Oh, I’m glad it’s Friday.  It’s been a frustrating week with lots of distractions, revelations, and not as much work passing over my desk as I am happy with, but hopefully today I can hammer out a new concluding chapter and tweak the coda at the end and wrap this baby up.  And then turn right back around and go through it again one last time before giving it to my editor.  This time, though, it will be a much faster process as I tweak the beginning emotions to better tie in with the end.  I can’t believe the changes I’ve made in this one.  I would venture to guess that it is one of the most extensive editorial rewrites I’ve done, but it feels better, and that’s the entire point.

I’ve got absolutely no pictures for vampires sitting around coffee tables yet, so that signed copy of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER is very much up for grabs.  I’m hopeful I’ll get some this weekend.  Remember, less is more.  The entire idea behind the Hollows is that the Inderlanders try to look like humans as much as they can, so keep it simple and something that you might see in the newspaper.

Monday I’ll have a definitive winner for the Saladan’s boat picture and a new contest!


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17 responses to “Friday!

  1. Jemma

    Hey Miss Kim!

    Just checking in to say I grabbed my best friend (who I’ve finally got reading The Hollows) and her husband today and went into town to take some vamp coffee shop photos.

    I sent two in and hope you like. 😉

  2. Fashon

    Look, Mrs. Harrison…you’re killing some of us—->Ivy Alisha Tamwood, six feet of powerful, dangerous and beautiful living vampire perennially struggling with her instincts, and inexplicably (by this point) in love with one Rachel Mariana Morgan since Dead Witch Walking. Nine books later (and let me say that I was warned off the 8th and 9th so I haven’t read them), they’ve had a couple of disastrous blood-sharing episodes, two kisses, the soul equivalent of a Vulcan mind-meld, and several aching heart to hearts. But they’re only friends, even if Ivy makes Rachel’s heart pound, and Rachel’s admitted that she loves Ivy more than a sister or a friend.

    I’m probably not the only Hollows fan out there who finds this completely frustrating, but what bothers me more is a tendency in the Hollows series to present a drug-dealing, underworld boss (who nearly had Rachel killed), and a demon who’s enslaved people for centuries as having redeeming qualities, while a high-born living vampire who moves halfway across the country and does the unthinkable to save the woman she’s loved since high school is written off as crazy-jealous unhinged.

    • Hi Fashon. It is, what it is, but personally, I’ve never seen Skimmer as crazy-jealous unhinged. She is a wickedly smart, driven individual.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Kim,

    Good luck with the rewrites, I know they can be a pain.


  4. Stephenie

    I was supposed to take pictures today but my friend bailed on me and I only have like 2 friends at the University. I’m trying to figure something out though because I have a couple of good ideas that I want to try out. I hope I can find someone else… I need to come up with something so there are vampireS in the picture.

    I’m officially done with my junior year at the University! I just turned in my final portfolio for my second fiction writing class and now I just sit back and wait for grades. Anxiously wait for grades.

    I hope you have a great weekend and get your rewrite just the way we all like!

  5. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Yay for Friday. Usually I don’t like Fridays because I work Saturday and Sunday. For some reason, I’m looking forward to working this week end. That is strange for me.

    If I did this right, Maria’s video should be here.


  6. Hi, Kim. Happy Friday the 13th! I was reading what you posted yesterday (yesterday) and felt inspired to write a poem based on a fight between Rachel and Ivy titled “Bite Me”. If you have time, check out my blog and let me know what you think of it. Kiss Kiss. v–v

  7. mudepoz

    I’m thinkin’ of giving up on my idea of vamps sitting OUTSIDE at the coffee shop. They’d either be drinking with mittens, or in severe storms.

    Which would DEFINITELY NOT have them blending in. Dang.

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