Joys of Spring

Birds claim their triumph
Printer hums, instilling joy
I begin once more

Yep, it’s spring, and I’ve finished the editorial rewrite for the next Hollows book, titled A PERFECT BLOOD.  Windows are all open, and I can feel the rain in the coming wind, so it should be an interesting day as I finish printing this sucker out and ship it to NY.  Some authors remember the day when they first hold their first book in their hand as the day they say they made it.  What sticks in my mind is the first time I EVER mailed off a manuscript and I knew someone was actually waiting for it–after years of “thank you, but it is not what we are looking for at this time.”  It still feels good.

So . . . It’s a new week, and a new contest!  I’m still accepting photos for demon damaged buildings and protesters until noon today.  I am seriously floored by the response that came in this weekend.  I can’t wait to show you tomorrow!  I have some fabulous, fabulous shots from some tremendously creative people, and I am thrilled down to my toes.

We are almost to the end of the contests, but I’ve got a few more photos needed to finish out the newspaper articles in the HOLLOWS INSIDER.  This week, I’m looking for shots of concerts and Fountain Square.  I’ll accept photos until May 30th.

Photo Seven: Something for you guys who live in, or have visited, Cincinnati!  It’s the dead of winter, and the banshees are starving.  A pair went to Fountain Square for the New Year festival and trashed the place, soaking in the fear as the fires burned and people fled.  What I’m looking for is a shot of the fountain taken the morning after, and the caption will say “Little remains to show last night’s damage thanks to work crews.”  This is going to be difficult because it’s supposed to be winter, and I’m sure they’ve got their spring flowers in now, but perhaps a closeup of the fountain or taking it in a way to avoid the spring trees might work.  And as always, I’ll accept pictures that you have taken in the past.  (I know I have one of me freezing my butt off in front of the fountain in winter.  ha!)

Picture Eight:  Dig out your photo albums, this one is going to be tricky as well.  It’s late October, and Takata is putting on a benefit concert to help the homeless.  The caption will read: Concert goers enjoy the music while helping the homeless.”  I will consider wide shots of a concert showing lots of people as well as close ups of someone wildly screaming out lyrics.  (I’m wondering if a picture of a football crowd (or any crowd for that matter) might work, too with a little photo shopping?)

Enjoy!  Have fun!  And keep it safe!  Rules and how to enter are at the website.  Winners of the contests will receive a signed copy of the upcoming THE HOLLOWS INSIDER, where their photo will be used.  They will also receive a frame-worthy, signed photo of the upcoming Hollows graphic novel BLOOD WORK.   Winners are already starting to make their picks, but you can see them all here.


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17 responses to “Joys of Spring

  1. James Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim it’s Jim from warren. I’m glad you didn’t rapture out,because since I got a kindle I can read alot without bursting an eyeball from my bad vision.(I write this on a computer with a super large monitor,and blow print screens up 200%) I do the same with my kindle.Since all your books are on kindle now, except for the Truth books,(make note to bug publisher) I am eagerly re-reading the Hollows books, and have a question really bugging me,which is,why did Rachel hit Ivy over the head with her biggest spellpot? Was Ivy getting the munchies again,or was it a deep dark secret between those two?

    • Hi Jim. I’m glad I didn’t rapture out, either, to tell you the truth. I’m not done yet. That’s great you have something that is working for you! And I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the re-reads.

      Ahh, it was Nick who hit Ivy over the head with her spell pot because Rachel said no, and Ivy disagreed.

  2. Hey there Mrs. Harrison,

    For us – it’s autumn. The days are colder, mild. Tolerable compared to our summers. My housemates and I have already passed through the first winter flu and bronchitis, marking me with a permanent cough that I’ll probably keep till the end of the season. Am I complaining?
    No – lol, because I actually love this time of year. I love being cold. I love the winter sun that we have here. I love the strangely dead landscape and the fluffy farm animals, all decked in their winter fur.
    I like the fact that there are no mosquitoes.

    🙂 Though – I will miss the birds that I have been feeding that have moved on to greener, warmer pastures in Europe.

    Hope you have a great day, congratulations on shipping off A Perfect Blood. Well done Mrs. Harrison. 🙂


    • Hi Alyssa. Enjoy your fall! We are still in spring with few mosquitoes, but they are starting to come out of the grass already. sigh.

      You have a great day, too.

  3. suzannelazear

    Love the title of the new book. 🙂 Can’t wait!

    Spring is very much here. The tot’s garden is full of strawberries and the mint has become a full-on mint forrest she can actually hide in.

    Have a great, great week. Getting that re-write done must feel great!

    ~Suzi and the tot, too

  4. jkh

    Dear Kim, I enjoyed your haiku so much! And the last sentence in your response to Greg’s Friday posting resonated in me. The little satisfactions not only are greater than the big ones, to me, but also enable me to appreciate the big ones. Bless you, we who have learned to cope with stringency and have found pleasure in it are richer than many millionaires. I remember my daughter showing a preschool friend the patches I had sewn in the lining of her jacket (I had to use a different fabric, but it was the inside) and saying proudly “My mommy made me a new coat out of an old one!”

    • Thank you, JKH. I’ve been having fun with haikus lately!

      Yup, your daughter probably still remembers that coat because YOU made it. Kids know when we go out of our way for them, whether it be as simple as making tater-tots for dinner or letting them wear mismatched socks just to be different.

  5. Shippee

    So when can we expect A Perfect Blood? I am so excited!

  6. Marsha

    Man I want to learn how to photo shop so badly. I can think of so many ways to have fun with that. I’m glad your readers are coming through for you.

  7. Morning, Kim! Congratulations on the printer humming! I can’t imagine what a wonderful feeling that must be. 🙂

    Out of curiosity, what kind of printer do you have (I’m a techno-geek, sorry). Also, when you send the finished product in, how many copies do you have to make? Just curious.

    We had a rough weekend, which is odd. My wife finally got a job (yay!), but that seemed to make things worse, not better. She started today, so since Thing 1 had gotten himself into so much trouble, he’s no longer allowed to watch Thing 2 and 3 alone. So we had to find babysitting at a reasonable price at the last minute. Ugh. Very stressful, and what should have been a celebratory time turned out to be rather depressing and stressful. Blech.

    • Hi Greg. I’ve got two. An inkjet for every day (Cannon, I think) and a laser writer I use about once or twice a year. (HP) When I send something to NY, it’s on the laser writer so it won’t smear if it gets wet, and if it’s the copy I might get back from the copy editor, I use a heavier paper.

      Sorry to hear about your rough weekend. Congrats on the job!

  8. Stephenie

    I get excited everytime I print off a new story for class. I love the way it looks when it’s finally on paper! I’m so sad I couldn’t find anyone to help me with photos for this weekend 😦 So the one idea I had failed, and there aren’t a lot of destroyed buildings in Iowa City. (Even though I find drunk college students to be equally as destructive/annoying as Ku’Sox)

    I’m going home this weekend so I’m pretty sure I can figure something out Maybe I can go to a baseball game or something I’ll also look through our old photos of Warped Tour, muahahaha.