Vampires and Malls

The photo contest of mourning vampires and peaceful mall is over, and wow, did you guys come through for me!  I was totally blown away by the inventiveness of some of you.  I am SO glad that I don’t have to pick the winners, especially in the mourning vampire contest.  (phew!)  They are all wonderfully Hollows.  🙂  I’ve got my favorites up at the website for your viewing pleasure.  (Both mourning vampires and mall fronts)  Again, thank you all who entered, and good luck to everyone!  I should have a winner by next week, I’m thinking, so don’t forget to take a look at the signed pages of BLOODWORK that you can choose from in case you win.

It finally stopped raining here, and I’m hoping for some sun by this weekend.  We’ll see.  The last of my daffs have finally given up, and the lilacs are blooming!  I am very excited about my lilac tree.  I grew up loving them, and when I moved to SC, I missed them awfully. (too hot)  Our new house had a very old one, perhaps even a herloom variety. I’m thinking it is at least 20-40 years old since it has a tree shape and was planted under a large maple that might have grown up around it.  The maple has since been cut down.  (It was in a very bad place and we thought it had a rotten core.)  Now the lilac is singing in the sun.  I did manage to get a few flowers this year, but it’s going to go nuts next after a summer of sun that it’s not seen in years.


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14 responses to “Vampires and Malls

  1. Mirja

    Hi! I love lilacs so much too! 🙂 Too bad I live in the city now, and there is so little green here. But lilacs aren’t going to bloom in Finland until a month or so. I just ordered the Madison books, and I expect to love them as I do the hollows series. 🙂 I’m a teenager at heart. 😉

    • I hadn’t realized how much I missed them, Mirja, until I couldn’t grow them. Now that I’ve moved, there’s a lot of things that I’ve been picking back up, and it feels good.

      I hope you like the Madison books! She is not Rachel, but she shares the same determined spirit.

  2. Hey Kim. Great work with the garden, those lilacs are beautiful. I’m sure they are starting to smell good as well.

    The pictures for the contests look awesome as well. Good to see you’re getting such great responses.

    • They smell wonderful, Greg, and I’m already starting to look forward to next year and the increased output of flowers.

      I am amazed at the response. Humbled and gratified.

  3. Stephenie

    The back fence line of our house is planted with really big lilac bushes… I was so excited because lilac’s are my favorite smelling flower ever. Unfortunately they don’t get a lot of sun so there weren’t a lot of blooms and they’re already on their way out. I was so sad. Our peonies are doing well though, and I’m looking for a neat pot to plant my poppies in.

    All the photos are so good! I’ve definitely got some stiff competition. Good luck to everyone and I’ll have three sets of fingers crossed! I’ll at least always have bragging rights that I got a photo on the drama box! 😀

    • That sounds beautiful, Stephenie! I’m so sorry that they are not getting enough sun. That was the story of my yard when we moved in until we trimmed up the trees and took a badly-placed one out.

      Aren’t the submissions wonderful? I’m loving it. And thank you again for entering!

  4. The first thing I planted when I moved back to Michigan from the west coast was a lilac bush just like the one my grandmother had. I love them. I am waiting not so patiently for my peony plants to get some blooms..actually I am waiting for EVERYTHING to get some blooms and the promised 70’s this weekend so I can get out and play in the dirt!

    • That is a beautiful thougth, Colleen, making a touchstone with the memory of your grandmother. My peony has a few buds this year, and I’m so excited! I don’t know what color it is. -laugh- I think summer is either going to be very hot, or almost nonexistant this year. We’ll see.

  5. Jenn

    I love lilacs too. We had a really big tree of them when we were kids. We played on it, hung off it & had a grand old time in it. It is one of my fav scents to this day.
    The photos look great, per usual!

    • I don’t think people give lilac as much credit as they deserve because they are so “common” But as I’ve seen here at the Drama Box, they are one of those few plants that almost everyone can relate to and have a memory of.

      . . . must think about that . . .

      Aren’t the pictures wonderful? I love them.

  6. donna

    If you like lilacs that much you’d LOVE my grandparents yard… the whole perimiter of their property except the side by the road is edged solid with lilac trees… it smells SO good when they are in bloom.. (they do the humming bird feeders too they hang one on the outside of their dining room window and their table is by the window so they can see the humming birds whenever they are at the table, though their cat seems to like watching them from on the table through the window too.. lol..)

    • There are a few houses around my neighborhood that have a lilac hedge, but not my yard! -laugh- I just have to sigh enviously and celebrate my shade.

  7. trisha

    wow i can’t believe my photo made it into the contest i am so excited

    • -grin- It was a good one, Trisha. I should have the ultimate winner before too long. My editor is moving forward quickly on them as they come in.