a wonderful person, and I feel we are all lucky to have you in our lives, however peripherally.

    • Thanks Greg. I’m glad that something I said has gotten you to think about things differently and in a more positive way. Most of it is stuff I learned in Kindergarden and just forgot. 🙂

  11. Viola

    THERE’S A HEAD on the cover! Why is there a head on the cover? What I love about the Hollows covers so far is that there aren’t any faces shown, so you can imagine for yourself how everyone looks. I know the Graphic Novel is gonna change this, but I was kinda hoping the covers would go along with how they’ve been up till now… But I’m dying to see the rest of the cover nonetheless!

    • I think I’m okay with the head being there. With this book being more about the world of the Hollows, and not the specific characters we know, the person on the cover isn’t necessarily Rachel or anybody else we know, so showing the face of a random Hollows resident is actually pretty cool. It’s nice to know that the vampires, weres, witches, etc are, for the most part, people just like us. 🙂

    • Viola

      Sure, you’ve got a point there. But still, I don’t know… Just my humble opinion 😉

    • Yes! There is a head. It’s attached to a body. 🙂 It looks like the same model they used for BMS and later added the fog to so as to hide her face, but here, we get to see it! I’m kind of excited, myself. I like it when they shift things around a bit. It shows that someone is giving some thought into what they are doing, and that makes me feel good.