The Dark Days of Summer

It’s May!  And that means that the last Madison book is about ready to hit the shelves. (May 24)  This is the third in the series about a young woman who dies on her prom night, fights for her existence, winds up stealing an amulet from a reaper, and becomes the new dark time keeper, in charge of heaven’s hit squad and fighting it all the way.  I gave out a bunch of Madison books for Manic Monday not too long ago, and I’m really excited about its release!  So is Harper teen.  Check out the video they made for all the books.  🙂

The books of the Dark Days of Summer


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22 responses to “The Dark Days of Summer

  1. Tish

    Love the New Style cover can wait to read!

  2. Theresa

    WOW that was an awesome book trailer!!!!! I am now going to go get myself a copy of the first Madison book it looks to be a very good read, no surprise there though seeings how you wrote it and everything you write is awesome.
    Sincerely, Theresa 🙂

  3. jkh

    Greg, my condolences to your friends. The sadness will ease, but it’s hard for a while. Seems like the loss perception is related to how long you carry. Hope they’ll be able to try again, and succeed, if they want to.

    Haven’t been to look at the promo yet…

  4. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Does Allison age? She looks more mature and confident on this cover. I’m looking forward to seeing how you wrap her story up.


  5. Nice trailer Harper teen created to promote your book, Kim. Clever way they tagged all their authors in one – better to stimulate readership.

    I downloaded the sample of book 1 on my Kindle and have it in queue to read soon.

  6. Guys, over at Preternatura [Suzanne Johnson] we are doing a re-read of Dead Witch Walking and this week discussing chapters one & two. Great fun, come join in.

  7. Victoria Eskey

    That’s awesome!! and really, really pretty!
    Are you going on tour for your Madison book?

  8. Michelle

    Is this the last Madison Avery book or did you mean the latest?

  9. Nancy H

    Hi Kim,

    I just finished reading my Manic Monday Madison book and really enjoyed it! Thank you so much! Definitely not Rachel but another interesting world that you created. Going to see if I can find the next one soon! Thanks again for all your wonderful writing.

  10. Due to my botched attempt to get the first book for free (missed a letter of the email address when copying/pasting), I went and bought it for my Nook. Unfortunately school has kept me from getting further than the first chapter. I have one last final to take online that is due today, and then I’m free for a month, so I should be able to read it then. 🙂

    In other news, we just found out our best friends had a miscarriage. 😦 What an incredibly sobering and reality-shattering event. Perhaps this isn’t the best venue for this information. I’m just… in shock.