Call for Halloween Pictures for HOLLOWS INSIDER

The photo contest to win signed copies of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER and a signed page from the upcoming BLOOD WORK graphic novel is well underway.  Today is the cut off for Saladan’s boat pictures, and I’ll have my favorites up for you tomorrow at the website.  Today, I’m asking for something a bit less complicated.

Second Photo: It’s Halloween in the Hollows, and I need a picture of people doing something at a party: bobbing for apples (tomatoes), dancing the limbo, jumping out of a coffin and scaring people, anything other than poising for a picture.  If your picture includes tomatoes, that’s a plus.  If it’s clearly a staged photo to show off costumes, it will not make the cut.  The caption is going to read, “Partygoers at the 2005 Festival, bobbing for tomatoes, enjoying the day, watching the parade, or whatever you’re doing in the picture.  If it’s taken in the day on the street, even better. The idea here is to show Inderlanders having fun doing something at a party.

I will accept photographs of the Halloween hijinks until Monday noon, EST (May 10th)  I’ll post my 3-5 favorite pics at the website so you’ll know if you’re in the running.  Prizes, rules, and how to enter are at the website:

On a more personal note, two days plus no rain, multiplied by the weekend equals yard work!  And Guy and I rocked!  Ow.  My hands hurt from the shovel, my arms hurt from the rocks, and my shoulders hurt from the raking, but the yard looks great.  I even got a couple of plants in the ground.  If I hadn’t been conditioning up since last October, I would be half dead, but as it is, I’m still functioning, even if I’m going to be content to sit on my butt for the next five days and exercise my mind instead.


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16 responses to “Call for Halloween Pictures for HOLLOWS INSIDER

  1. Stephenie

    Ooooh!! I’m excited. I have one photo, and maybe I could get a couple of people together for an impromptu Halloween in May party. I mean… six more months is a long time to wait 😀

    I started on an art project for my mom’s birthday and my roommate who’s moving out. It’s a blown art into flowers on glass and will either be really cool, or terrifying.

    • That would be majorly cool, Stephenie. 🙂 I’d be delighted to see what you can come up with.

      And very cool on the art project, too! Good luck!

  2. Jams R Fox

    Hi Ms Kim- It’s Jim from Warren. I saw the doc today, and she said that before she does much of anything, I have to lose 25 lb! My weight has been creeping up, I admit, my diabetes makes me hungry. She also said I should try to exercise more, if I don’t get angina. I have to go on a diet! Worse than my Mother! (grumble,grumble) I’m glad you ducked though, those storm pictures looked ugllllly

    • Jim, you would be surprised how many health issues simply go away with 25 pounds. I’m terrified of weight-related illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, and so I work hard to keep my weight where it needs to be. I’d rather work out 20 minutes a day than take a pill that gives me side effects that I need to take another pill for. 20 minutes keeps my back from aching and my shoulders from hurting. It’s like magic you can do for yourself.

  3. mudepoz

    Great idea. Wish I had taken pictures of the Zombie parade in Madison that protested the gov! LOL

  4. Ever

    Both my Husband and I sent pics for the Boat. Maybe we’ll have something for this as well. Oh, and we kept the (MB vs KB) low on the pics, but I have no idea how to change the yyy X zzz size. Still, I hope they help!

  5. Victoria Eskey

    oooo….. Kim, I’m on it! 🙂

  6. Maryellen

    Try some Motrin, Miss Kim, and feel better. We gotta keep those fingers of yours typing happily along! 🙂

    I’m going to go through my old Halloween pics to see if I have anything worth sending along to you. Tomatoes?…. hmm…. that’ll be the tough part, but who knows?

    Have a lovely day!

    • I thought about it, Mayrellen, and I did finally take one, but I was like a kid with nasty medicine. Blahhhh.

      Cool. I hope you find a good match to what I’m looking for!

  7. Jenn

    2 days with no rain? I’m jealous!!! lol We’ve had one day of sunny weather in the past week & it’s supposed to rain all this week too. I’m glad that you both got some time outside to get your yard in shape. I know how satisfying that feels 🙂
    Happy Monday!

    • We’re up to three days without rain, Jenn, and I have actually watered the new stuff I put in this weekend. The soil is very workable finally, and I’m having a great time in the yard already!

  8. Donna

    hey since you liked the Mt. washington idea, I’ll throw a few more features of NH at you too.. NH does have a few mountains that do have areas that are naturally formed that look like faces still at the right angles.. the best one left right now is the Indian head i think if i remember right… we did have the Old Man in the Mountain but that fell a few years back.. you might want to research and check out all those places too.. there are also a bunch of neat things other places in Franconia notch state park.