Winners of Boat and Halloween Contest!

And we’ve got our first two winners in the HOLLOWS INSIDER photo contests!  K. Flanagan/A Avery and JPace have won both a signed copy of the upcoming The Hollows Insider,  and a signed, frame-worthy page from the upcoming Blood Work!  All I can say is that I’m very glad I did not have to pick the winner.  All of the entered photos were wonderful, and I can’t thank you guys enough for coming through for me like this.  If you didn’t win, there are lots of chances yet!  I’ll be accepting photos for mourning vampires and mall fronts until noon today.  What I’m looking for this week is down below.  Good luck!  And again, I can’t say enough how great you guys are.  This is wonderful!

New week, new contest!  Today, I’m looking for two photos.

Photo five: It’s June in San Francisco, and Ku’ Sox has been a bad boy, damaging buildings as he ravages the streets calling Rachel out.  I am looking for a shot of a broken structure in a city for this one.  If your photo is in San Francisco, tell me in your email just as a bonus, but it’s not necessary to win.  Right now the caption will read “San Francisco building (bridge, whatever) damaged by demon-caused quake.”  I’ll accept a little photoshopping if you want to add some Inderland graffiti or some such.  Just as a reminder, this has to be a photo that you took, not lifted from the web.

Photo six: This one is going to require your friends,(the more, the better) and I think it’s going to be the toughest photo to come by.   If you can’t drum up a crowd, I’ll also consider a closeup of someone with a protest sign.

It’s April, and citizens of Cincinnati are protesting outside the front of a city building.  Pre-Turn documents concerning bio-engeneered drugs have been unearthed, and conflict has developed over what to do with them. SGR (safe genetic research) wants to study them to help cure diabetes and leukemia, historians want to put them in a museum, concerned citizens want them destroyed. Caption will read “Protesters at City Hall show their teeth as proponents clash.”

That’s it!  Rules and how to enter are at the website at the contest page.  Signed pages from the graphic novel BLOOD WORK up for grabs are at the website here for your perusal.  (Soon as I know which pages Avery and Pace choose, I will note that they are taken) I’ll have my favorite mall and mourning vampires up for you tomorrow at the website, as well.  😉

Just as a P.S.  my weekend was kind of sucky.  Rain all Sunday and most of Saturday kept me inside and out of the dirt.  Made pop tarts and truffles, hung up a knife rack in the kitchen, did a bit of shoppin’ and organized the laundry room.  (pout)  I’ve got some pictures of my pumpkins to show you maybe on Wednesday.  I’ve started them from seed this year, which I’ve not done in almost 13 years, and they finally sprouted!


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29 responses to “Winners of Boat and Halloween Contest!

  1. Marsha

    Great photos. Congratulations to the winners!

  2. Hey Kim,
    just talked to Steph and we just wanted to tell you that they translate(d) The Bridges of Eden Park (into Bloodmagic), Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel will be out next year (“Bloodwhisper”) and this and the World Book already have covers! go look on (I know you don’t like links ;)]
    See you tomorrow!
    Aimee and Steph

  3. jkh

    We had a couple of almost seasonal (warming up and sunny) days, but they ended by Saturday evening and it rained. All. Day. Sunday. I felt almost smug, scooping the cat’s convenience indoors while I contemplated the dog-walkers in slickers!

  4. Val-OH

    I feel your pain when it comes to all this excessive rain. I’m glad your pumpkins sprouted, that’s always exciting. I always plant my morning glories from seeds and I’m always happy when I look out the kitchen window and see the little curly sprouts, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside… I bought these bulbs for a plant called Elephant Ears, I potted them in some garden dirt and potting soil over the weekend, I’m so excited to see them grow!! If they do what they’re supposed to do they’ll be show stoppers!!

    Congrats, on your successful picture contest! I ♥ your work. And I ♥ Al!!

    • Val-OH

      Hey, I accidentally pasted that link to my comment. I had sent it to a friend who lives in Colorado. Sorry about that…

    • Okay, I was wondering why the link to a national park. -laugh- I hope your sprouts do well. My pumpkins are a bit waterlogged. I’ll have to watch them close the next couple of days.

  5. Maryellen

    Hey there Miss Kim!

    I loved all the photos- it must have been hard to choose a winner. Everyone did a great job! I’m looking through my old photos, but so far none have much to do with what you need. Oh well, life goes on, does it not?

    By the by, is there any chance I could talk you into posting your pop tarts recipe, please? I used to make my own too. They were good, but not great and I’ve been looking for a good recipe ever since.

    Hope your day is happy, productive (I know how much you like that), and bright. 🙂

    • I’m so glad I don’t have to pick the winners, Maryellen.

      Pop tart recipe. Ahh, let me see if I can find it online and give you a link. I got it from my mom, who clearly got it from the web, and I’d feel more comfortable sending you right to the source. (If I can’t find it, I’ll post it)

      You have a great day, too!

  6. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim it’s Jim from Warren. Sorry about the lousy weekend.It rained so hard here in Warren, along with thunderstorms,etc that my old cat and I spent most of the weekend in bed with the electric blanket.(I had my kindle of course,can’t live without it since I can blow up print to where I can see it.) I’m sorry, but your weather is supposed to suck all week.(My cat has me investigating weather all over). She recommends a laptop,electric blanket and a cat for you.Ever since cats invented civilization at Jerico in 11,000 BCE they have been really bossy.
    Also,every chance I get,I look at the pages from Blood Work and drool. I can’t wait! I hope your week goes really well for you, and don’t forget Smudge’s (my old cat)advice Remember the first rule of feline ediquete,the cat is always right.

    • jkh

      Hope you and Smudge are feeling better. It’s the changes in baro pressure that get me…Have you tried glucosamine/chondriatin? Helps me, but I must keep taking it because the improvement fades when I stop. There might be a feline equivalent; check with the vet.

    • Keep warm, James. I’m starting to ache when the weather gets ugly, and that’s no fun.

  7. Stephenie

    Sorry your weekend was back! My girlfriend was sick all weekend and now the house is a crazy mess. We went and took vampire pictures last night though and I really like the way they turned out. My mall picture is all blurry and artsy because of the night exposure but it’s kind of cool.

    I was watching a Colbert Report this morning from I don’t know when, and they had Geoffrey Rush on. (Barabosa from Pirates, and the Doctor in The King’s Speech) He said to Colbert how he wanted to play a character named Newt! The only references they could come up with were Newt Gingrich and the feral girl from Alien. Obviously Geoffrey Rush would not exactly fit Newt, but I still thought it was cool.

    • I like your photos, Stephenie! Thanks again for taking the time to participate. This has been very gratifying, and I can’t thank you enough.

      Ahhh, I don’t think he was talking about our Newt. -laugh-

  8. Dot

    Not enough coffee this morning ! Do you have a title for the next book?
    Friends – Dot

  9. Dot

    A name for the next yet?

  10. Hey Kim-

    Sorry you had a sucky weekend. Mine was a mixed bag. Friday night/Saturday morning we had a major system crash. Sucks to have to work on that at 3am. Ugh. Saturday evening we grilled out, which was nice, but it turned chilly and windy which sucked the fun out of it. But that night we played Arkham Horror, one of my favorite board games ever!

    It was fun, and we won to boot! 🙂

    • OMGosh I forgot to congratulate you on the sprouting pumpkins! Those were what you had issues with this last October, right? Couldn’t get them to flower I think? Memory is fuzzy. Best of luck this year with them. Hopefully they cooperate.

    • Hi Greg. It was sucky weather, but a good weekend regardless.

      Yes on the pumpkins. I got them in the ground way to late and in so-so soil. I’m having fun with it this year, so there will be updates!

  11. Stef from Germany

    I like the “casino boat” picture. : D

    we took pictures for the mall and when i was about to send them i re-read your instructions.. i took it in the mall and you wanted a picture outside.. dammit! XD Maybe next time..
    Broken buildings? Hmm…

  12. Kelly from California

    Hi Kim!
    How fun it must be getting photos from all over for the themes you have chosen. It’s great you are including your fans to help you out.

    And I feel for ya on the weather front…woke up to snow_again_yesterday morning. The middle of May and we are still stuck in a bloody long winter. I am so ready to move somewhere warm and tropical!
    Hope we both get out in the garden again soon!

  13. Hey Kim,
    I thought you chose your favorites and your editor had to chose from them?
    Anyway, congrats to the winners, love the “boat” picture!

    • That’s the idea, but I wasn’t happy with enough of the Halloween photos so I sent them all to my editor in the hopes that she might have a stronger opinion than me.