Madison is on the shelves!

Madison’s third and final entry, SOMETHING DEADLY THIS WAY COMES, is on the shelves this week! Go Madison, go Madison, go Madison.  -grin-  In a lot of ways, Madison is more grown up than Rachel, and her world is closer to ours than Rachel’s, most definitely.  If you have a reader who is not quite ready for the Hollows, or simply are young at heart yourself, give her a try!  I’ve got a bunch of stuff at the website and her page of tweet-scapes, fan kits, and a link to FB for those who partake of FB.  Also, if you missed it, itunes has an app available for the Dark Days Of Summer tour featuring 11 young adult books with teasers, book trailers, and sample chapters that might get your teen reading all summer.  Dark Days of Summer App

Submissions are closed for the demon damage and angry protesters, and wow did you guys come through!  It was extremely hard to pick a winner, and I’m glad it was on my editor’s shoulders.  -laugh-

I am delighted with all the entries, especially the protesters.  I sit with my mouth agape.  You guys are one dedicated bunch.  (And no one got arrested for protesting without a licensee.  grin)  I’ll have the winners for you tomorrow, but you have to go look and see.  Contenders for the Gazette photo five and six


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23 responses to “Madison is on the shelves!

  1. Stephenie

    Those are some awesome photos! I don’t think I would have been able to pull off something that good in the time allotted. I’m hoping to get something prepared for the next contest though.

    I’ve read ODTS, but I need to get the second and third Madison books now. When I have money. Which will be in… Never. Blegh! Maybe I can rent them from the library on my Nook! I rented Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher yesterday as my very first borrowed ebook and it is now nestled safely in my Nook! It’s awesome because I can’t get late fees. I also hate renting though because I have a tendency to forget that I rented said book and years later ransack my house looking for a book I never owned.

    My goal in life is to make enough library to have a library in my house and own every book I read. AKA Paradise.

    • The photos are amazing, I agree, Stephenie. 🙂

      I don’t think I have enough room shelve every book I’ve read, but I do have most of them in my head. At least, pieces of them. happy sigh

  2. kassie

    Hey Kim, I’m going to try The Madison series. My cousin is a teacher. She is trying to get her kids to read books. I told her to check out your Madison series. Have you read Octavia Butler? I wanted to ask. Again, I love your books and stay blessed. Please don’t stop writing and reaching out to your fans. I told my cousin how you make us all feel so special. She said her favorite authors don’t do it. I let her borrow Dead Witch Walking.

    • That’s cool, Kassie! I hope you like it if you find a copy to read. I’ve not read Octavia, no. Sorry. I don’t get to read as much as I used to.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books, and thank you for mentioning my work to your cousin!

  3. James Fox

    Hi Again Ms Kim it’s Jim from Warren-Thanks for clearing up who hit Ivy that time. I could have sworn it was Rachel. I must be going so hog-wild reading I’m missing meaning. And congratulations on getting your re-write done.I was finishing unpacking a box and found my 150 year old sword-knife that has a multi-layer steel blade (hand forged) and a hand carved wood sheath. Boy,people out in Asia will sell anything for a few dollars.I had my sword appraised and it’s worth at least $500 US(what I was offered)Í also have some hand-carved jade. Hey, a bowl of noodles costs37cents, so somebodys eating well.

    • Hi James. Rachel probably hit Ivy at some point, but I don’t think it was with a her largest spell pot.

      Wow, that’s very cool on the sword!

  4. Jessica

    I have to pick up the Madison books…I have of course LOVED the Hollows and I devoured the Truth Series it is time ti give Madison a run!!!!

    Also cannot for the Insider (with hopes of my picture being in it *grins*) as well as Blood Work!

    Thanks again for you wonderful worlds we get to escape to!!!!

  5. jkh

    Wierd! My format just changed from “column” to full-page.What did I do now? Anyway, I am just stoked about the photos. The destruction pic is fantabulous.

  6. I must admit, I’m very curious to see what you do next now that Madison is finished. Again, congratulations on getting the next Hollows book out, and the publish of the last Madison book! 🙂

    Can’t type long this time, work is worse than usual.

  7. Sue, Chicago

    Hey Kim! Any thought of setting up a spoiler page for the new Madison book?

  8. Woohoo, go Madison!:D

    I’m in my early twenties, so I enjoy reading Madison’s books just as much as Rachel’s. I know they are very different characters and all, but I love them both! So I’m a little sad that this is the last Madison book, but at least I can look forward to more adventures for Rachel and maybe new stories! *suppresses the urge to get all fangirly here*

    Anyway, happy release day and… Oh my, you have a very devoted and creative fan base! Great pics!:))

    Best wishes all the way from Romania!

    • Thank you, Deea! I’m so glad you’re enjoying Madison. I did, too, but it’s time to move on. 🙂

      Aren’t those pictures wonderful? I am totally floored.

  9. Jenn

    ~laughs~ wow…those are some great photos! I am getting so excited to see the book!
    And I’ll have to get the 3rd Madison book soon! Woohoo!!! Are you going to do another YA series?

    • Aren’t they great, Jenn! I just love them.

      I’ve got a blank page before me right now, and I’m going to enjoy it for a while, kicking around some ideas. I have to talk to my editor and agent before I can make any announcement of what is going to come across my desk next.

  10. Victoria Eskey

    The Protester pics are fun! Ive got goood news on my sprouts! I’ve managed to save the three little daisies, and one marigold. They are quickly approaching the three inch mark, and that means transplant! 🙂 My parsley just got it’s curly leaves!! I am sooo proud.

    • Aren’t they great, Victoria?

      That’s wonderful on your sprouts! I still have to get my beans in. Mmmmm.

      My pumpkins have true leaves now, so I know your joy!

  11. AKR (Trinidad)

    Wow … those are some really cool pics ….
    All of them …. you’ve got a really creative fan base Ms Harrison ….. lol