Good news for German readers!

Dead Witch Walking (Witch in Trouble)

I heard from my foreign rights people yesterday, not once, but twice!  And I’ve got some good news for my German readers.  THE HOLLOWS INSIDER is scheduled to be reprinted in the German language.  I don’t have a date, so I can’t tell you when, but it looks good to go, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

The contract with our Portuguese publisher has been extended as well, and the books are scheduled to be reprinted up to The Outlaw Demon Wails.  I’m sure the rest will follow.  🙂  Now all I need to do is find the covers . . .

I am so ready for this weekend.  We finally have some leaves beginning to show, and with a little warmth, we’re going to go green here very fast.  I might have a Trillium flower to show you Monday.  Fingers crossed!


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17 responses to “Good news for German readers!

  1. Sina

    Yeahy! In german! Awesome!!

    I am from Frankfurt/Germany and i read the german books, except Pale Demon (couldn’t wait until July *grin*) and just wanted to tell ya: The german translations sucks compared to want i’ve read in PD! Sad but true 😦

    So i am begging you: Keep an eye on that (even tough i guess you’re not speaking german *grin*)

    And you need to visit us in germany kim! There are so many readers waiting and hoping for you to see you here!

    Greetings from one of a thousand fans from germany 🙂

    • Thanks, Sina. I’m excited about it, too! I’m honored that you’re reading the Hollows in the original English. Thank you! I’d love to visit Germany. Maybe someday!

  2. Amanda in Tampa

    In German!!!! Awesome, any chance of a give a way??? heehee.

  3. James Fox

    Hi Ms Kim I forgot to ask, why is the image section of your internet search page have Kim Kardashian pictures mixed in with yours? Is she trying to get famous? I hate to say it but she gives me a pain.

  4. AKR (Trinidad)

    Wow ..!!!
    Those graphic novel pages are amazing ….
    I’m even more excited now for July …. 🙂

    Hmmm I’ll keep track of your contests, maybe I may be able to scrape up a decent photo or two …. 🙂

    AKR (Trinidad)

  5. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am.

    “OMGosh, I didn’t think you were actually going to tweet. -grin- ”

    Kim Kimmie Kim, I thought you knew me better than that by now. 🙂 Ellen is on Face-book too but even I have my limits.

    Great news for the German market. I’m very happy for you and for them as well.

    Have a great week end. My sister is coming down to do some house shopping. If she finds a place, all 5 of us will be in the same state again. I’m excited about that.


    • Frederique

      Vamp I hope your sister finds her new home 🙂 My cousin is currently looking for her first home and now that she is back from Argentina I finally have all my family back in Cali so I know how good it feels.

    • That would be wonderful if you could have your family closer, Vampy. I’ve really enjoyed “coming home.”

  6. Michelle H.

    It looks pretty cool in German! Congrats on the international publicity Kim, that’s got to feel awesome! I had some quick questions that you’ve probably answered at least twenty times before…what was the longest time you spent writing a book before completion (prior to edit)? And have you ever started part of another book before finishing the one prior to it? I am so guilty that I feel like I may be creating some sort of offense punishable by an unknown force…
    Well, I’m glad the weather is on the up…about time spring has arrived in our neck of the woods! A good day to get my hands dirty! 🙂

    • Hi Michelle. I’m going to say that FIRST TRUTH took me the longest to write. It was the first thing I ever wrote besides term papers, and I stumbled around with it for a good four to five years, I think, before it was good enough to attract agent attention. I’ve never started a new book before finishing the previous. Wait. I did. I was a third into an as yet unwritten book when DWW sold and I started the sequel, but that was due to contract issues, not because I got stuck with it. I’m very linear in my work, very goal oriented. I like finishing things. If you have a pattern of not finishing things, you might try stopping for a bit and writing out a very quick page or two on how you intend to get to your final goal, and then work from that.

      I spent all weekend outside in the dirt. Ahhhh, what a relief it was to get my own hands dirty!

  7. Frederique

    I don’t know if you have seen this yet but the Hollows series is mentioned as one of the “wildly imaginative, addictively entertaining and commendably original” series.

    • Vampyre

      Here is a quote from the article that I liked…

      “I’ll say this: paranormal fantasy is the ultimate frontier when it comes to storytelling and its elite authors (Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher, Laurell K. Hamilton, etc.) are just as visionary, just as profound, just as narratively complex and thematically deep as any fictionists out there. For anyone to think that paranormal fantasy is just clichéd, mindless literary escapism is simply ludicrous”


    • Frederique

      Hehe yeah I saw that after I had already posted the link. It made me all giddy.

    • I saw that, Frederique! It’s very flattering!