Happy, happy!

It’s a new week, and a new contest!  I am still taking Halloween photos until this afternoon (see here for info on what I’m looking for)  but this week, I’ll be looking for two photos.  You can enter for both of them.

Picture Three: Get your Inderland garb on, this one is going to be tricky!  It’s July in the Hollows, and Piscary is dead.  Cincinnati is in mourning, and living vampires everywhere are in a state of concerned waiting as they wonder who is going to take his place.  The caption under the picture is going to read something like: “Concerned vampires waiting for news at Matt’s coffee shop.”  So grab your friends and your camera, and go have a latte!  And have fun!

Picture Four:  Something a little easier.  I need a picture of the front of a mall, busy or deserted, it doesn’t matter.  The caption will read: Mall where Were brawl occurred last night, now peaceful.  If you get inventive and want to take a picture of you toting your boyfriend out of the mall in cuffs, I’d go for that, too, and change the caption.  (laugh)

Before sending me pictures, please go to the main web pages where I have the rules and official information on how to enter.  Winners of each individual contest get a signed, frame-worthy page from the upcoming graphic novel, BLOOD WORK. and a signed copy of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER when it hits the shelves.

Tomorrow, I’ll have my favorite 4-5 Halloween pictures up, so if you’ve not sent me yours yet, you have a bit of time left.

Outside of the contest, I’ve been working on the editorial rewrite for the next Hollows book, making good progress.  I have high hopes for this week, and it started off great as the first thing I saw out my office window this morning was a hummer.  The hummers are back, and I couldn’t be more excited.  My mom first saw one last week, which got me scurrying to put up my own feeder, and this morning, I saw one!  I swear it was a female, which is not what I would expect, but closer investigation will tell me if it is, or if it was just the angle of the sun.

Thing Two asked me why I got so excited, and it took me few minutes to figure out why, but I think it’s because I try so hard to reduce my “human footprint” (as opposed to my carbon footprint) and seeing hummers at my feeder is a sign that I’m making inroads.  I plant bushes, leave dead wood standing when I can, and have water available to encourage small wildlife.  I try to bring in native species of plants instead of sterile imports from other countries.  Anything to try to bring about a better balance.  I think it’s working in a grand scale, and my small efforts make a small difference.  Last night, I saw a fox hunting moles.  This morning, a hummer at my feeder.  Yesterday, I heard sandhill cranes courting, coming back stronger every year after we nearly wiped them out from this area.

So I smile at my hummer feeder, and settle in for a long day at my desk, content.


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  1. Em

    Sorry wrong link! Forum thread is […]

  2. Em

    Hi Kim,

    Sorry for shoving this here, not entirely sure who else to contact – there’s an eBook site that from all account looks like it’s selling pirated books without author’s permission, and it’s currently got Pale Demon on it’s front page! I don’t know if your publisher can get them to cease and desist?

    The website is here:

    and the discussion and reveal that it’s a fraudlent site is on this thread on the writer’s beware forum:

  3. Stephenie

    Now that I have missed two photo contests (the agony!! D:) I am determined to get in this week. I have a photo shoot planned for Friday that is doubling as a trip to the tattoo parlor… unfortunately not for me, but exciting all the same.

    I spent some accidental time outside today as the realtors came to show our house and locked me out of it. So I painted in the backyard. I went outside on purpose yesterday to write for my final short story and watched a black and grey squirrel chase each other all over the yard.

    I love your idea of gardening and if I knew a thing about it I would love to be able to garden that way. I hope that someday I will have the time and money to learn to/participate in gardening. I would really like to have poppies somewhere though, even if they are in a pot. I just really love poppies and they really get my creativity flowing.

    To gardening, and creating, and fuzzy animals!

    • Hi Stephenie. The one time I got locked out of my house, I put a shed together. -laugh-

      Hey, the thing about gardening is that it’s like writing. You learn by doing. You wouldn’t believe the plants I’ve killed. Three didn’t make it through the winter, no, four, but I’m babying the one along to see if it will survive. I like the idea of a pot of poppies. You should just do it.

  4. Good morning Ms Harrison,

    My parents live out in our ‘countryside’ (wild bushveld really) and they too have their yard in a state of unhumanness to encourage the wildlife to come. We don’t have hummingbirds, but we have ‘sugarbirds’ which are from the same family. I made them a bottle that you can turn upside down into a drinker so my mum fills it up with honey and sugar water every day. The sugarbirds flock to it like a good movie. 🙂
    Is that the feeder that you have as well?

    Happy writing!


    • Hi Alyssa. Oh, that sounds divine! My kind of place where you have to be careful where you step so you don’t find a snake or spider.

      I’ve got a standard humming bird feeder that looks like a wide-mouthed test tube, with a screw on base with a hole in it. Very simple and easy to clean.

  5. Roxy

    I can’t wait to see the Hollows Insider!! It is going to be awesome!! It will feel like everyone had a hand in it and will make it even more exciting!!!
    And having hummers in your yard makes you feel so special!! They are like magic flying!! They are just supernatural almost–maybe they are pixies in disguise–Go Jenks!! At a friend’s house, she had hummer racing daily!!! A sight to see!!
    I have a wren nest in a metal planter on my porch and the babies have hatched!! Cuteness!!
    And one more bit of enough—sandhill cranes come to the area I live in (near Chattanooga TN on the TN river) to rest on their migration route!! It is a big deal here and lots of bird watchers flock( LOL) here to see the event!!
    Love all the sharing you do about your garden and books!!! Roxy from TN

    • That’s kind of how I feel, Roxy. That readers can take a shot at being in the book and be a part of the Hollows.

      Funny you should mention that about hummers and pixies. I get a lot of my inspiration for pixies from hummers and bees.

      Congrats on the nest! Very cool.

      The cranes nest here, and I love it. I see them more often than not on my way to my mom’s house, just standing in the fields with the deer, eating bugs and grain. It makes me feel good to hear them croak and caw. Very primeval, very earthy.

  6. Hey Kim-

    Congratulations on your inroads on your human footprint. 🙂 Your place sounds very exciting.

    Had a very interesting weekend. It started off pretty bad with some terrible news regarding (using your nomenclature) Thing 3. Some legal issues he stirred up kicked us in the teeth in an unexpected way. It could have been much worse, but it’s a crisis we are all dealing with.

    However, the rest is good to great. Thing 7’s birthday went off pretty well. We’re hurting on money, so we got him a few presents, skipped a party and said it was his day. So we watched the movies he wanted, played the games he wanted, and ate the food he wanted (which was remarkably well-balanced).

    Mother’s Day was pretty much the same, but with Mom as the center. 🙂 She loved it.

    And… I got my grades back from this semester. Even though I was sure I’d throw a B in my programming class, it turns out I pulled out the A anyway. So another semester of Straight A’s keeps my 4.0 average alive. Woohoo!

    Good luck this week on the rewrite.

    • Hi Greg. My place is a mess right now, but it’s getting better. -laugh-

      I’m sorry to hear about Thing Three. I hope it smooths out. That can be an emotional mess.

      Congrats on the straight As! I was never that good at school. Always distracted by what I wanted to do, not what I was supposed to be doing. sigh.

  7. I love our local wildlife, too. We have a feeder in the scotch pine out front where those little sugar water addicts visit constantly. They must be nesting because we have to fill it every other day. I had Johnny hang one in the pine tree by the back door last week but, so far, no visitors. He extended the hanger over the weekend thinking that the hummers might not have had enough diving room.

    Good photo stats for this week. Can’t wait to see what people come up with.

  8. melissa page

    I love the antics of humming birds. They are very territorial and will try to stab other birds with their beaks if they come around their feeders.
    But I don’t put out nectar for them for two reasons. My cats would see them as an all you can eat buffet, and they come to depend on that nectar.
    Humming birds are migratory and will return to feeders year after year. I fear I would get them hooked on the nectar like little Brimstone birds, then I would get busy with the kids and forget to refill for a few weeks.
    Last thing I need is to be dive bombed by wild eyed, sharp beaked, addicts while I am trying to haul in the groceries.

  9. Amy

    My sister has created a back yard with birds and squirrels in mind and we get a lot of them all year long (California). One of the cutest things my sister ever saw in the back yard was a humming bird taking a ‘shower’ in the fountain. The little bird was flying back and forth under where the water cascades from the concrete calla lilly into the basin.

    I’ve found if you provide water you will get a lot of wild life, but then where I live it doesn’t rain from the end of May until the end of September.

    • Oh, that is so sweet, Amy. I’ve been thinking of putting up a mister, but I don’t have a large enough basin to work with, so maybe a long time later.

      I once heard that running water brings in a larger variety of birds than a feeder, and I believe it!

  10. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I think I might top your hummer story. 🙂 My sister in Kentucky has a big wreath on her front door. While she was down here visiting us, a robin built a nest in it and has laid her eggs. The front door is now off limits.When the eggs hatch she will have a bird’s eye veiw of the event. 🙂

    I told her to get pictures if she can. If I get any, I’ll link them for you.


    • Our neighbor across the street has a robin next above her door, and the one two houses down has one in her winter wreath as well. -laugh- My next door neighbor almost had one in her wreath, but she took it down at the first sign of nesters.

      That would be very cool to see a nest through the window!

  11. This all sounds great! Hope you had a happy mother’s day!

  12. Victoria Eskey

    I’ve got a “windowsill garden” that is finally sprouting! 🙂 The teeny tiny seedlings are just barely pushing up, but at least now I’ve got something to show to people and it doesn’t feel like I’m just watering dirt any more!

  13. Val-OH

    Oooh! I love humming birds!! I haven’t been able to set mine up yet because I need to buy a new metal stake hanger to stab in the yard. My other one was too short and the raccoons kept getting into it. Last year I hollowed out a old tree trunk and made it into a bird bath. Not many birds use it yet, but the little chipmunk that lives in one of my flower beds really partakes in the water.

    • Raccoons! Ouch. There is no good way to get rid of raccoons. sigh.

      You wait. You’ll have birds before you know it. It took almost a year before the birds started reliably using my offered water.