Found my second wind

It took a while, and the weekend slowed me down, but I’m finally starting to make faster progress in the editorial rewrite.  I worked with new stuff yesterday and have passed the halfway mark.  The sweeping changes I’m making feel natural, which means that they were good ideas.  I should be good for another 60-100 pages, and then I’m going to have to do some major rewriting again.  It’s not going to be anything like the first draft I showed my editor, and it’s still going to need some tweaking, I think, but the direction that it’s taken pleases me immensely.  I’m not adverse to sweeping, major changes in the editorial rewrite.  That’s where we lost Kisten.  It’s not over until we hit copy edit.

Last night, I bugged out of the office before the sun went down and got my hands dirty.  A line of storms was supposed to be going through, but all we got was a changing air pressure and some wind.  People were coming out of their houses all over the neighborhood, energized.  So Guy took out a piece of fence we’d been meaning to take out, and I scraped the mulch up and removed the rocks outlining the bed around it.  Visually, the yard looks bigger.  It was a quick, easy project that took about an hour, maybe a little more.  Ahhhh, spring.  I am so ready to plant, but alas, the ground it too wet.

P.S. One of my apple trees is starting to leaf out.  Yay!

P.P.S.  The photo contests are now open to non-US residents.  Yay again!


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25 responses to “Found my second wind

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you are pushing through the logjam. 🙂 Obviously I have no experience with that in professional writing, but I certainly have felt it in both school and work. Just feels like the harder you push, the slower things go until suddenly things start to crumble and you’re flowing again.

    So this is the editorial edit? Is that the first editing pass after you turn in your first draft and get it back? How long do they typically give you to give it back to them?

    I also had questions about your particular writing style, but don’t want to take up too much of your time. I don’t know where an appropriate forum for asking would be, or if there even is one. 🙂

    • Hi Greg.
      Yup, this is the editorial edit, the comments that my editor has on the first copy that she has seen. How long I have to work on it depends upon when I turned it it. If I turn it in early, I generally have a bit of scooch room. Or if she knows it’s going to be a hard edit, she’ll give me more time. I’ve had as little as two weeks, and as long as eight (I was on tour, and lost a chunk of office time) It’s been a while that I’ve had an editorial rewrite deadline where she’s given me a date and I’ve had to meet it. We usually come to some consensus when I’m about halfway through it and have a better idea of when I can get it back to her. (I abuse her terribly.)

      You can ask me here about my writing style, or at the Ask Kim a Question page.

  2. Victoria Eskey

    So excited to hear about the re-writing progress! 🙂
    My aunt has a pear tree in her backyard, and I can’t even tell you how many bulging brown paper sacks I have been sent home with! I love heaing about your gardening. I unfortunately tend to kill things that are green …

  3. SeattleRobin

    I just looked at all the graphic novel pages you put up. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The panel with Ivy reaching out saying, “Wait! We need a plan” as Rachel charges off is a good example. That one image and caption sums up so much about both those characters. 😀

    I’m looking forward to the GN! And I have the world book on my wishlist for next Christmas already. (The October release makes for good gift season timing.)

  4. Donna Bailey

    Hey maybe before you know it it’ll be apple blossom season… wont that be pretty?

    Oh just an idea? in the books Rachel has been to the west coast now i think she should have a trip to the east coast… maybe up nort? maybe see salem, Ma? and boston? see what the turn did to them.. she could even maybe have to take a trip up further north… i could SO envision there being some magical reason why it is that Mt. Washington was once recorded to have had the fastest wind speeds on earth recorded there.. (well untill this past decade or so when a faster one was recorded in alaska) NH is REAL pretty during foliage season.. spring tends to get mucky.. (late spring is pretty but early is just mucky ground from snow melt) …

  5. mudepoz

    It’s pouring now. I get migraines from huge barometric pressure drops. Oh well. When I was younger, it was great. My crews trusted my weather sense and we seldom got drenched.

    My hellebore are blooming, my odd ball trillium are blooming. At least the ones not stompled on by dogs. My cherry is beginning to show signs of spring (they bloom early, this is a pie cherry, lucky you, you can grow sweet).

    Still love your commentary of your rewrites. I’m in the same place. Or was, it’s the last push before school lets out. And I’m bleaching a cow’s skull. I feel like O’Keeffe, flowers, skulls and fixing liverwort models from the 1800’s. I have no idea how anyone can write after putting in early days!

    • jkh

      I love that word “stompled!” What a great description!

    • I’ve got some bloodroot blooming that I transplanted from SC. Curiously enough, the leaves are a great deal smaller. And one of my new Trilliums is going to flower! Amazing! I didn’t expect that.

      Cherry pie is my favorite. Yumm.

  6. Jemma

    Thanks so much for swinging your editor to let non U.S. people enter the photo contest. I can’t fit the brief for the first photo but I’ll try for others. Even if the book isn’t published in other countries if the picture fits the brief it makes sense for anyone to enter so thanks again.

    Plus, even if it’s not published here you KNOW I’ll get hold of a copy, as will all other non U.S. fans. 😉

  7. Stephenie

    Pauvre Kisten! Saddest book ever. I’m trying to make plot changes, but I’m having trouble deciding the order things are taking and the timeline. I need to sit down and figure it out, but finals are coming and I have lots to do. 😦 Things I need to sit down and do!

    We’ve had terrible weather here, it’s been cold and wet and windy and I haven’t enjoyed being outside. I’m ready for a few warm days so the trees can finish blooming.

    • Yikes! Study for you finals! That’s what’s important.

      Hope your weather improves. We’re still wet, but the temps are warmer, and the trees are starting to soak it up.

  8. Maryellen

    Hi Miss Kim!

    Glad to hear you got your second wind. And also that you got to dig up some stuff. I’m doing that too, but in the form of a patio installation…

    Sure wish I lived anywhere near a riverboat. I’m a bit out of my league on that one. Especially if you want it in the winter. We don’t “do” winter hereabouts…

    But anyhoo, have a nice day and happy writing! 🙂

  9. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    “Hi Vampy.

    I could do Ellen. She has a great sense of humor. -laugh-”

    I’ll see what I can do. I may have to join Twitter, but no sacrifice is too great for you.

    Everyone tweet Ellen about Kim. Send her copies of “Dead Witch Walking”, “Pale Demon” or anything in between. 🙂

    Ellen had Stephenie Meyer on her show once. Let’s show her a real author!(Just kidding Steffie is a real author too.)

    Now let’s get busy.


  10. Marcie

    I jsut look at the graphic novel pages. They are beautiful! The artist is superb. Too bad I don’t have any pictures of a casino boat nor can i get one. Oh well next time 🙂

    • Aren’t they gorgous, Marcie? I picked my favorites, with a large panel and a few smaller ones. I hope the next description has something you can work with.

  11. Marcie

    The groove is back and flowing for you. I’ll bet your apple tree is beautiful when it starts blooming and your yard is looking gorgeous with all that hard work you put in it.

    • I hope so, Marcie. It’s not a very old tree, so there won’t be a lot of blossoms, but maybe I can get my dad to help me with them.

      And no, the yard looks like crap. We’re still putting in bones, so to speak. But that’s what I enjoy, so I’m not frustrated with it. Ask me again in five years, and then it might look gorgeous. -laugh-

  12. Jenn

    I’m glad that you got your groove back & things are flowing smoothly for you now.
    I think I got your missing rain! However my tulips are finally showing their flowers. Now if they would just open up so I can see what colours I’ve got!

    • Yup, I’m grooving along now, making progress. Today should be fun. It’s like I’m writing fan fiction, sort of, doing a few things that I know some of you are going to be happy to see.

      My tulips are just starting to pink up. Yay! Isn’t it fun, not knowing?