Woke to the sound of rain

It’s finally springy!  And though I’ve been in the yard already, now the ground is workable for plants, even with the rain we got this morning.  I’m looking forward to a few hours out in the yard this weekend, and then, I’m going to make cake!  -laugh-

I still have a few hosta to move/rescue, and a bit of hardscape to put in, and maybe a few new plants.  You’ve gotta love a yard that’s been ignored for fifty years.  Perennials are hands-down my favorites, but I’ve not gotten many in the last couple of years as I concentrate on the woody plants that need to go in first.  This year, I find I’m finally starting to at least leaf through the perennial pages in the garden catalogs.  It’s almost time to explode this garden in a big way.

Work went not-bad this week, and I’m confident that by this time next week, I will have made all the major changes that my editor and I have been talking about on the next Hollows book.  I still want to go through it again to tweak the emotional responses, but the really hard stuff is almost done, and I’m pleased.  Things are still changing, though.  Just this morning, I had a new scene float up in my head, something that hadn’t occurred to me before and will serve two purposes.  Double whammy content.  That’s the best kind.

I’m still taking pictures for Halloween until Monday.  Grab your friends and cameras, and have fun!


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25 responses to “Woke to the sound of rain

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Kim. Our vegetable garden is ready and Johnny planted 4 tomato plants and 2 pepper plants. He built a new raised bed for me to plant herbs. I’m going to visit our local nursery this week.

    • Thanks, Jeannie. I am not yet able to put my tomatoes in, but I’ve got ’em! Very cool on the raised bed. Someday . . . I’ll get me one of those.

      Happy Mother’s day to you , too!

  2. Maryellen

    Happy Mother’s Day, Miss Kim! I hope Things One and Two (and Mr. Guy) get a chance to spoil you a little. 🙂

  3. James R Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-Just wanted to wish you Happy Mothers Day! I am alwas glad to hear that someone waks to the sound of rain. My old cat and I curse and mumble to the sound of rain. I crawl to the tylonol bottle and my cat snuggles into the electric blanket (turned very low) Her vet won’t let her take tylonol. says she’s too old, but gentle heat is ok..

  4. Donna Patten

    We have been getting alot of rain here in Washington. I live close to Seattle. My grass is growing so fast. Glad you are having fun in the yard and hope the cake was good. You have inspired my tastebuds, so I will be making cupcakes for my girls in the morning. Or maybe cinnamon buns. ummmmm…. that sounds even better. I make them by scratch. Anyways. Thank you for the update on the next Hollows book. Sooooooo looking forward to it. 🙂 Have a great weekend and take some time off for you and family on this mothers day weekend!!! Our family will be going to some state parks for hiking and playing (playgrounds for my girls) and picnic lunch. Love it… Have FUN!!!!
    Donna Patten 😉

    • Oh, man. The days of me making scratch cinnamon buns are long gone, but maybe for father’s day . . .

      I hope you had a great Mother’s day!

  5. Gail S

    Hi Kim, Happy to hear the garden is getting TLC 😉 I still have more to do in mine.
    I wanted to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you have a great weekend-don’t work to hard in the garden take time to relax 🙂

    I’m off to the Flower Shop to work a long shift today & tonight & tomorrow. Not only is it MD, we have two proms this weekend. It’s a madhouse-but somehow exhilarating 😀

  6. Victoria Eskey

    I’m working hard on the Halloween pic! I can’t wait to show you!
    Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

  7. Marsha

    I hope you have a happy mother’s day and a great weekend. We are looking at a full week of warm temps and dry weather and we need that badly to let those who lost their homes clean up…it’s been a very rough week down here in Alabama. I see all the flooding and feel for the people up North too. Man seems like Mother Nature is pissed! I hope you get your dirt time.

    • Thanks, Marsha. I hope you had a great, day, too. Mmmm, some good weather at last for you. We’ve been pretty lucky where we live, but it’s not warming up like it should. Spring is very slow this year.

  8. Good morning! The rain has just been non-stop. Two days ago they said it was supposed to be sunny and clear today. I woke up to heavy rainfall. Yay! 🙂

    I’m so impressed with your gardening abilities. I think we see where Rachel gets her love of her garden. 🙂

    This weekend is my youngest’s birthday (Saturday) followed by Mother’s Day. Wow. Gonna be busy, but at least school is out! Woohoo!

  9. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    “This year, I find I’m finally starting to at least leaf through the perennial pages in the garden catalogs.” Did a little pun sneak in here? 🙂

    Happy Spring at last! Have a great Mother’s Day. Guy and Thing2 should be making cake for you.


    • Hi Vampy. OMGosh, you should hear us around the dinner table when we get going. More puns than peas. Thing Two is getting better at keeping up, so now it’s twice as fun.

  10. Stephenie

    It rained all day yesterday, so far sun this morning, but who knows? I’d like to get outside this weekend, but with Finals next week I doubt it.

    I’m hoping to get some photos taken this weekend, but if not I have one I can send in. I’d just really like to get something with tomatoes!!

    I hope you have a great weekend and Mother’s Day. I won’t get to see my mom 😦 But hopefully I will see her soon.

  11. AKR (Trinidad)

    Good morning …
    Wow you’re on early today …. 🙂
    It’s been raining here in Trinidad …. more than it should be, considering this is usually our “dry season” …. go figure ….

    More changes huh …. dual purpose scenes huh ….
    SWEET …!!!! =)
    Looking forward to it ALL ….

    Oh … btw whoever posted the link for the Decorah eagle cam … (too lazy to go back and check) …. THANK YOU …. =) ❤
    It's given me and my family great pleasure to observe life from such a unique perspective …

    Have a great weekend ….
    AKR (Trinidad)

  12. Jenn

    Yup, rain again! We had sun yesterday but beyond that it’s been constant rain. It makes it really had to rake up all my pine needles lol. I’m glad that you are so excited about your garden. Oh, and the picture looks pretty – what is it?
    I hope you have/had a great mother’s day!

    • Hi Jenn. We lucked out with the rain, but now I wouldn’t mind a drop or two. That is a picture of cherry blossoms. They are beautiful this year.
      I hope you had a great mother’s day, too!