More Madison stuff!

It’s Madison’s turn to shine, and I’ve got the stuff!  HarperTeen also made up a book trailer just for Madison, so if you have anyone in your family who might be interested, pass it on!

The Dark Days tour also has it’s own FB page: Dark Days

It’s own website where they have give-aways and contests: Web site

And if you tweet, check it out! tweetscapes  They’re having a tweetscapes!


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4 responses to “More Madison stuff!

  1. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I agree with you, the cover model was an excellent choice. I also like the theme of the covers. Together, they tell their own little story. You really have a lot of talented people on your team.

    I was pretty sure she didn’t age as long as she was out side of her body.

    I tried Tweeting Ellen again. Does she even read that stuff or really Tweet herself?


  2. Well, I’m glad I have something to read in between now and the next Hollows book. 🙂 My oldest is getting the reading bug pretty heavily, and I just started him on the Hollows. He’s finished book 1 and is asking for book 2, so that’s good.

    My daughter is a bit younger (10), and not quite as interested in reading as she is having books. Whenever we go to the library, she finds the biggest book possible. I’m not sure what the motivation for that is, as she never reads the books, she just thumbs through them for a bit. Maybe a good story will get her hooked. 🙂

    Sorry about the downer-news yesterday. Probably not my best of decisions to post that, but I found out right in the middle of my post and had a brain freeze. To make up for it, I’ll post something equally off-beat, but more positive.

    I took my last final exam last night and got a 96%. 2 of my 3 classes have already formally given me an A, the last… will most likely be a B, which breaks my 4.0 streak. Oh well. At least I’m off school for a month, then it’s Summer semester.