I’m going to need your help . . .

Yesterday I got my first glimpse of what the final version of the HOLLOWS INSIDER is going to look like, and it totally delighted and bedazzled me.  (Seriously, I almost cried into my keyboard.)  I couldn’t even look at it objectively for things I wanted to shift and change, because it was like . . . wow.  All that work I put in not knowing if it was going to fly or not . . . and it looks fabulous.  I’m going to look at it again today, but I don’t think there will be many tweaks coming from me.

I’m sorry for being such a tease since I don’t have anything to show you yet, but be sure to stop back in on Monday.  Remember ages ago when I said I was going to need your help in supplying a few pictures for the world book?  It’s about that time.  I need a couple of days to figure out how I want to do this, but if your picture is chosen to be included, (and you sign the release forms) your picture will be part of it.  I’ll be running 6-8 separate contests, and the winners will be the ones who look closely at what I’m asking for and supply it.   Winners will also get a full color, signed page from the upcoming graphic novel, BLOOD WORK as well, as sort of a thank you from Guy and myself.  (I’ll post them for your perusal as well.)  Monday.  I’m hoping to start this on Monday.

Outside it’s still cold, but close inspection has reveled that my ornamental cherry tree is getting ready to bloom.  It’s a new plant for me, so I’m eager to see it through an entire growth cycle.  Last year, the chipmunks ate the fruit, and I think that’s cool.


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  1. jkh

    Dear Kim (and other gardeners), a while ago I had a garden. I rarely start things from seed, I just don’t have the magic touch. But I bought little “starts” from good sources, and set them out as soon as the weather and soil temp was cooperative. Then we’d invariably have a spell of cold nights! I found the best supply of “caps” or “cloches” was 1-gallon milk jugs, with their bottoms cut away. I usually left the cap off the jug so respiration could happen. I’d pop the jugs over the baby broccoli, etc., at about sundown or a little earlier, and uncover them after breakfast. By the time the plant had outgrown its nightcap the weather had warmed enough.

  2. Theresa

    ooooooo pictures! 🙂 I can’t wait! Also I simply LOVE ornamental cherry trees! Please show pics.! And way to go with the HOLLOWS INSIDER keep the ball a rollin!

  3. Kim! Super excited for you over here… first the graphic novel, and you loved it, then, your cherry tree is ready to blossom! Those ornamental cherries are so lovely. I have their cherry blossoms tattooed on my left leg, ankle & up part of my calf. I love them. You’re so lucky to have the tree to be able to enjoy them in bloom full time.

    Can’t wait for monday, to see what it is you need photographed from us, hopefully I can provide. I love these little tidbits, and it really did make my day that you love what you saw of the graphic novel. I just cannot wait for it to be out already…. *sigh* …. but I have to.


  4. Maryellen

    Ask away, dear Lady. We are your humble servants… 🙂

  5. Mendi in STL

    Ooo, contests and evil author teasing! Gotta love it. Tell Guy “howdy!” and you all have a great Easter.

  6. Kateryna from Montreal

    hmmm exiting!
    I can take pictures… but I’m horrible at drawing.. we’ll see on monday!

  7. Mel Rogoff

    Have Canon will snap 🙂

  8. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Hopefully, you’ll need something I can find for you. I don’t have much of a camera but I have found patience and a little luck can work wonders. I still have that picture of Casper that I like so well. Do yo need a pic of a cockatoo?


  9. Your teasing knows no bounds…

  10. How exciting, Kim. I was talking about your forthcoming coffee table book to Johnny yesterday, still trying to explain just what it’s going to be, still doesn’t get it but he will once it graces our table ;}

    I am always taking pics of trees, clouds, and rocks – it’s a nature thing. I swear some have elementals hanging out in them. Are you looking for “everafter” images? Hollows? Pixies? I’ll keep an eye out for your specifications.

  11. Kirisch

    I`d love to help! I can draw pictures pretty good (by hand, not computer).
    Same counts for photography!^^

  12. Victoria Eskey

    of course we will help! ^_^
    are you looking for illustrations? photographs? nifty computer-enhanced things?

  13. AKR (Trinidad)

    … hmm well I’m definitely not skilled enough for any of those contests …
    But I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome …
    This ought to be fun .. =)

    Ornamental cherry huh ? What kind of cherry is that?
    What we call cherries here in the Caribbean and what you call cherries are two totally different things …
    It would definitely be interesting to see what they’re like ..

    Naughty naughty chipmunks …. blast them with a leyline ..
    Oooohh! that might vaporise them …
    no… ok then pix ’em … lol

    Have a great weekend
    Happy and Holy Easter to you all

    • You never know, AKR. A couple of my needs are pretty easy.

      Oh no! I’m glad the chipmunks took them! That’s what I put them in the ground for! -laugh-

      Happy Easter!

  14. I don’t think you’re being a tease at all. You’re building hype, and that’s quite a different thing. I will say that your excitement is DEFINITELY my excitement! I’m not much of a photographer, but I’m eager to see what you need from us on Monday.

    It’s cold here too. This morning there was frost (really? frost?!) on my car. It appears that some earth witch is having a bit of fun. Perhaps Rache could go pay him/her a visit and tell her to knock it off? 🙂

    • Perhaps, but I’m not doing it intentionally. I’m just excited. 🙂
      It’s snowing as I write this. It won’t stick, but it’s still disgusting.

  15. Stephenie

    Oh my! I won’t lie, I’m super excited about contests. I don’t have red hair anymore, but I have a friend who does and she’d be more than happy to help me. 😀 I like any excuse to dress up and take photos. There’s a reason we always do a big Halloween. I can’t wait to see the Hollows Insider. I LOVE world books. I love all of the detail and information that authors create for their worlds, that they then don’t get to put in to the books. It’s the whole Hemmingway iceberg thing, and I love getting to see more of the iceberg.

    My friend Mark, who you met in Des Moines, is buying me BloodWork for my 21st birthday in June. I’ve informed all of my friends that since I don’t drink I would prefer that they enable my other addiction as a bookaholic.

    • Excellent! I’ll have more info on Monday for you. Very cool on the birthday wish! (I don’t drink much either. One glass for toasting lasts me all night.)

  16. tim collins

    Hi Hon,

    (That’s a typical Baltimore Greeting…)

    I was wondering…. Where do we send say pics?

    I Sai Thankie!


  17. Jenn

    Hi Kim! That sounds amazing!!! I’m very happy that it is coming together for you. I can’t wait to get a glimpse of it 🙂 And I will happy to help you out!

    • Jenn

      Oh, btw the momma ‘coon did come & get all her babies. Thank you for all the well wishes on them 🙂

    • I am so excited about it, Jenn, you can’t imagine. More info on Monday.

      That is such a relief on the babies. I thought she would, but you never know.

  18. Indy

    Sounds like fun. Sign me up.~Indy.

  19. Heya Kim,
    that sounds great! Are you looking for photos or paintings? I didn’t quite get that… so will we have to apply with pictures or will we fight for a picture and only afterwards get to know what to do?
    I am currently working on my Bachelor paper, yay! Topic: fictitious novels that got produced in reality.
    Wish you a great easter weekend!

    • It’s going to be photos, Amy, but wait until Monday. I have very specific needs, and I don’t want to waste anyone’s times.

      Good luck with your paper, and have a great Easter!