Lots of stuff for the weekend!

We’ve got winners for the second and third photo contest!!  CGarcia, and AZiegler! for their deserted mall and mourning vampires!  Congratulations both of you, and thank you everyone who entered.  This has been so much fun from my end of things, I hope you guys are having fun, too.  Garcia and Ziegler will be getting a copy of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER when it comes out, and each of them can choose a print from the BLOOD WORK pages as an extra thank you.  (Just let me know which one you want, and I’ll set it aside for you.)

I’m still taking photos for protesters and building/bridge /street damage until Monday.  I’ve no shots of protesters yet, so it’s wide open.  (rules, how to enter, what I’m looking for)  Good luck!

Also, if you have a young adult reader in the house, or you’re just young at heart yourself, I’ve got something kind of cool for you today!  The dark days of summer has a couple of apps available!  I’m not an app person myself, but I took a look at them over at the iTunes store, and it says you can “Browse and read first chapters, connect with the authors through Livestream & Twitter, access tour information, and much more – all for FREE!”  Sounds good to me.  There’s like 13 authors/books involved, so it’s a nice package of stuff and might keep your son or daughter reading all summer.  Here’s the link to check it out.


This morning, I’ve got a foggy, foggy sunrise, which doesn’t surprise me, seeing as it’s rained for the entire week.  But I have a feeling that it’s going to burn off and I’ll have sun the rest of the day.  I really need it.  I’ve been working on the last brush through A PERFECT BLOOD’s editorial rewrite, and I have to push through the last few chapters today to hit my goal of finishing.  100 pages in a day of “brush-through” is not hard.  100 pages for five days is, and my mind is weary, but the story is strong.  (grin)  I threw out so much useless crap it was amazing.  Most of it was actually needed until I tossed one little element, and then the dross fell away to leave the shine.  Looks better, feels better.  Still needs tweaking . . .  But not until my thoughts have a chance to rest for a bit.


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12 responses to “Lots of stuff for the weekend!

  1. Hey Mrs. Harrison.

    So, hope you had a good weekend! Ours was a little sad – we sold our one horse. But he’s going to a good home, and I guess that’s why we raise them… But, it was challenging.

    And, the world didn’t end, meaning I had a ton of dishes to do (figured it wouldn’t be needed if my house was destroyed in an earthquake of apocalyptic proportions). Damn me for not doing it earlier, lol. 😛

    Hope you had a great weekend and that the writing will flow this week.


    • Hi Alyssa. Oh, that hurts! Especially when you thought you might get to keep him yourself. Sigh. At least you know he will be loved and appreciated.

      Yeah, I still had to do my lawn work Sunday, and all the laundry. -grin-

      You have a great week, too!

  2. Marsha

    I hope your weather improves enough fot you to get out in the garden. We are already shelling peas. Have a great weekend.

  3. Bri

    A tad late from yesterday’s topic, but with the title Perfect Blood, will we be seeing a bit more of Ivy than normal? 😉 (Heh, I certainly understand if you can’t really answer ^_^ )

  4. Rebecca

    We’re due sun today and tomorrow, then back to the rain. I swear, Seattle’s moved to Michigan! Here’s hoping maybe you can play in the garden or something of that nature!

  5. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :)) Gotta go spam your Facebook 😉

  6. Hey Kim! Sorry I missed you yesterday, work and life in general are as hectic as ever. I look back and realize I keep complaining about school and how much time it takes up, but I’ve been out of school for 2 weeks now and things haven’t changed much. Obviously my issues lie elsewhere. 🙂

    Great work on the book! It’s great when things like that just come together. When I write computer programs, it can work that way sometimes. Things are all cluttered and messy until I can take a step back, remove one thing that just doesn’t quite fit… and suddenly everything I didn’t like leaves, and what is left is just… elegant. Good stuff. 🙂 One day I’ll be a writer and experience the same thing that way.

    • The trick, Greg, is to utilize your joy to the fullest extent.
      Lately I’ve been looking back at when my boys were little. (They are almost fully fledged, and I’m seeing kids in the neighborhood who remind me of them when they were little.) We had almost zero funds, and little disposable income. Things were very tight, and I learned how to sew, knit, can food, and cool a house in 90 degree temps without an air conditioner. It should have been miserable, but it wasn’t. Least, I don’t remember it that way. I was very focused on here and now. This instant. This moment. Small satisfactions are more important than big ones.